Council Poll: Hon. Kabiru Idris- A Frontline Aspirant To Beat By Shaibu Anthony



….By Shaibu Anthony

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, this is the problem causing distress to our democracy, and failure in leadership.

Dekina local government is one of the largest local governments in Nigeria, without scintilla of uncertainties, it is expected to be watched like a hawk for better Development, but inexperience, misapplication, underdevelopment in recent years have sluggishly slowed the deserved progress of Dekina, thereby setting a chiefly accomodations for Dekina among abnormally developed local government in Nigeria.

It is therefore imperative for a swift change in leadership, as nothing has so far changed in recent years, rather persistent problems have kept on multiplying to an inconsiderable length.

In a desperate need and attempt for rescue, Hon. Kabiru Idris, the former Adminstrator of Dekina, an unstained personality, peace promotor, and advocate of good governance came into the searchlight, a lover of peace whose heart is large enough to accommodate all.

Hon. Kabiru Idris is an experienced, dedicated and resilient APC loyalist, an exposed, an adminstrative officer per excellence, an Educationist, outspoken young man, vibrant Redeemer of Hope.

Kabiru Idris during his short-lived reign as the Administrator of Dekina local government, his understanding for economic development, which was the major drives of his administration know no end, He has many achievements to his name which can never be shied away from his short period of time in office, he dualized Agbeji, Ojikpadala, Ojuwo, Ofafu Abocho, Abejukolo road, and construction of Okete bridge, this is an what many leaders in the past have thought to be unachievable fit, and has since remained untouched before it finally received the attentiveness of Hon. Kabiru Idris, a sign of leader who is ready to serve, who has deemed his calling as an administrator as a call to service not a call for pleasure as most leaders may think.

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Kabiru Idris is a man who is educated from heart to soul [sic], his administration top priority was Education, knowing such desirable agenda cannot be brought to accomplishment without a conducive learning environment and ungrading of learning facilities, this thoughts actualized the building of primary schools across Dekina local government at Ajiola, Oji, Aji, provisions of learning environment to pupils, Payment of Jamb fees of 5,000 Dekina students in 2016, this is yet another unachievable fit till today.

In view of his poverty eradication scheme, his burning desires to see total extermination to Lapo loans, and other forms of draining financial entanglement , he supported over 500 hardworking women with non-refundable sum of ₦50,000 each to boast their business, this is second to none in the history of Dekina local government, women of Dekina had heard of this development in the past, which they long before his administration yearned for, but the Adminstration of Kabiru Idris rekindled their hope of better Dekina by bringing its existence to reality, the records are available for doubting thomas to hold sight of.

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Balancing of gender equality which the Adminstration of Gov. Yahaya Bello publicly declared as his administration core agenda, has long before now experienced by the people of Dekina, while Hon. Kabiru Idris was an administrator, He empowered 1000 women environmental officers under the leadership of Kabiru Isah Otex.

Hon. Kabiru is a simplicity personified, a friend of local government workers, who made it reality for dedicated workers to be compensated for their services and sacrifices, by distributing over 500 motorcycles to local government workers.

Kabiru Idris doesn’t just stand out amongst other candidates in the forthcoming Chairmanship Election, his chances of emerging the Party Flag bearer is glaringly unconstricted, considering his zone, there is no elective position which is currently from Biraidu district, all odds favour Hon. Kabiru by zoning, Biraidu is preeminently fit to produce the next Dekina local government chairman.

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From antecedents, there are three districts from Dekina local government, viz; Biraidu, Dekina and Okura.
Okura has produced Hon. Benjamin Ikani, an elected Chairman from 2008-2011, also Muhammed Ali, 2013-2016 from Dekina district, this is the appropriate time to give Biraidu a taste of an elective position, Biraidu has suffered severely an outright exclusion from elective position since the advent of All Progressive Congress Party in the state.

Some of the key leadership positions which have Biraidu districts exempted, House of Rep, Party Zonal leadership, Party divisional chairman and the immediate past Nationwide Women leader are all from Okura districts, Senator Rep Kogi East who is fortunate to have come from the Dekina and the House of Assembly member are all from Dekina district, leaving Biraidu district that always produces the highest number of votes for the party, with no elective position.

Having Hon. Kabiru Idris from Biraidu with widely acceptance from the people, considering his outstanding performances in his services to his people as an administrator, one would have no doubts he stands as the most qualified candidate to beat in the Chairmanship aspiration.