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Gov. Ishaku at 66: A Compassionate Leader With A Heart Of Gold.



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In this report, Taraba Truth and Facts takes a look into Governor Ishaku’s various activities in directly helping the downtrodden, many who had reached out to him via social media.

“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.” -Jim Rohn

For Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, governance is not all about building infrastructure and coordinating several governance activities. To him, governance also included showing empathy and rising up to the occasion when it concerns his people, particularly stretching a helping hand to those who are in dire need.

The foregoing is evident when the Governor comes online across social media platform as his presence brings joy to people far and wide, particularly, residents of Taraba whom Ishaku’s engagement brighten their days and leave a lasting impression on as the joy of having a one-on-one converse with the Governor soothes their being.

For those who have been following his trajectory, the Governor’s uncommon leadership traits may not be unconnected to life lessons he learnt from his father while growing up. According to him, his late father taught him virtues of service, love and sacrifice. Sharing his childhood memories to commemorate this year’s International Children’s Day, the Governor recalled how the Ishaku’s family will come for Christmas in Takum every year and his father would slaughter a cow and shared it for the less privileged.

“My dad taught me the secrets to taking one step at a time. That has taught me the virtues of patience and consistency in every pursuit. When I lost my father, my mother stood her ground tirelessly and ensured she trained us well. She taught me the virtues of hard work and determination against all odds, among others,” Ishaku wrote on his Facebook page.

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Widely celebrated for his selfless service in rescuing people in dire need and when it seems all hope is lost, the Governor had received different testimony from those he impacted through the instrumentality of social media which remains a leveler between the haves and haves not in the 21st century.
One of such is the case of Ummi Musa, from Baissa, Kurmi LGA. She had an accident that affected her throat and needed urgent surgery, help only came to her after Governor Ishaku’s rescued her.
“Earlier today I saw a tweet from one Mr Job, of one of our daughters Ummi Musa, from Baissa, Kurmi LGA. She had an accident that affected her throat and needed urgent surgery. I asked Mr John to send her details to me and I just spoke with Mallam Musa on phone. I assured him I will do everything possible to see Ummi is rescued from this pain. I want to reiterate that, the life of every Taraban is important to me. Let’s together remember Ummi in our prayers.”

The Governor excitedly announced Ummi Musa’s quick recovery in a post “I received the good news today that our daughter Ummi Musa had a successful surgery yesterday. Let’s continue to pray for her quick recovery.”

Also, the urgency Governor Ishaku addressed the case of one Daniel Godslove who in dire need of an inhaler also showed his passion and love for his people.

”Please if anyone have access to Daniel Godslove, get across to him IMMEDIATELY to send across his phone number to me, I need to get him ASAP so we can assist him to attend to his health. I saw his complaint this morning and it’s urgent.”
Reacting to one of Ishaku’s social media intervention, a Facebook user, identified as Yakubu Ngange, described the Governor as a blessing and a true rescuer.

“Dear Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, your charitable works to the less privileges has been one of the reasons behind your success in life. You have touch so many lives to the best of your ability, and your impeccable character to the needy have always kept smiles to our faces as service to humanity becomes your willing step in delivery of dividend of democracy at large.

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“I can recall the other time you sponsored free respiratory organ surgery to one Aisha from Kurmi and luckily the report from their end came successful as she’s recuperating from her situation. Your governance defines the definition of a true Rescuer. Indeed, rescue mission! We’re happy to have you, we’ll continue to pray for you for a more of your loving and caring heart,” he wrote on his social media page.

Another user said, “Governor Darius have so far displayed his full commitment in rescuing the people of Taraba state when he again come to the rescue if one Daniel Godslove who tweeted about his illness of Asthma and asked for people to help but him inhaler.

“Governor Darius replied him with his official email address to send his phone number so he will can easily locate him and give him a better treatment of the disease. This have proven that Governor Darius is open to the people complaints as long as the complaints true and will yield good results for the people,” he wrote.

As part of his commitment to ensure fruitful engagement with his people, the Governor had singled out Sundays to interact and discuss issues, challenges among others being faced by residents across the state and beyond. His interactions endeared him to his people which also increased his likes on Facebook to over 20,000 and 20,000 followers on twitter, a microblog.

And when he is not readily available to responds to comments or concerns directly, he takes note and direct personal assistants to attend to needs of his people and ensure he delivers on his mandate of rescue mission.

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“It might take longer than you wanted it treated but it’ll sure be attended to. Thank you for the inputs. Together we can, together is easier,” he assured his people.

In a similar vein, he wrote, “as I personally read through your comments, I want all Tarabans to know, the essence of creating social media platforms is for me to have direct access to all Tarabans and to hear their complaints directly. The joy of every leader is to see the citizens enjoy and appreciate the dividends of democracy. We will do more!!!”

Also, through a special arrangement the governor reached out to several families who were in dire needs at the peak of the Covid-19 lockdown, many of them received food items and cash donation to mitigate their economic hardship.
Those also reached with the backup up Palliatives out includes families in Abuja Phase 2 Baba Alhaji Ali, the extended Family of Late Mallam Adamu in Gadi Ward Jalingo among others.

“I received an email from a Taraban who notified me of some families that were challenged; most tragic of them all was a widow with 7 children who couldn’t eat well for four days, and others that had similar critical issues.
Upon seeing the email sent through my Facebook page, I personally made a quick arrangement and instructed that they were all attended to with immediate effect.
I am excited to see the reports that they were rescued, which showed they didn’t sleep last night without a meal on their various tables.

The life of every Taraban is precious to me, and I will continue to ensure personally that I attend to such families that have similar needs despite the robust palliatives shared last week to all the 168 wards we have,” the governor said.

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Kogi LG APC Hopeful Chairmanship Candidate, Barr, Tanko, Others Grace Chieftaincy Conferments In Kogi Community.



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Barr. Tanko addressing the gathering on the need to give supportive hands to the government to do more for her people across all boards.

By Yahaya Idris, Kogi.


Barr. Tanko shortly after the program having an interaction with some Elders  and including Chief Jarumi of Chikara community.

A hopeful Chairmanship candidate of APC in Kogi LG and immediate past Administrator of the council, Hon. Barr. Muhammed Tanko Musa were among eminent Nigerians that was a guests when some persons who distinguished themselves to the service of their people and humanity were conferred with the chieftaincy titles in the palace of HRH. Haggai Kaka Tanyizinin of Lagbeta Kingdom, Chikara South, Kogi LG.

At the epoch-making event were the retired National Assembly Staff, Chief Enoch Jarumi, the representatives of various chiefs within and outside the kingdom were presents.

The guests list also included sons and daughters from home and abroad, senior government functionaries and members of the organised private sector.

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In his goodwill message, former Administrator of Kogi Local Government Area and guest of honour in the event, Hon. Chief Barr. Muhammed Tanko Musa, shortly after introducing his humble self to the gathering commended HRH. Haggai Kaka Tanyizinin of Lagbeta Kingdom, the chairman of the occasion, Chief Enoch Jarumi (Bezheyakwo of Chikara and other invited guests for considering him worthy of the honour, assuring that being a friend of the Elder Jarumi for over some decades that they had been talking on phone before this present event came up.

Barr. Tanko in a group photograph with some newly coronated chiefs and community leaders

Barr. Tanko commended the paramount ruler for a sustainable peace, development and unity of purpose as enjoyed by the residents of this community urging him to sustain the tempo.

While speaking on the conferment ceremony, Barr. Tanko who is the Danmasani Koton-Karfe Kingdom, explained that been installed with a Chieftaincy title mean a recognition from your people to do more in the community that had marked a turning point for a development he had always been supportive of all projects aimed at bringing succour, hope and relief to the town and the people.

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Barr. Tanko who also vie for office of Executive Chairman in the forthcoming LG election promised to deliver their message to His Excellency, Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

According to him, peace remain panacea or essential ingredients for any nation to develop. Aligning himself with the youths of the area who have engaged themselves in agriculture without waiting for white cola jobs.

“I am extremely happy with their milestone achievements, which had impacted greatly on the quality of life and economy of the people and the community”, said Barr. Tanko.

HRH. Haggai kaka Tanyizinin of Lagbeta kingdom.

In his reaction to the glowing tributes, Chief Enoch Jarumi and Bezheyakwo Chikara, gave praises to God, the Chief of Lagbeta, all sons and daughters of Lagbeta for the honour, stressing that if not for their love, cooperation and supports, all he had achieved since he came to the town would have been a mirage.

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He commended Barr. Tanko for his usual uprightness, diligence, maturity and dexterity of purpose before, during and his reign when he served in the council as Administrator hoping and praying God to return him back in order to continued from where he has stop.

Elder Jarumi also commended Ohimegye Koton-Karfe kingdom, HRM. Alhaji Abdulrazaq Sani Isah-Koto for his fatherly role especially in ensuring relentless peace and development flourishing in his domain.

He, however, expressed optimism that Lagbeta Kingdom would witness greater development going by the prevailing peace, monumental changes and life transforming projects that have existed since the installation of the new King, HRH. Haggai Kaka as the Tanyizinim of Lagbeta over a year ago.

A Chieftaincy title holder who spoke on behalf of other recipients thanked the King for considering them worthy of the titles assuring the king that they will always avail themselves for community services.

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The Ma’nene Death Ritual: An Indonesian Tradition Where People Dig Up And Hang Out With Their Dead Love Ones



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Death Souls are being washed by their people

Who wouldn’t want to see and “hang out” with their loved ones years after their death? Learn about the Ma’nene death ritual from Indonesia.

For many people, the worst part about losing a loved one is the fact that we never see them again. Once they are buried, that’s it. The person is gone forever, and the only way we can see them is in pictures and our memories. However, not all cultures “do” death the same way. Case in point: the Ma’nene death ritual in Indonesia, practiced by the Torajan people of Sulawesi island. In English, this ritual means “The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses,” and that is exactly what they do.

Every three years, for more than 900 years, the people of Lembang Paton Village dig out the mummified bodies of their loved ones to clean them up, dress them in new clothes, and bury them again. The ceremony, celebrated by all the families in the village, is a key element in their belief system, which combines Christian and indigenous concepts. The idea behind it all is that death is not the end of a person’s life, but rather another step (a very important one) in a long, spiritual life. For this reason, every detail of a person’s death, burial, and afterlife must be carefully seen to, and family members spare no expenses in fulfilling their duties. The resulting ceremonies are so lavish and complex that tourists go from all over the world to witness them.

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The funeral:

As you may have guessed, a Torajan funeral, called “Rambu Solo,” doesn’t come cheap. In fact, they are so expensive (an average funeral costing the family tens of thousands of dollars), that most of the time, the family prefers to keep the dead family member’s body in the house until they can afford a proper ceremony. This waiting period can last weeks and even months, so the family keeps the body wrapped up like a mummy in a special room, feeding and tending to it, as if the person were merely “sick.” Then, when there’s enough money saved, the family goes ahead with funeral, they bury the body in the same plot of land as the house, and they don’t see their loved one again until the next Ma’nene ceremony.

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The Ma’nene ritual:

Every three years, as was mentioned above, Lembang Paton Village celebrates their corpse-cleaning ceremony. The village leaders sing for days leading up to the exhumation, and then, every mummy is dug up by the respective family members, so they can be brushed, cleaned, and dressed in new clothes. The coffins too are given a touch-up, getting repairs and sometimes being replaced altogether in order to slow down the decomposition process. This part of the ceremony is perhaps the most emotional one because we get to see the living family members interacting with their loved ones, taking photos with them, and enjoying the opportunity to “see” them once again. Whether the loved one has only been dead for a year or has already been gone for decades, it is definitely a great gift for everyone who misses them. After the bodies are dressed in their new clothes, they are re-buried for another three years until the next ceremony.

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From an outsider’s perspective, especially a Western one, the Ma’nene ceremony is definitely a lot to take in because it goes against everything we believe regarding death. However, even if we never like to practice it or even witness it, we can still look beyond the shocking images and think about the emotional and spiritual elements. Who wouldn’t want to see and “hang out” with their loved ones years after their death? In a way, not only would it be a way to have them with us in the world of the living for a little while, but it would also be a way to come to terms with the fact that one day we’ll join them on the other side.

Source: Reuters

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Eid-el-Kabir: Okehi Security Chief, Ohiare Appreciates Residents For Support And Prayer



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Hajia Zainab Ohiare, Okehi Chairperson

Hon Ohaire, Son at Eidil praying ground

The SSA security to Kogi State Governor incharge of Okehi Local Government, Hon Abdulraheem Ohiare and his wife Hajia Zainab Ohiare join hundred of people at Eidil praying ground on Friday.

A statement by his Media Aide, King Habib said Ohiare appreciated the people of Eika Ohizenyi for their total support and love they have always shown him and further assured them of his continue support.

Ohiare and his wife in their usual magnanimity dolls out cash to elderly women and widows in Eika Ohizenyi.

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Highpoint of event, Interlude and prayers were offered from the elders of Eika Ohizenyi for His Excellency Alh Yahaya Bello, Hon Abdulraheem Ohiare and his beautiful wife Hajia Zainab Ohiare.

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