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Nigeria Should Look Into Alternative Power Source To Minimize Frequent Power Outage —–



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—– Shae Bebeyi, Financial Analyst

A renown Financial Analyst and the Chairman Board of Trustees Chartered Institute of Development and Social Studies has called on the federal government to look into other means of generating electricity saying the current practice where there is frequent seizure of light is killing the economy

His words “Yes no doubt Nigeria’s high population growth and the quest for industrial growth has led to increasing demand for electricity.

“As an emerging economy, electricity demand is expected to keep growing significantly in the forth coming periods, 2020 and beyond. Such rapid development raises a number of questions for government:-

“Firstly, how to secure funds to finance such an aggressive power source development Secondly, how to manage the power sector effectively and efficiently.

“Electricity retail tariff in Nigeria is governed by government, although the retail tariff is not uniform across the country but it is highly subsidized. To address the above challenges the Nigerian government has restructured the tariff been paid per unit of electricity. The new tariff plan which has been approved by the federal government will see its implementation from April 2020.

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“This government argued that electricity retail tariff to users must first be increased; if there will be a significant shift in electricity availability. Secondly the weighted average retail electricity tariff in Nigeria is generally lower than that of most country; with this the government argued that there will be no attractive local or foreign investor that will meaningfully invest in our power sector.

“This action will definitely have impacts on every sector of the economy, affecting the macroeconomics indicators and social welfare indicator.

“The increase in tariff many has argued will have a negative impact on the end users since there is no significant increase in amount of power supplied as promised to compliment the situation rather the existing capacity dropped drastically by more than half of what it used to be and resulted to frequent Nationwide load shedding.

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“The increase in tariff will indirectly cause an increase in commodity Price, especially of those commodities produced from electricity intensive industries (e.g metal and fabricated metals, minerals, chemicalsand furniture).

“The increase in traiff will also see to the increase in the aggregate change in commodity price and this will reflect in the consumer price index. Households will demand for goods and services that are relatively less electricity intensive ( agriculture, food,beverages, jute,textiles and leather) this would increase their prices and vice versa.

“It will be better for government to revamp the electricity sector by looking at other alternative sources of electricity which are less expensive to build and maintain such as solar which and wind. solar power should be completely hanced due Nigeria’s long hour’s of daylight.

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“Although MTN and some institutions such as BUK are making great inroads but more than this should be encouraged. Wind power should also be explored in Nigeria, more inroads in wind power should follow the wind turbines in Rimi local government area of Katsina which generates 10mv,if develop well will increase electricity output with south tariff increase.

“Another area where government should look into is the complete unbundling of the power sector, if all the above are successfully done all these will increase power availability with increase in tariff and even increase the GDP, making power sector as functional as the telecommunication sector.” He pointed out.

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APC Membership: The Moral Identity Problem.



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Elempe Dele.

APC logo

I have been reading in different forums how APC members continue to attack the lackluster regime of General Buhari, who’s maximum rule under his party, APC, has turned Nigeria into a ragtag country full of insurgents and poverty. We are here in a near state of war and one can only imagine how Somalia was some 10 years ago with different warlords holding their regions. And recently, the country has turned into a place of common breaking-and-entry where businesses of individuals and warehouses housing fovernment palliatives are being attacked daily by the suffering and even enjoying masses.

The convocation ceremony of this act was ironically General Buhari’s fatua against the government of President Jonathan where he said he would make the country ungovernable and that babbons and monkeys will be soaked in blood. Today, General Buhari is the one soaked in blood from his own killings and killings by his own religious and tribal affiliates. He wakes in blood and sleeps in blood. He walks on blood and sits on blood. He is bloodied all over.

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I read with utter dismay how some APC members support the #EndSars protest across most part of the southern swarth and how they condemn General Buhari’s freaking insolence in the face of the brewing anarchy. To me, and in my own opinion, this is a hellish contradiction. For every buharist and for every supporter or member of APC, there is an accomplice to the many civil crimes of Buhari. He is the alter ego of APC hence every APC member fuels his continues legitimacy in power. Nothing will be more lacerating and symbolic if Buhari is left with his tiny inconsequential minority cabal to be the only one remaining in APC.

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His party members must all turn against him since he has since retired himself from leaving up to the “Change’ expectation. We cannot now dabble into his measured feat in nepotism, tribalism and religious bigotry where his section of the country profit not based on merit, but on affiliations. This brings tears to even the eyes of reasonable APC members who taught he will be president for all.

Elections will be lost because of him, just like in Edo State. The people will wash their hands from his evil party and let him and his goons remain there. The members enmasse will denounce their membership because of him.

States that were hitherto APC states will be won by other parties to send messages of total rejection. He would be stripped naked politically just as he and the cabal are stripping the once powerful Tinubu naked beginning from his bedroom Lagos where he said he still the Jagaban. (We have challenged him to walk the streets unguarded)

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In a nutshell, those who claim to be APC members and still have the temerity to continue to condemn General Buhari’s conducts have identity problems of the moral version. You cannot openly be condemning prostitution while you live large from the proceed of the immoral act which your daughter brings home.

I am convinced, persuaded and sure APC will certainly be destroyed beyond repair by self implosion, but let’s quickly aid it’s demise and put the bloodless carcass on the doorsteps of Aso Rock where General Buhari lives so that he can see with his twin eyes the product of his design.

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Two Years After: Ken Immasuagbon Remembers Chief Anthony Akhakon Anenih.



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It has been two years since the political colossus left this world, however his political footfalls still echo in our collective minds. Chief (Dr) Anenih, as I remember him fondly, was in his lifetime a rallying point for PDP members across the country.

He was no doubt a remarkable icon who inspired a lot of us in politics. It was generally agreed he was a great leader who had an undying passion for the PDP family and care for its members.

This astute leader was also a Philanthropists had an exceptional feeling for the people who came in contact with him. He provided the much he could when he saw anyone in need.

Chief (Dr) Anenih

Today, and as always, I recall to mind this rare gem, father, leader and inspirational icon, my prayers is that he should continue to rest in peace under the bussom of his Maker.



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“Lies Are Just Temporarily Delay To The Inevitable”, Reason Why Nigerians Must Apologies To Hajiya Sadiyya Umar Farooq — Kogi Youth, Comr. Beshir Alih.



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Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster management, Hajiya Sadiyya Umar Farooq

In Recent time, there have been speculations and bickering In the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry Over the Distribution of Food Palliatives during the Covid-19 Lockdown as Many Nigerians accused the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster management, Hajiya Sadiyya Umar Farooq of Diverting Covid-19 Palliatives that was meant for the Vulnerables across Nigeria.

Several times the Minister tried Clearing her names in Public on the grievous allegations levelled against her and her Ministry but still Many Nigerians don’t believe her.

In April 2020, Farouq reportedly claimed that over 2.6million households have so far benefited from the palliative and that over 11million vulnerable persons have been identified in 35 states yet to benefit from the palliative measure.

Many Nigerians wondered what criteria were employed to arrive at the conclusion. Critics also faulted that some videos of the exercise making the rounds then on social media shows that some of the beneficiaries cannot be said to belong to the category being described as the poorest of the poor, as they look chubby and well-fed.

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Allegations were rife that the sharing of the palliative packages was discriminatory and politicised.

In some states, some residents came out openly making a caricature of what was given out to them as a stimulus package.

Some analysts blamed the breaking of the Stay at home order that was in place then on the uncoordinated sharing of the palliatives in the country and corruption by officials who allegedly hijacked the distribution Processes to score cheap political gains at the expense of the poor masses.

The minister Once said “Going forward, Federal Government have decided to hand over food relief (items) to the state governors for onward redistribution to their citizens, the poor and vulnerable in the society.

You could recall that the leadership of National Assembly
Lawan and Gbajabiamila, spoke at a meeting with the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq and some top officials of the Ministry in Abuja and they lamented that the Palliative fund had failed to reach the intended beneficiaries, hence the need for urgent reforms.

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There is a say that Truth always comes out in the end no matter how hard anyone ties to hide it or stop it. Lies are just temporarily delay to the Inevitable.

Kogi born Social Media Personality and Youthful activist, Comr. Beshir Alih

Today the Hon Minister for Humanitarian affairs and disaster Management Hajia Sadiyya Umar Farooq has been Vindicated as Hoodlums on Thursday 22nd Oct 2020 attacked a warehouse where COVID-19 palliatives were stored at Mazamaza community in Oriade Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

After the hoodlums gained entrance into the warehouse, they discovered some COVID-19 palliatives hoarded in the Warehouse and they looted them.

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One of the residents, Sherif Olaiya, said, “We heard sounds of gunshots. The hoodlums have attacked a place where COVID-19 palliatives were stored. They are asking residents to come and be picking the palliatives.”

When asked how he knew that the items are COVID-19 palliatives, he said, “They are branded.”

This unfortunate incident didn’t happen Only in Lagos State as hoodlums in some other States too have also discovered Palliatives hidden in their warehouses and are looting them.

Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster management, Hajiya Sadiyya Umar Farooq

The ongoing National Unrest in Nigeria, though not healthy for our Economy has Vindicated The Humanitarian Affairs Minister.

It’s on this note I’m calling on entire Nigerian youths to beam Searchlight on their State Governors and immediate Public office holders as most of the challenges we’re facing In Nigeria today are as a result of the greediness of our State Public Office holders.

Comr. Beshir Alih and Hajiya Sadiyya Umar Farooq

“I’m Calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to direct EFCC and other anti corruption related agencies to commence investigation on the State Governors who are involved in this inhumane act.”

Comr Beshir Alih writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

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