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Alleged Mocking Kyari’s Death: I didn’t Celebrate Kyari’s Death, People Misunderstood Me Out Of Context — Engr. Mauazu Magaji, Ex Kano Commissioner, Works And Infrastructure. 



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By Yahaya Idris, Kano.

A former Commissioner for works and Infrastructure Kano State, Engineer Mauazu Magaji has appealed to the people of Kano state, Nigeria at large, to disregard rumors making the round on the social media platform where himself was allegedly quoted out of context to have mocked the late PMB’s chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari, who died on Friday following COVID-19 complications related ailment.

“Sincerely, I didn’t do such thing and I will never do it but people may have misunderstood me for reason best known to them. ”

“I wish to set the record straight. As a Muslim and a patriotic Nigerian, I was only misunderstood by people to think that I celebrated Kyari’s demised, the truth is I did not”.

“I made several posts mourning Kyari’s death on my same facebook account and through my special assistant but the general public couldn’t commend such or claimed I did such post, rather tend to capitalize on a full-phrase post that is given another set of Definition and direction as well as negativity in order to dent my hard earned reputable image as a member of His Excellency, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje led Administration and his loyalist and that of our National Party APC”.

The former Commissioner further stated that the use of “win phrase” was basically an attempt to explain the Islamic Promised on the people that died as a result of any kind of pandemic.

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Engr. Magaji said late Mallam Abba Kyari was privileged to die as a result of Covid-19, making him among the beneficiaries in Islam. He is conferred with the automatic privilege of martyrdom. He said.

“Our Rasul S. A. W assured us on the path of martyrdom in Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Jihad wal-Siyar. Even Sheik Isah Ali Pantami has taken time to explain more of thi. By this, the death of Mallam Abba Kyari is a big win for him, which is almost the dream of every Muslim”.

On the other hand, Engr. Magaji said Nigeria equally have the opportunity to restructure the office of the Chief of staff, where he called on Mr President to ensure that we can utilize the pandemic challenges into more strengths, by disintegrating the power of the office for a rapid administrative flow, which over and above anything, our constitutional democracy is meant to achieve and function so often.

On his removal as Commissioner for works and Infrastructure, However, he said in an emotional reaction to his message, some agents around the office of the Chief of staff misunderstood his whole meaning, infuriated from the loss of their benefactor, as such petitioned his principal His Excellency Abdullahi Umar Ganduje the Governor of Kano State, they twisted the narrative with explanation completely out of context and lacing it with religious and cultural connotations that made it necessary for their Principal the Executive Governor to show leadership and solidarity with the dead by relieving he off his position in Kano State as his Commissioner of Works and Infrastructural.

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“I am confident that the Governor must make such a difficult decision as a conditional sacrifice to appease the aggrieved individuals who are aggrieved especially from their loss. I understand the difficulty of the circumstances, both from misunderstanding my post, to the Governor’s decision and in general the pains of people in Abuja. l understand perfectly well”.

“I want to equally use this opportunity to reiterate that as a devout Muslim, I could not have celebrated the death of any human being; because its against my culture, social civilization and most importantly the teaching of my religion. I emphatically want to appeal to all people, especially those in Kano to give people the benefit of doubts by accepting their explanation on what they actually and truly mean by themselves”.

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“I sincerely apologised for any misunderstood action, reaction and inactions, we are all in a difficult times that anxiety, worries and depression makes understanding and misunderstanding becomes difficult. I am so sorry for any pain I may have caused both the families of the late chief of staff and my boss His Excellency Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. I am forever loyal to my boss; the Governor of Kano State and indebted to all the people of Kano state”.

“I want to expressed my gratitude, gratefulness to His Excellency for the opportunity he gave me to serve my state under his administration and am pleased to leave not on account of fraud, insubordination, dishonesty, treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, act of incompetence or undermining the government or the people of Kano; but due to this unfortunate misunderstanding and miscommunication of my Facebook post. I assure you that everyone will calmly understand my meaning by revisiting everything I’ve said. I am only humane, perfection is never part of our creation”.

Engr. Magaji pray Allah to grant the late chief of staff eternal rest in AlJannah Firdaus and give his family and associates the fortitude to bear his loss. May Allah continue to help the people and government of Kano State to achieve higher advancements. He said.

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Meets 26 Year Old Sadiya Left To Her Fate To Fend For Herself, Baby By A Run Away Lover Who Impregnated Her About 3 Years ago.



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By Ademu Idakwo, Lokoja.

Sadiya who claimed to be a Hausa Lady from Kano State in Northern Nigeria was spotted in Lokoja, Kogi  State among the street beggars known as Almajiris struggling to get the attention of people coming around to give alms.

It is a pathetic sight as she was hugging the baby on the chest struggling with the little ones  in the oldest Profession in the Northern Nigeria which every successful Government has failed  to bring to an end.

This Profession like Prostitution as old as it is  in the world can never be accepted to be a decent way of living because  it is against  human dignity .

Sadiya is not alone in this situation as thousands of this people are seeing roaming the streets of Northern Nigeria without concerted efforts to put them off the street.

The baby in her hand was not having proper care as she looked very sickly and unkempt due to hardship that the condition of her mum have subjected her to .

When I tried to speak with her, she initially declined comments as she was not sure of my intention, probably she may be afraid of so many things the experience of living on the streets may have subjected her to in the past.

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When I pressed further with the aid of a local guide who served as an intermediary between us she then volunteered some words out of her .

In a quest to know why she is on the street begging for alms and she said that is her source of living because she has no any other job apart from begging adding that the trade has taken her to many states of the Northern Nigeria .

On how she feel living in this trade why there are many meaningful things to learn and survived on it, Sadiya disclosed that she has no help from any one to learn a trade stressing that it has been her ambition to be a tailor if she has the opportunity.

Probing further to know the father of the Child and why did he allowed her and the baby to be on the streets seeking for alms, her  response was not  without a pain when looking into her eyes as she looked some how reluctant in responding to the question .

After  few minutes of silent  she obliged to answer the question.

She said she parted with the man immediately she took in as the man abandoned her with pregnancy and never come back to ask for her .

Recalling with  regret Sadiya  said the baby is three years now and the man who left them in a village called Bakinkogi in Madobi Local Government Area  in  Kano State never look back till date.

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How she and the man met? The lady disclosed that they met at the village where she came to visit her Aunt but the woman later died and she decided to inherit the woman’s  water Well where she was selling water  to sustain herself and the man used to come there to fetch water for sale as water hawker popularly known as mai Ruwa in the Northern States.

She said she was  lured into sex with gifts items the man was sending to her on daily basis and was not very conscious what was on the man‘s mind .

At first according to her, she thought it was a kind gesture until when she started falling uncontrollably in love with the man and the worst happened which later resulted to pregnancy.

Sadiya said she lost her parents when she was 14 years , making her to start fending for her self so early without any formal education .

She also disclosed  she is feeding herself and the child from the alms people gave  to her adding that as at now few people can afford to give them alms due to prevailing hardship in the country.

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She stressed that  the patronage is so low recently adding  that she will stay a whole day without getting a dime nor foods stuff from any one unlike last year when she came to Lokoja.

She explained that the situation may force her to relocate to Suleja in Niger State  where she thought may be better for her to ply her trade.

Sadiya and her baby from Northern Nigeria

Her future plan, according to the 26 year old Sadiya is to take her child  back home to enable her learn  Islamic  studies so that she will have the knowledge about God.

Whether the girl will go for formal Education the answer was  No as  there is no money and education is not free in their state.

This brings to mind that Government at all levels should expedite actions to pick this vulnerable  people from the streets by rehabilitating them and engage them in  meaningful ventures .

This in turn may go along way to reduce security challenges as most people responsible for restfulness in most part of the country may be off springs of the disadvantaged persons in the society who were  not  properly gathered for by the government and the society.

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Idah Federal Constituency: How  Zacharia Returns The Lost Glory.



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Ademu usman Idakwo, Lokoja.

It is pertinent to know that since 1999 that Nigeria returned to Democratic Rule after long military interregnum, Idah, Ofu, Ibaji and Igalamela Federal Constituency in kogi state which is one of the Nine Federal Constituencies representing the people of the State at the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly have not had it good in terms of adequate and good representations at the House of Representatives in Abuja.

Several representatives who had gone to represent the Federal Constituency had failed to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the constituents. Some after been elected will permanently relocate to  Abuja and abandoned the people at home as they thought the mandate given to them was to enrich themselves, cronies and family .

The impact of their representations will not be felt in any community including the village or town where they hailed from .

The only representative whose achievements remained so indelible before the coming of David Zacharia was Barrister Itaka Frank Ineke, an Illustrious son of Ibaji land who selflessly contributed to the socio- economic well-being of the people of the Federal Constituency in terms of gainful employments of the youths into the state and federal institutions.

Itaka’s achievements would have earned him a second term  in office but unfortunately lost out in a very controversial way to Mr. Napoleon Idachaba, a case he contested at the Tribunal but eventually lost.  Ineke was a house hold name in the federal constituency while holding sway at the House of Representatives in 1999 to 2003.

The eventual defeat of the late Prince Abubakar Audu the then Governor on the platform of the defunct All Peoples Party, APP by Alhaji Ibrahim Idris of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in 2003 Governorship Election in the state terribly affected the fortune of Mr. Ineke who was flying on the same party for his re-election as a result of bandwagon effects.

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Though the Governorship Election in the State was held before National Assembly Election,  APP had already lost out of Favour with the electorate not because late Abubakar Audu did not performed but people wanted a change of leadership

Since the exit of Ineke from the seat , the people have been yearning for a true representative until 2019 when David Zacharia stepped into the race.

David Zacharia  at primary of All Progressive Congress, APC held in Idah beat other contestants with a wide margin despite internal and external conspiracies to pick the ticket. The distance runner up, Dr. Paul Ebijie scored 27 votes as against 3000 polled by the winner, David Zacharia. Ebijie who displayed rare level of maturity congratulated him and promised to work with him.

The Federal Legislator known for his political doggedness though was under rated by the then  incumbent member of the House of Representatives, Honourable Emmanuel Makoj Eqwu but History was made as Zacharia thrashed the incumbent on who contested on the People’s Democratic Party, PDP during the general election.

His few months in office as a member of House of Representatives from Idah, Ibaji, Ofu and Igalamela Federal Constituency has been full of events and achievements. David has returned the lost glories to the people as he is busy impacting on  the lives of both the old and the young in the Federal Constituency.

Before venturing into politics, Honourable David Zacharia was an accomplished businessman and a philanthropist per excellence. He had  a Charity organization called David Zacharia Foundation which he used with his hard earned money to sponsor Orphans to schools, providing shelters for the widows and given financial assistance to traders.

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He assisted in renovating many schools which were destroyed by the rain storms and other Natural disasters in various communities in Idah, Ugwolawo and Ajaka as well as EJule his home town in Ofu Local Government Area.

According to old sayings “ Good name is better than gold and riches” David Zacharia has the two and he has utilized it  to the benefit of humanity.

He is a true believer of God and does things with the fear of Him.

His achievements just few months in the office has endeared him to friends and foes .

As a workaholic politician and servant  of the people, he executed several projects across the federal constituency which include among others installations of Solar power street light in Ejule , Oko okenyi and Ajaka, provision of Hospital beds and equipments to various health centers such as Alloma cottage hospital and Ejule .

He has dug functional bore holes for some communities in Ibaji, Ofu and Igalamela to to ease the water shortage and provide access to portable water.

Ofu, which is one of the Local Government Areas in the Federal Constituency was known for youth restiveness due to unemployments among them but when David Zacharia was elected to the House of Representatives the first he did was to bring the restiveness to a total control in-collaboration with the Leaders of thoughts and relevant stakeholders from the area.  Many of the Youths were taken from the streets given  sources of livelihood thereby returning peace to the once troubled zone.

He has Also given out scholarship to uncountable numbers of Students schooling at tertiary institutions across the country who are indigenes of the federal constituency.

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David Zacharia efforts to better the lots of his people does not know the party divide as he was known to be assisting members of his party, All Progressive Congress, APC and any other people irrespective of party affiliations.

Mr. Daniel Etubi Achor, at one of the presentations of food items and cash donation by the representative of the legislator in Idah to widows recently told the gathering that he decided to dumbed the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP prior to the Governorship  election Last year because of David Zacharia.

He added that the Federal Legislator attitude towards people irrespective of any affiliation made him to defect to APC to support Governor Yahaya Bello.

Achor was a strong PDP supporter from Ede Alaba ward in Idah Local Government Area said Zacharia has proved to the people of Idah that they are still good men in politics .

Hon. David Zacharia while speaking at interactive function In Ugwolawo , head quarters of Ofu Local Government recently said he will ensure that the impact of his constituency projects will reach all the nooks and crannies of the entire federal constituency adding that governance is all about the people .

He commended Governor Yahaya Bello for given him the needed support to succeed. The Federal Law maker therefore appealed to the people of his constituency to rally round the governor to enable him  succeed adding that the governor is determined to ensure peace , harmony and development in every part of the state.

Indeed , the lost Glory has returned to Idah Federal Constituency!

Ademu usman Idakwo,

A Journalist based in Lokoja.

Can be reach through

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Sustainable Development: Engineer Sule And Toga Of ‘Private Sector Governor’



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From By Ali Abare, Lafia

It’s a common parlance among the people, within and outside Nasarawa State, to describe His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State as a ‘Private Sector Governor’.
This is of course attributable to his background and experience, having worked in the organized private sector throughout his career before venturing into politics.

Engineer Sule began his career as Production Engineer with the Jos Steel Rolling Company Limited before leaving for the United States of America (USA) after having been elevated to the position of Principal Production Engineer in 1989.

On his return to the US where he first went to university, Engineer Sule worked for several companies in San Antonio and Houston, both in Texas namely, Lancer Corporation, QEM Components, Houston Engineering, Morgan Performance, Dril-Quip Incorporated and Osyka Corporation. He worked in various capacities from Workshop Engineer, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer, Facilities Engineer, Project/ Production Engineer and finally as Director of Business Development for Africa and the Middle East for Osyka Corporation.

In 2000, he returned to Nigeria and together with some friends started the Sadiq Petroleum Nigeria Limited in Lagos, where he became its pioneer Managing Director/CEO. Subsequently, the company participated in the privatization of African Petroleum Plc and acquired 30 percent ownership of AP, following which Engineer Sule was appointed Executive Director Operations in November 2000. In April 2001, he was appointed by the board of the company as the fourth MD/CEO of AP Plc.

A spectacular incidence regarding his stewardship in AP was turning it away from being ran as a government parastatal, with consequent negative balance sheet of over N22m. By the time Engineer Sule resigned from the company, in July 2006, AP Plc had undergone a historic turnaround, with N5bn positive balance sheet.

Upon his resignation from AP, he took up another job with an American multi-national oil service company,, Tetra International in July 2006 as Director of Business Development / Country Manager, from where he first ventured into partisan politics in order to serve the people of Nasarawa State. left Tetra in December 2006 to join partisan politics and serve the people of Nasarawa State and

Since his return to Nigeria in 2000, Engineer Sule has participated in several private and public projects in Nasarawa State. He has also invited and funded prospective foreign investors to come and take a look at the prospects of the state, participated, as well as single-handedly renovated and built schools, clinics, houses of worship, security posts, later as Group Managing Director, Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc.

Engineer Sule was elected as Executive Governor of Nasarawa State during the 2019 general election and was dully sworn in on May 29, 2019. Since his assumption of office, His Excellency has left no one in doubt that he is determined to bring his knowledge and experience from the organized private sector to bear in the administration of Nasarawa State, for the benefit of the state and its people.

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Certainly, previous administrations have done their best in the effort to bring much needed development to the state, mostly through effective utilization of revenues accruing to the state, both from the Federal allocation and Internally Generated Revenue. The immediate past administration of Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura, did go the extra mile by introducing landmark reforms, particularly in the judicious management of resources, channelling such resources towards building critical infrastructure.

It may not be farfetched to posit that, aware of the challenges posed by dwindling federal revenue accruing to the state, occasioned by the fall in oil price, Senator Al-makura, while preparing to leave office, thought it wise to bring in someone with vast experience, knowledge and wide connection across the private sector, who will come and fashion out ways to generate much needed revenue and to make the state less dependent on Federal allocation, which has continued to constitute a stumbling block to the development aspirations of the state.
An inkling on the direction His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, will take on assumption of office, surfaced on the day of his inauguration. This became evident based on the content of his inaugural speech, which pointed to a slight departure from the past when he made it known that given his background, his administration will consider investment as critical instrument in the economic development of the state.
“To this effect, we intend to give the private sector cardinal role to play in driving the economic development activities of the State. Accordingly, Government shall adopt a robust investment policy and drive which will be structured on interim, short, medium and long term arrangements,” he stated.
Through industrialization, the Governor said, employment and wealth will be created, as the administration adopts an integrated employment creation strategy whereby industrial, agricultural, commercial, vocational and such other related ventures are incorporated.

He stressed that, in this regard, small, medium and large scale industries shall be encouraged.

“Industrialization is a cardinal objective of our Government. Employment and wealth creation will be integral part of the overall industrial policy of this Administration.
“I wish to call, with a loud voice, on all the people of Nasarawa State to take full advantage of the opportunities that will be provided by this policy, which is aimed at developing our State,” the then newly sworn in Governor said.

On the aspect of agriculture, the mainstay of the economy of the state, with about 80 percent of its population engaged in one form of farming or the other, Engineer Sule pointed out that the major part of the agenda of his administration, is to encourage commercial agriculture in areas where the state has comparative advantage and boost value addition to crops by laying solid foundation for agro-allied industries.
Another cardinal objectives of the Engineer Sule administration is to effect a turnaround in the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state, with the Governor stressing that Nasarawa State has the potentials to exist independent of Federal allocation.

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Speaking recently at an educational and entrepreneurship summit organized by the Nasarawa State Students Association (NASSA), the Governor until Nasarawa State wakes up to become independent of the Federal allocation, the state will remain in danger.

“We should not just be satisfied and happy that we are getting free money. For some of us that spent our lives in the oil industry, this oil is going down. Whether we like it or not, one day this Federal allocation will not come.

“We have to wake up to be able to say we are independent and that we are generating our revenue by ourselves,” Engineer Sule stated.

Regarding the crucial matter of the IGR, the Governor while been inaugurated into office stated that his administration will develop innovative strategies and deploy technology for the optimum generation, collection and management of all revenue due to the state
It’s apparent that the Governor’s passion for the state to be able to generate her own revenue, partly earned Engineer Sule the tag, “Private Sector Governor”, mostly because organizations in the private sector are profit driven, have set targets and are result oriented, while public service is synonymous to free wheeling and dealing.

Commenting recently on a televised programme on Channels Television, on how he intends to fund the state’s 2020 budget, especially with the fall in oil price occasioned by the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, Engineer Sule said he wasn’t bothered to be called by all sorts of appellation so long as he put Nasarawa State on the path of sustainable development.

“The first thing that we need to do is to try and look at what we will be able to do. Since I came in, we have been able to move our IGR one hundred percent. On the ladder where we used to be No. 34 in the federation, we are now No. 29. My target is to be actually top ten.

“We have so many structures that are going to do that. Now we are plugging most of the loopholes. With our proximity to the Federal capital, we have the capacity to generate revenue. We will be another Ogun State. We have all these kinds of opportunities. It’s a gateway state.

“With these kinds of opportunities, We have attracted a lot of companies since we came in, Dangote Group, Flour Mills Nigeria Plc, Azman Rice, Olams, with more and more organizations coming in to set up, to be able to employ our people, train them, as well as generate revenue,” he said.

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He added that the state government is also building its structures that will generate revenue, like the Lafia Cargo Airport, with his administration reaching out to the Federal Government with a view to finding use for the airport.

Being the engineer that he is, the Governor needed a plan, a blueprint to guide his administration on the road to achieving its stated objectives, harnessing the resources of the state, both human and material and driven to actualize the policies and programmes of not only government but the aspirations of the general citizenry.
The Nasarawa Economic Development Strategy (NEDS), according to Engineer Sule, sets out critical strategies for realising the state’s ambition for a truly prosperous and thriving economy that improves the economic wellbeing of residents through wealth and job creation and improvement in business investment opportunities.
“The NEDS will provide overall direction for the growth and development of the state as well as a framework through which all sectors of the economy can direct their energies and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people,” he added.
Additionally, the state government inaugurated a 15-man Economic Advisory Council to guide the administration on policies that would boost the economy of the state.

Now getting to a year in office, these development strides have already begun to yield fruits, especially in the gains recorded in the turnaround in internal revenue generation, inflow of big time investors who are coming into the state to set up business that will in the long run, provide employment and training opportunities to the youths, while bringing in much desired revenue to the state.

Only recently, Agrotech Nigeria, indicated interest to invest $56m to set up a refinery that will process sesame seeds and maize into oil, with the state also identified as one of the six states selected by the African Development Bank for the establishment of agro industrial zone. This is even as the state government, Azman Farms and Umuasha Community in Toto Local Government Area, signed a tripartite agreement for 14, 000 hectares of land for the cultivation of rice.

Indeed, if calling His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, a “Private Sector Governor” means all these good things coming to the state, it’s certain that before the completion of his first four-year term, Nasarawa State will witness tremendous development strides and to place the state among the three most competitive in the country.
Abare is a Special Assistant on Media to His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, Executive Governor of Nasarawa State.

THE FINDER: Sustainable development: Engineer Sule and toga of Private sector Governor’

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