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Kog Deputy Governor Edward David Onoja Congratulates Jimoh Fancy At Birthday, Describes Him As Visionary Person



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Kogi Deputy Governor, Chief David Edward Onoja (CIK).

I made the acquaintance of Jimoh Fancy well over 15 years ago. He was one of the earliest and biggest GSM/Telecoms dealers in Lokoja and one of my valued customers as a banker.

Jimoh is serious about life. He is a hard working young man on a mission to succeed with no time for frivolities. It is no wonder that we get along so well.

Jimoh is a loyal friend. After I resigned my appointment to contest for the Kogi State House of Assembly in 2011 and lost, he was one of the few people who stood by me till I was able to stabilise.

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Jimoh is a visionary. He sees tomorrow and he runs towards it. When His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State led a few of us in 2015 toward a New Direction in Kogi State, Jimoh was one of my earliest recruits. He saw the light immediately and he has never wavered till today.

Jimoh is success-oriented. In 2019, Jimoh was a Double Director-General. He was DG, Campaigns for Bello/Onoja, Lokoja and DG Campaigns, Kogi West for Senator Smart Adeyemi. He served the APC very well in both capacities.

Jimoh is God-fearing. He has a genuine love for God which shines forth and he strives to live uprightly.

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Jimoh is a fantastic family person. His wife and children are witnesses, as I am. It is always a delight to hang out with him and his wonderful family.

It is also important to note that Jimoh had one of the best family upbringing as a young person. His late mother in particular was a true amazon in business and in other areas of life. She raised her children to be useful in the society and Jimoh is a perfect example. She was motherly to me and we all miss her.

Jimoh is so many things, all of them good, but above all, he is what I cherish most – a true friend.

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I wish my friend, Jimoh Fancy, increase on all sides. More of God’s grace and favour.

Jimoh Fancy Tiamiyu

On a lighter note. Jfancy the future of every mortal is like STC ( Subject To Count) just like only an Operations Manager can confirm it before it flies in banking so also only God can confirm the future before it breaks.

You Dey bambam. Everywhere stew.

Get ready for God’s showers of blessings unlimited.

Happy Birthday, bro.

Your brother CEDO

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The Nigerian Huge Spirit (Poem)



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By Elempe Dele, Benin.

Our people will forever live, the common and plundered people will live on, they have been tricked and sold again and again, they are sold and sold until they die and buried to nourish the earth to rise yet again.

Our people are immortals, peculiar and a chosen generation; they come back alive to renew the earth.

You can’t underestimate their capacity to endure and prevail through hard times.

Our people are often sleepy but not in slumber, they can be weary but never tired, they ar enigmatic but easy to understand.

They are vast in tolerance.
Some earn their living
By working mostly with their hard hands Just to make enough to get by, It takes all their time,
They could have done more and earn more, If there was time for them to read and study kinetics, algebra and chemical reactions, and talk about the world’s policies.
All of these takes time
I wish there was time enough.

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Their stories are both tragic and comic:
If you listen to the breath of their laughter, you would notice depths of invisible cries, and if they weep, in it is that uncommon smile.

Everyday, they march out to get over the tiny margins of their pains, they try to walk across the grim lines of their subsistence living. That’s the work of Divine Providence, And that’s the silence of content you see them often give.

Their ritual is in the Divine through whom some of them are being milked by the men who profess often that they have seen Allah and God.

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They are hungry but dance with light bones to melody of transcendental music of hypnosis: they give out their pockets in fits of deliverance…the dances, the songs, the stories in those hours of devotion become magic of prosperous dreams, even when they are workmen living day by day.

Between the infinite limitations of their possibilities is the hope from their Faiths and the endless yearning for miracles which put a cog in their realities of seeking the Divine in truth.

The plunderers and liars often violate our common people; there is always a changing theme: Salvation, prosperity to miracles… Even the government speak with different tongues…
I laugh, like the old anvil laughs at many broken hammers.

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Let the truth be told,
Who’s the woman that sees the PENIS without being glad?

There are men who can’t be bought and be sold –
The fire of truth burns in their minds, They know the movement of spoken and unspoken truth.

No one can hinder the wind from blowing.

From experience, time is our greatest teacher.

Who can stay without hope?
Our people would live on.
The only question is what’s next?

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Marginalization, Exclusion Of Toto LG In The 2021 Budget: An Executive Embarrassment To Toto Youths, Writes Governor Sule



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By Abdulwab Idris Toto.

Your Excellency, Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule, I have the pleasure and privilege of writing this open letter to you as there appears no other way to draw your kind attention to the plight of a people whose existence is greatly threatened in the state.

Your Excellency, Sir, the incessant marginalisation, undermining, and oppression of Toto LG people within the state, emanating from the actions or inactions of 2021 budget submitted to the Nasarawa state House of Assembly was marginalized and Toto LGA people particularly the Youths
can no longer be tolerated even with penitential talks.

Engineer Abdullahi Sule, Executive Governor Of Nasarawa State.

It is true that Toto LGA produced the highest votes in the last general election to enjoy nascent democracy as you promised during your campaign visit.

Toto LG produced the 3rd highest votes in the state to ensure that you emerge winner as the governor of Nasarawa state, yet you has nothing to show for it as your own appreciation to the good people of Toto LGA.

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The concerned indigenes of Toto LGA ethnic extraction have expressed displeasure over the marginalization of 2021 budget in the state. Toto LGA was sideline in the budget summary list as if we’re not part of the state.

Unarguably, Toto LG people are peace-loving people refraining their selves from taking laws into their hands. They are not involved in destroying or vandalising of government properties and installation or any kind of violence to the government, Despite this, it remains undeveloped to the highest level.

There is no higher institution nor government presence nor industries to engage our Youths to maintain the integrity and the content of Toto LGA.

“We hereby humbly bring to the notice of your good office as the executive governor of the state, current complaint which now threatens the peace, stability and unity amongst ethnic groups in Toto LGA.”

The pendulum of baseless and unfulfilled promises has been swung too far, and we owe it as a duty to ourselves to act as the indigenous people of Toto LGA.

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“We are constrained to lodge this complaint with a view to advancing the needs for you to act decisively as a governor.”

“We also demand a shortlist of Toto LGA persons for scholarship via your office because many local governments has been enjoying it since you assumed office as the executive governor of Nasarawa state.”

There is need to establish a higher institution of learning within Toto LGA.

The desire to constantly supply Toto LGA with electricity cannot be gainsaid. Against this dire background, “we are constrained to seek redress from your good office believing that this matter of budget marginalization would be properly investigated and relevantly minimize and upheld in the interest of the people with justice, equity and fairness.”

“We are fortified in this position by the provision of the section 14 {4} of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as (amended) which provides that “composition of the government of a state, a local government council or any of the agencies of such government or council and the conduct of affairs of the government or council or such agencies shall be carried out in such manner as to recognise the diversity of the people within its area of authority and the need to promote a sense of belonging and loyalty among all the people of the federation.”

Comr. Abdulwab Idris Toto, student and advocate of good governance

Notwithstanding, “we remain patriotic to this great state and nation which can never be broken by the greedy ones. We believe in Nigeria, as in unity we stand and succeed together, if our demand can be well considered. We do not want to have no other choice than to fall into the temptation of acting like other local governments should our demand not be met after this notice being brought to your attention.”.

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“I am urging the Governor to trade on the path of peace, equity and fairness by respecting the resolutions of Toto Youths demanding for dividends of democracy for their LG”.

Thank you Your Excellency, for reading this piece.

Abdulwahab Idris, is an indigene of Toto, Toto LGA of Nasarawa State, Study at Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa.

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Governor Obaseki Leadership Style Is Legendary



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By Ogiemwonyi Osazuwa, Benin.

Leadership is a factor in the life of people. The height a State attains at any given time, the development recorded, the pace of progress is largely determined by the leadership. According to John Maxwell,”a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Great leaders are beacon of hope. Great leader made giant strides. This is liken to the Governor of Edo State, Mr.Godwin Obaseki.

The Digital Governor Godwin Obaseki is a leader with keen understanding of leadership that set the pace that brought about the transformation of Edo State. The achievements of the Digital Governor Godwin Obaseki led administration has proved that leadership can make Edo work.

Governor Obaseki defied all odds to get Edo working again. He led onslaught against Political Goliath-godfathers and greedy politicians in Edo State for good. In the same vein, the action Governor has sent the political lions and tigers to the zoo, a place where they actually belongs to. The Governor triumphs over them is left for posterity.

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State

Moving forward, Governor Obaseki had drive and influence Edo people to do uncommon things. Multiple taxation which has hinder Edo people from establishing their own small scale and medium enterprises has been abolished by Governor Obaseki, thereby creating the enably environment for Edo people to put their entrepreneurship skills to work, turning the State into industrial base. Today, small scale and medium enterprises spring up every day in Edo State, no barrier for anyone who aims for great accomplishments.

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Again, the Performing Governor has practically terminated the illegal activities of CDA mafias with people-oriented policy, which has translated into smooth community developments, turning the State into construction site.

That is not all. Governor Obaseki led administration has trained and empowered thousands of Edo youths with employability skills to become self-reliance. Furthermore, the Civil servants and pensioners enjoyed regular prompt payment of salaries.

What is more? The uncompromising Governor has effectively used the tax payers money for infrastructural development, economy growth and human capacity building.

Governor Obaseki inspired the Edo people with his superlative performances so much that they freely renewed his mandate to continue the good works. His resounding victory at the September 19 Edo governorship polls has taught us that good leadership and good governance pays!

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Consequently, the successful inauguration of Governor Obaseki and Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu for a second term has translated the Making Edo Great Again vision into reality.

The Mega Agenda is a social contract that will get Edo people from where they are to where they should be. The Mega Agenda is strategically planned in such a way that it will
outlive the current administration.

Realistically, the implementation of the Mega Agenda has commenced, with the recruitment of teachers to manned the various public schools in the State, as well as the planned recruitment to bring professionals into the State civil service, provision of quality healthcare service to the people, construction of more solid roads, consolidation on housing scheme projects, and mechanized farming etc.

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No doubt, Governor Obaseki’s government will leave behind legacies that would stand the test of time. Obaseki is a legendary leader. We made the wise choice.

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