Hon. Deedat Ozigi – An Epitome Of Good Leader

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The new direction Adminstration of his Excellency, Alhaji. Yahaya Adoza Bello is a mise-en-scene to hunter for peculiar character in people whose qualities would have become worse or less value because of the unavailable medium for harnessing it into advantageous use for good purpose.

One dedicated leader whose chances were bright to correl the opportunity into rendering selfless services without second thought is Hon. Deedat Ozigi, the former commisioner for water resources.

Hon. Deedat Ozigi, while he was commisioner for water resources has recorded many successes owing to his brilliant assistance of his intelligence, open-mindedness, acumen and luminous aptitude.

Doubtlessly, Kogi Central, despite many dams, viz; Ekuku dam, Osara dam, and Okene waterworks, has outrightly suffered provision of portable drinking water which is now receiving deserving Government focus as part of efforts out together by the former commisioner for water resources.

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The neglection was associated with the previous administration poor management of government, unlike erstwhile leader who would shift blind eyes over it, Hon. Deedat Ozigi opted to consolidate and serve the intending targets.

Deedat Ozigi’s public-spiritedness is extravagant in touching not only his assigned obligation as commisioner for water resources, but in a nutshell goes beyond selfless services to humanity and Developmental milestones in assuring the government of Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello is greatly felt by his people at the grassroots.

His efforts to uphold the imagery of His principal, Hon. Deedat Ozigi as former commisioner for water resources drilled standardized boreholes named, ” GYB WATER ” with solar powered for efficient delivery. This commendable strides went a long way to put permanent rest to scarcity of portable water in Central, this gesture goes beyond Kogi Central, this was a projects targeted across the three senatorial districts of the state, with careful guardiance from start to finish.

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Hon. Deedat Ozigi is a passionate leader, a humanitarian who has exuded exemplary quality which is can only be described as ” awesome “, a successful legal Practitioner encumbered with versatility in all sectors of life. He is a Visionary, quixotical guardian who has many a time fine famished and restless on the alter of ensuring happiness of the general masses.

Hon. Deedat Ozigi’s mentorship qualified him to head ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs, shortly after his assumption of office as commisioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs, carrying of total overhauling and having an in-depth knowledge of steering the ship was a major priority of Deedat, in order to justify the confidence repost in him, with fear of God, and humility, he toured 21 local government, and their traditional rulers, to seem acceptance, this was a a commendable approach which was considered irrelevant until it was achieved.

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As part of his quest for better Kogi in conformity with new direction political ideologies, ” Operation Light Up Kogi East ” was initiated and masterminded by this great resourceful man of excellence.

Basheerat Sadeeq Writes from Lokoja

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