The Newest and Most Affordable Electric Cars Kantanka Unveils That Got The World Talking – VIDEO/PHOTOS

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Kantanka Automobile Company Limited is finally preparing to hit the market with their new affordable car called, Amoanimah EV.

The CEO of the company, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Jnr. shared videos of the car on his Instagram handle telling his followers details of the car which is set to hit the Ghanaian market soon.

The Amoanimah EV has some distinct features that make them very unique. Let’s take a look at them below:

1. The Amoanimah EV is made to endure harsh weather conditions

As you all know, Ghana for that matter Africa experiences harsh weather conditions — be it harsh rainy seasons and dry seasons. All these changes in climate cause cars to rust or wear off but this new Kantanka car is meant to endure all these conditions — making it an ideal car that can last for a very long period of time.

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2. Made to be electric and engine based.

The cars come in two forms — that is electric and engine. You can charge it using electricity for your usage or you can also use fuel (be it petrol or diesel). So whichever is your most preferred, Amoanimah EV will be there for you.

3. Doesn’t make noise

The car doesn’t make a noise. From the test video, you can see that even when the ignition of the car was turned on, you can barely realize the sound of the car.]

4. Less fuel consumption.

Kantanka understands that the price of fuel keeps increasing every passing day so they have designed the car engine in such a way that it will consume minimal fuel.

5. Lower insurance cost.

As you all know, cars or vehicles need to be insured against accidents and other unforeseen disasters. And the bigger the vehicle, the higher the cost of insurance. But the size of the Kantanka Amoanimah EV has made its insurance cost to also be low.

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6. Lower cost of service.

It’s an undeniable fact that cars break down as they’re been used from time to time. But what the car company is promising is, their experts will be available to service the cars at very low cost in case any part breaks down.

7. Low maintenance cost.

For every car to be in good condition, it requires constant maintenance and care. Kantanka Automobile company says their arms are always open to maintain your Amoanimah EV from time to time.

Watch the video below:

The afore-mentioned good benefits of the car are just but few. All these make it one of the most preferred cars that the average Ghanaian should possess.


According to the CEO of Kantanka Automobile, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Jr the demand for their products have gone up.

“A couple of years into this car manufacturing and assembling business has been pretty good. The demand now is even way more than we expected,” he said

Kantanka Automobile company is the first indigenous automobile company in Ghana owned by Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo.

The scientist started with a small prayer group in Ghana and now have an automobile assembling plant which produces about 120 cars per month.

According to the management of the company, they have some special offers that they give to their customers which makes their company different from other car production companies.



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