2019 Elections: The Unwiped Jackboots Have Started Marching Towards Sweeping Arrests!

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria
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Elempe Dele, Edo.

“In the headlines, Deji Adeyanju was arrested with others, Doyin Okupe Okupe have been arrested”.

The truth is, in this period of dictatorship, surrounded by over 70 opposition parties called enemies, the government of Buhari has manifested unnecessary leniency and soft-heartedness because some of us have not yet been arrested even when we are very ready to go in. However, there are warning signs, the regime is desperate.

It is coming with merciless suppression of any attempt at protest and anarchy on the parts of bloggers, article writers, media practitioners, speakers of truth and other enemies. There shall be extra-judicial reprisal against these enemies of the state.

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Those who shall be free are accomplices and saboteurs who call themselves cursed intellectuals, unholy office-seekers, eccentrics, lie-seekers and supporters who are siding with the repressive government.

“You are under arrest!” “Me? For what?” This same question shall be repeated many times by so many between now and the presidential election, and would never receive definite answers. Constantly, you will realise the workings of tyranny. “Me? For what?”

That’s what arrest in a Police State is about; the deafening blow and flash that moves your present state immediately to merge with the past and what you initially thought impossible in actuality. Yes, you have been arrested!

Hahahahahaha, the sharp night ring on your door, if you be unfortunate, the breaking down of the entire door like those judges with dirty unwiped Jackboots of the ignorant State Security Agents SSS or DSS.

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You are torn from the warmth of your bed, perhaps your hands wrapped round your wife. Still dazed, half-asleep, half naked, helpless, your judgement is still hazy…you have even forgotten the tyrant is still on his throne in Aso Rock…all of these will happen while your frightened family witness how you are being led away like a cow. Oh no, I forgot, they will search everything, including your wife’s pants and bra, looking for what was never put anywhere.

At the cells, underground, there you will witness frightened unbelievers like us singing hymns of praises to God, some have since fled into insanity to keep their minds safe!

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President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

You have been exposed as an enemy of the state. Interrogators will keep coming to your cell like an endless ribbon from their office which is kept as the only organ in human history that is given the mandate to investigate, arrest, interrogate, prosecute, try and execute their own version of verdict. Its a Police State.

Don’t try to complain; its forbidden, you have no rights. Remember, the interest of the state is above the rule of law. In considering the period between 2015-2018, we have been in difficult times. So be ready.

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