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“Bassa APC Should Stop Telling Lies”, — David Alfred-Dogwo



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Hon David Alfred-Dogwo

When a candidate for the forthcoming local government council election in Bassa was to emerged through what is claimed to be affirmation, none among the over ten other Chairmanship aspirants was informed nor invited to the venue except the present bearer of the form issued by the party. A primary election or affirmation venue that ordinarily should be in Oguma the headquarter of the local government area was moved to a secret room at Confluence Hotel, Lokoja. Yet, none of us complained.

Myself and the rest of other aspirant’s resolved was to respect party’s decision knowing fully that even if he goes for two tenure, he will not be there forever.

The leaders of the party who should ordinarily call the rest of us to dialogue and cooperate with the candidate refuse to do so but rather have made their resolve to do a way with the rest of the aspirants in all activities of the party in the local government.

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So, why is the party in Bassa local government going about telling lies to those who care to listen that, the rest of other aspirants are no more interested to work for the party?

“I use this opportunity to inform the general public that, the cooked lies from the leadership of the party in Bassa local government should be disregarded. And to further refer them to the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 3 verse 5 that if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand”.

As it is, the APC in Bassa local government is presently wallowing in a political storm of division, where just about 30% of the leaders have come together under one umbrella to shun away the over 70% majority belonging to camps of the other contestants in the chairmanship race. And this is not good for the party.

Secondly, to those leading the crusade that a Bassa-kwomu (whose turn it is to rule) can no longer be an executive Chairman in Bassa Local Government because of the crisis between her and the Egbura-Mozum except a Bassa-nge should better be reminded that; when a Bassa-kwomu was elected chairman, there was no crisis in the land. And when the Egbura-Mozum came to office, there was no crisis UNTIL the Bassa-nge came to power that the crisis started till date.

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So what is the justification that its only the Bassa-nge that can make peace? Soon we will know the real sponsors of the crisis.

A careful assessment of history in the election of Bassa Chairman into offices shows that the electorates have regard for the rotation of political power in the three districts (Bassa-kwomu, Bassa-nge & Egbura Mozum). The analysis below is a testimony to that effect.

In 2011 to 2013, late Hon. Musa Gwatana was produced from Bassa-kwomu. Between 2013 to 2016, Late Hon. Maigida Umar from Egbura-Mozum was elected. While in 2016 to 2020, Samuel Alumka from Bassa-nge was in office for four solid years. NOW, IT IS THE TURN OF BASSA-KWOMU.

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When the crusade that zoning formula should not be applied in Bassa local government area gained momentum, it showed a mischief of some leaders who are behind the shadows of the same crisis they preach to continue to the favour of the Bassa-nge and we are now begining to know the reason for the crisis in the land.

Hon David Alfred-Dogwo

“I, personally, is not against the current arrangement by the party that brought the candidate, but the local government party system should swallow their shame and be bold to carry others along”.

Those with the crusade that Bassa-kwomu and Egbura-Mozum can no longer be a chairman in the local government except the Bassa-nge should continue to sponsor the crisis so that the Bassa-nge will rule forever.

Thank you all.


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Akwa Ibom LG Election: APC Boycotts Polls, As Gov Udom vote



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The Executive Governor of Akwa ibom state, Deacon Udom Emmanuel cast his vote on Saturday morning at the ongoing local government election in Akwa Ibom State.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lead representative, who practiced his establishment in his home town of Awa, Onna Local Government Area, acclaimed the state political race body for a job done the right way.

The October 31, 2020 Local government races has recorded a low turn out, with the primary resistance All Progressive Congress (APC) having pulled out of the surveys.

The party said it had lost trust in the Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission (AKISIEC), which is the autonomous appointive body that gathers information.

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Not long after projecting his voting form, Governor Emmanuel talked with columnists, applauding the appointive umpire for a serene and deliberate gather information, however noticed that pundits may almost certainly blame the cycle.

“I think this is one of the serene races we have ever had. I like the quietness and organization of the races and I am additionally astonished at the readiness of AKISIEC, the nature of materials; it is of an elevated expectation,” said the lead representative, who was flanked by the First Lady Mrs Martha Udom.

He went on: “They [AKISIEC] can keep it up, and even the straightforwardness of the cycles is honorable. They have accomplished a decent work yet tragically individuals will in any case be grumbling in any event, when we score the cycle 99 percent.”

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The surveys is going ahead the impact points of a court administering which struck out a case recorded by the APC looking for a request for virtual order controlling AKISIEC from gathering information in the 39 new wards as of late made by the commission.

Equity Fatiu Riman of the Federal High Court sitting in Uyo held that AKISIEC is engaged by law to make new neighborhood government wards as contained in area 10, (2) of the AKISIEC Law 2007.

In the interim, the Police Command in the state had endorsed the sending of 7,194 faculty for the races.

The order additionally requested limitation of development in the state from 7 am to 2 pm on political decision day

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Fear Of Violence Grows As Tanzania Opposition Denounces Election



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Tanzania’s main opposition presidential candidate on Thursday declared he would not recognise the election result as key seats fell to the governing party in a vote he said was marred by irregularities.

Counting was taking place across Tanzania and its semi-autonomous archipelago Zanzibar – which also elects its own president and legislators – where early results showed the opposition losing seats in some traditional strongholds.

President John Magufuli, who is seeking a second term, has the lead in more than a dozen constituency results announced by the Tanzania election commission.

His Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party has been in power since independence in 1961, but rights groups have decried a slide into “autocracy” over the past five years marked by the repression of the opposition.

Magufuli’s main challenger, the Chadema party candidate Tundu Lissu, declared the results trickling through “illegitimate” and urged his supporters to demonstrate peacefully while asking the international community not to recognise the outcome.

“Whatever happened yesterday was not an election, and thus we do not recognise it. We do not accept the result,” Lissu told reporters in Dar es Salaam, saying opposition election monitors had been barred from entering polling stations and faced other interference.

“What is being presented to the world is a complete fraud. It is not an election.”

The process was like “spitting in the face of democracy”, said Lissu, appearing to warn of unrest.

“Those in power are telling Tanzanians, ‘If you want change, look for it another way, not through the ballot box,’” he told reporters. “The message they are sending is, ‘Use force if you can… We won’t let you win through democracy.’”

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He added, however, unlike the government, “we do not have the instruments of violence”.

Many across Africa have watched in dismay at what they have described as Tanzania’s abandonment of its long reputation of democratic ideals under the populist Magufuli.

The results of presidential elections cannot be contested in Tanzania, though the parliamentary outcome can be challenged.

Lissu, 52, returned to Tanzania in July after three years abroad recovering from 16 bullet wounds sustained in what he believes was a politically motivated assassination attempt.

His return reinvigorated an opposition demoralised by years of attacks, arrests and a ban on political rallies, with massive crowds seen throughout his campaign.

However, several opposition members of Parliament lost seats in long-held bastions, such as Chadema chairman and legislator Freeman Mbowe of Hai in the Kilimanjaro region.

A supporter of Tanzania’s ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) holds a sign during the election campaign [Ericky Boniphace/]

Trouble in paradise
In volatile Zanzibar, opposition presidential candidate Seif Sharif Hamad was arrested along with top leaders of the ACT-Wazalendo party, after he called for protests against election results there.

The opposition said 10 people were killed in the run-up to the vote, and Hamad decried the election as a “military exercise” overshadowed by violence and cheating.

“All the polling stations were surrounded by the military and armed forces,” said Hamad, who has accused the governing party of trying to steal every vote since multi-party democracy was introduced in 1995, and foreign observers have often agreed.

“People who came in to vote, some of them were given three, four ballot papers. When our party agents tried to ask why, they were thrown out,” he said.

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“If we don’t get our rights through the ballot boxes then we have no choice but to demand this right through the streets.”

As Hamad and party leaders left to the protest they called, police fired tear gas at the group before bundling them into their truck.

“Presidential candidate Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad has been arrested while going to lead peaceful demonstrations against election results,” party official Salum Abdalla Bimani told the AFP news agency.

Truckloads of police and soldiers who had been patrolling during the election fanned out across the capital Stone Town, causing streets to empty out.

The feared “zombie” private militia of the ruling party swarmed the city, clad in black and with bandannas covering their faces.

Tanzania”s incumbent president John Magufuli waves as he arrives to give an election speech

Police did not immediately comment but confirmed at least 70 arrests in the past two days in election-related incidents. Streets into Zanzibar’s main city, Stone Town, were blocked.“Tanzania in full blown one party dictatorship. We shall resist this,” ACT Wazalendo chair Zitto Kabwe tweeted, later alleging one of the arrested party members was badly beaten. “I ask the international community NOT to recognize this Tanzanian election.”

The East African nation’s electoral commission has denied allegations of voting irregularities in one of Africa’s most populous countries and fastest-growing economies. Election results could be announced on Friday.

The commission released results for 18 out of 264 constituencies showing Magufuli with the early lead.

‘Full authoritarianism’
The opposition and commentators had already voiced concern about the fairness of the election well ahead of polling.

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“This year it was very different. There was lots of intimidation, violence, kidnapping. Two of our polling agents were kidnapped and very badly beaten,” said Tanzanian political analyst Aikande Kwayu, who supports the opposition and was on the ground in Hai.

“We knew it wouldn’t be free and fair, but nobody expected this,” she said.”I think we have moved from being a democracy to full authoritarianism. There will be no critical voice left. It is going to be a very difficult next five years.”

Tanzania’s electoral commission said on Wednesday it had not received any complaints about incidents of ballot stuffing.

Tanzania’s election, for which about 29 million people were registered to vote on the mainland and 560,000 in Zanzibar, took place largely without external monitors.

Most international media were unable to gain accreditation to cover voting on the mainland, and major social media networks were blocked, accessible only through virtual private networks (VPN).

Tanzania Elections Watch, a regional group of eminent people, expressed concerns about the credibility and conduct of the election, noting deadly violence on the eve of the vote in Zanzibar, massive disruption in internet and text messaging services, and the reported arrests of candidates on election day.

“Unfortunately, in Tanzania the announcement made by the National Electoral Commission is final,” the group’s co-chair Frederick Ssempebwa told a briefing, as results cannot be challenged in court. “There is no avenue for the aggrieved parties to air their views.”

The declaration of results could trigger a wave of instability, Ssempebwa added.

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WTO DG: Don’t Allow Trump Disappoint Okonjo-Iweala, – Gov Obiano Begs Buhari, Other Africa Leaders



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The Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, has encouraged the President, Major Muhammadu Buhari and other African pioneers, not to permit US President Donald Trump to disappoint Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s offered to rise as the following Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

Obiano said this in an announcement named, ‘WTO DG: A Call on President Buhari and African pioneers to venture up conciliatory hostile’, marked by the state Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, C-Don Adinuba, in Awka, on Thursday.

The announcement read to some degree, “Everything necessary is an incredible discretionary hostile before the conventional declaration of the champ on November 9.

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“Individuals and administration of Anambra State, consequently, call upon President Muhammadu Buhari and other African pioneers to promptly get under way the apparatus to get the United States to make the best decision by supporting the top and the most famous up-and-comer.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

“The Trump organization needs South Korean Trade Minister, Yoo Myung-hee, who has the help of just 55 countries, around 50% of Okonjo-Iweala’s vote. It needs not to have its direction.

“Recently it restricted the re-appointment of Dr Akinwunmi Adesina, Nigeria’s previous Minister of Agriculture and African Union’s decision, as the African Development Bank President dependent on unconfirmed claims like nepotism.

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“It is hard to comprehend why the Trump organization ought to be on an impact course with Africans on global tasks.

“In the COVID-19 pandemic in May, the organization declared it was cutting off relations with the World Health Organization drove by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian, blaming the association for being China’s flunky, a similar charge it levels against the WTO.

“Acts like this assistance fuel analysis that the organization may not be liberated from bigotry.

“Individuals and legislature of Anambra State are of the supposition that President Buhari needs to accomplish more to desperately prepare African pioneers, yet in addition the EU and, undoubtedly, the remainder of the world to get the United States to make the best decision

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