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Obaseki’s Town Hall Meeting In Lagos: Matters Arising



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By John Mayaki, Edo

Today, Sunday 19 January 2020, Governor Godwin Obaseki arrives Lagos, holding an audience of Edo State indigenes living in Lagos. In the published memo, the convention pretends to be a chatty gathering where the people of Edo State will discuss issues of native concern with their amiable governor. But a deeper reflection proves otherwise.

Godwin Obaseki has within his four-year stint proven to be a ruler who is disinterested in the welfare of the people. When he does act in the interests of the people, it comes at points where his ambition intersects with that of the people. Worse, the situation in Edo State is very dire that if any town hall meeting is needed, then it must begin at home in order to address the too-many concerns in the state.

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But Obaseki went to Lagos, claiming to seek the face and welfare of Edo people in Lagos. The necessary question is why? To be clear, the answer to this question is not that Obaseki cares, rather it is because the sinking governor is trying too hard to impress and appease the public he has terribly wronged. He also is in a concealed mission of networking with politicians who can help doctor his dying political career back to life. But like the facade he called town hall meeting, it is one too late.

The only positive thing to be taken from this Lagos misadventure is that, perhaps, the governor finally accepting his coming fate, has gone to Lagos to begin the process of getting himself familiar with the state he will reside in when he loses in the coming election. How best to begin this process than calling for a kinsmen meeting, hence knowing people of similar origin in the state who will put him through with the developments in the past four years since he departed for Osadebey Avenue, Benin. This is a welcomed development.

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If Obaseki had any sincere intention of meeting Edo people in Lagos and discussing their welfare, the flyer making rounds on the internet would have had the designated topic and ideas intended to be dissected in the convention. But there isn’t. Which emphasizes the fact that there is no agenda for the said meeting. It is a smokescreen for activities of deeper consequence.

But in all situations, whatever Obaseki does is now welcomed as it serves as material for understanding the ”do’s and don’ts” of politics. Obaseki has since lost the way through losing the support of the people; but today, he enters a new road, which thankfully, leads him home.

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Mayaki is an Oxford and Cambridge University-trained entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainability expert. He’s also a Professional Consultant (CMI) on Communication, Management and Strategy.

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Buhari Will Surely Pay For His Act Of Betrayal To The Progressive Family – Ahmed Yak



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The party lost the governorship election in Edo state Because of many factors which includes amongst Others the mule in the party, The cabal that comrade steps on their toes in his determination to bring orderliness to the party and the president policy makers who are aware that the party have two election in Edo and Ondo states with others vacant seats in both houses to be contested.

The policy makers refused to feel and tell the president the pulse of the nation with the increase in fuel pump price and electricity . Increase in all agriculture products Rice, bread, sugar and all consumable items.

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The policy makers are not sincere with the president or would it be the president having achieved is most cherish ambition of becoming the President and commander in chief care less of the abused we silent majority that supported him and APC go through daily.

The trauma we go through everyday by those who knows us as the supporters of this administration. The president abandoned all the people that worked for him because he has gotten what he wanted?

We expect him to emulate the USA Presidents past and present who use their Leadership postion to canvas for votes from voters for their party candidates in all house and other elections after-all we practice same model as that of USA.

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Even our past president did same in Nigeria. We are not encouraging rigging but the president body language has to show this is my party my choice.

Even when Obaseki refused to sworn in elected representative, and house of reps and Senate were deciding options on the table the president did not say a word to let the whole world knows that we in Nigeria do not practice democracy.
without separation of powers This are national issues the president has to let his position to be known.

Comrade Oshomole was all over the place during the presidential election.
He step on many cabal toes in bid to re arrange the party for dicipline and accountability.

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Asiwaju make sure he delivered his own States this made him enemy of the South East and South South who wants his support as he did for former president Jonathan to continue but Asiwaju make sure the president is elected and re elected now both Asiwaju and comrade were left by the president to carry their cross.

In all, we remain focused as Progressives and we will continue to support the Progressive family. Every one of us will be remember by our actions,deed and legacy.

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Maiwada Lauds President Buhari For Giving Edo State A Free And Fair Election



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Gov Obaseki and President Buhari


PDP is in a dilemma. Haven accused APC/Buhari of sending 30,000 policemen to rig the Edo elections and, with Governor Obaseki leading with a comfortable margin so far, will PDP eat its vomit and commend President Buhari’s sportsmanship or will it just pretend it didn’t misled Nigerians by painting as evil President Buhari’s patriotic gesture to provide a conducive atmosphere for Edo citizens to exercise their rights to vote for leaders in as free and fair manner as humanly possible?

Given the tension generated by the Edo election, most citizens fairly believed its going to be bloody with possibly dead bodies matching votes casted. This was averted by President Buhari’s proactive response to the situation. He didn’t allow the desperation and “do or die” tendencies of local APC chieftains to override public peace and safety. He pledged, ensured and enforced fairness so much so that Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, a leading figure in the PDP team, extolled his integrity and commended his insistence and success to conduct perhaps, the freest election in the history of Edo Stats.

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This, in case PDP will still miss it, is the CHANGE President Buhari promised Nigerians. Change from the old ways of doing things on which PDP flourished — something it’s still struggling to comprehend much less, accept. Claims of once being the biggest political party in Africa and all, PDP is yet to understand the concept of one-man-one-vote much less, make sense of a ruling party allowing the opposition to win a critical state. The yet to be concluded Edo election will never happened the way it did under PDP.

Gov Godwin Obaseki of Edo State.

PDP is so used to using security agencies to harass and intimidate Nigerians just to rig elections hence, the cries of wolf where there’s none when Buhari flooded Edo with security agents from different agencies to give Edolites a free and fair election. If APC is unable to pull a rabbit out its hat and Governor Obaseki sail home to victory, I hope PDP will be humble to apologize to President Buhari for giving them what they denied Nigerians for almost two decades.

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Regardless of where it swings, Edo elections is a win-win for President Buhari. Either for winning the election or for, once again, writing his name in gold for being a President who is not shy to implement his character regardless of whose ox is gored!

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The Uncongratulatory Message Of Engr. Musa Wada



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The PDP candidate in the 2019 Kogi State governorship election, Engineer Musa Wada has “congratulated” Governor Yahaya Bello on his Supreme Court victory. The purported congratulatory message is not only mischievous but made in a bad faith and “uncongratulatory” in every sense of it. It is wantonly unsavory.

The keenly contested election and painstakingly conducted electoral trial established that Mr. Wada is no match for Governor Bello; as the former loss convincingly on both sides. It is however amusing that Mr. Wada suddenly found his tongue to purportedly “congratulate” the Governor after 10 days of losing at the Supreme Court and after about 268 days of his defeat at the poll.

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One would have ignored such a mischievous laden “congratulatory message” but to forestall the idea that “Qui tacet consentit”; that is, silence gives consent. It is a disservice to the generation to come if we are silence on the needless issues he raised in that message; for they might take it as giving a consent or agreement to it.

You will also not miss Mr. Wada’s attempt to incite ethnic divisions, public disaffections, misinformation and disdain, all against the person of Governor Bello and sensitivity of the good people of Kogi State. One of such nefarious allegations is how people are dying in Kogi State and how the Government of the day has become a catastrophe. This is all in an attempt to sound like a Hobbesian and to let us know that he has started reading the work of Thomas Hobbes on the state of nature. No matter hard the winning of Governor Bello hit him, he should be reminded that political campaign is gone and there is nothing to contest again.

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The ultimate focus of the government right now, which should be the concern of every progressive minded individual is to see the State progresses and the good people of Kogi State harvest the abundance of the dividend of democracy. This is now about governance, not politics. This is about peaceful coexistence, not divisiveness. This is about dealing with the reality on ground, not chasing shadows. This is about giving a laser like focus to governance, not pedestal distraction. This is about having the Kogi Sate of our dream and this is what Governor Yahaya Bello has set out to accomplish.

Written by

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Barr. Shadrach Emmanuel

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