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Altering Zonal Arrangement For Elective Positions In Kogi LGA Is Dangerous

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Idris Ahmed, Lokoja.

Kogi Local Government is one of the most politically stable area in the state, due to their wisdom of the zoning arrangement adopted by the elites and the stakeholders from the area on elective positions.

The zoning arrangement was accepted by the entire people of the area Irrespective of political affiliations. They met severally in meetings where the zoning formula and arrangement aimed at easing political extremism, marginalisation and misdirected ambitions, in the interest of fair-play, equity, justice, development and peaceful coexistence.

They came up with the arrangement and a formula that the 11 electoral wards were zoned into A, B and C preparatory measures to election of the the Executive Chairman of the Local Government Council and other elective positions that covers the entire LGA.

The zoning arrangement is to have elective positions rotated among the Three (3) zones.

According to Hon. Abubakar Isa Ada Abu from zone A who wrote on behalf of concerned citizens, “It is therefore instructive to put records straight by saying that the zoning arrangement does not contemplate the none elective positions.

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“In conformity with history, we have had LGA administrations which include, Care-takers, Liaison Officers (LO 1,2,3) and any other names, and it has gone round the three (3) zones, that is, A, B and C in the LGA, it was never considered as an elective positions in the LGA.”

Now, it is apparently obvious that the LGAs of the State are headed by Administrators and their Administrative teams, none elective positions.

The concerned group has observed that some people are ignorant of the existing political arrangement.

The ignorant and over ambitious are calling for a shift of the Executive Chairman’s zone ahead of the council election has not been held in the state. It is clear to everybody the zone where the present Administrator comes from, zone B, is to produce the next Executive Chairman of Kogi local government Council.

The concerned group who cut across the 3 zones, recalled how some former council Chairmen equally benefited from the ongoing peaceful, well coordinated zoning arrangement.


It started with Hon. Muhammed Adazigu of Zone B, who was appointed as Care-Taker and later elected as Executive Chairman in the council.

When it was the turn of Zone A, Hon. Shaba Ibrahim, was appointed as Care-Taker and later elected as Executive Chairman in the council.

In the same vein, when it came to the turn of Zone C, one Hon. Labaran Adamigomina was appointed caretaker committee Chairman and thereafter was equally voted for as Executive Chairman.

They reasoned that, as long as a zone occupies an office by way of appointment, it doesn’t contrast the zoning formula or arrangement

In contrast to the views of the other zones, some over zealous politicians from zone A are calling for the discontinuation of the formula.

Information gathered from Koton Karfe, headquarters of the local government, revealed that some few selected APC men met on the 22nd December and deliberated on how to thwart the peaceful transition process of politics in the local government to their selfish favour. While the real stakeholders in persons of Hon. Osune, Hon Akawu and many others distance themselves from such an inconsiderate meeting with aimed of causing disunity.

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The few group from Zone A vowed to force their ways or disorganise the party.

They are complaining of marginalisation by the zone B as they believe that he may not vacate his seat for them to come and to exhibit their crass greed and draw back the progressing hand of the cock.

Party Chieftains that had chat with the Middle Reporters also lamented on the sudden and strange change of Political perception of some few greedy elements whose aims are to occupy positions even when they can not perform.

Most astonishing is that only some few greedy elements from zone A are trying to “shift the goal post in the middle of the football match.”

“There are numerous positions in government yet to be assigned and some too ambitious can not wait for their turns, they want to capsize the boat “, a Koton Karfe based politician said.

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