APC Membership: The Moral Identity Problem.

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Elempe Dele.

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I have been reading in different forums how APC members continue to attack the lackluster regime of General Buhari, who’s maximum rule under his party, APC, has turned Nigeria into a ragtag country full of insurgents and poverty. We are here in a near state of war and one can only imagine how Somalia was some 10 years ago with different warlords holding their regions. And recently, the country has turned into a place of common breaking-and-entry where businesses of individuals and warehouses housing fovernment palliatives are being attacked daily by the suffering and even enjoying masses.

The convocation ceremony of this act was ironically General Buhari’s fatua against the government of President Jonathan where he said he would make the country ungovernable and that babbons and monkeys will be soaked in blood. Today, General Buhari is the one soaked in blood from his own killings and killings by his own religious and tribal affiliates. He wakes in blood and sleeps in blood. He walks on blood and sits on blood. He is bloodied all over.

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I read with utter dismay how some APC members support the #EndSars protest across most part of the southern swarth and how they condemn General Buhari’s freaking insolence in the face of the brewing anarchy. To me, and in my own opinion, this is a hellish contradiction. For every buharist and for every supporter or member of APC, there is an accomplice to the many civil crimes of Buhari. He is the alter ego of APC hence every APC member fuels his continues legitimacy in power. Nothing will be more lacerating and symbolic if Buhari is left with his tiny inconsequential minority cabal to be the only one remaining in APC.

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His party members must all turn against him since he has since retired himself from leaving up to the “Change’ expectation. We cannot now dabble into his measured feat in nepotism, tribalism and religious bigotry where his section of the country profit not based on merit, but on affiliations. This brings tears to even the eyes of reasonable APC members who taught he will be president for all.

Elections will be lost because of him, just like in Edo State. The people will wash their hands from his evil party and let him and his goons remain there. The members enmasse will denounce their membership because of him.

States that were hitherto APC states will be won by other parties to send messages of total rejection. He would be stripped naked politically just as he and the cabal are stripping the once powerful Tinubu naked beginning from his bedroom Lagos where he said he still the Jagaban. (We have challenged him to walk the streets unguarded)

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In a nutshell, those who claim to be APC members and still have the temerity to continue to condemn General Buhari’s conducts have identity problems of the moral version. You cannot openly be condemning prostitution while you live large from the proceed of the immoral act which your daughter brings home.

I am convinced, persuaded and sure APC will certainly be destroyed beyond repair by self implosion, but let’s quickly aid it’s demise and put the bloodless carcass on the doorsteps of Aso Rock where General Buhari lives so that he can see with his twin eyes the product of his design.

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