Nnamdi Kanu’s Audio Message Of IPOB, Incitement, Childish Which Lacks Intellectual Impetus. – Elempe

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu IPOB leader
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu IPOB


“I have never for ones liked the Nnamdi Kanu’s idea of Biafra. He has made it incitefully childish from the comfort of his home in the UK where he eats fat from the dead-on-arrival secession bid which lacks intellectual impetus.

When the civil war started, Chris Okigbo, the poet, joined the Biafra Army where he died and became among the first casualty from the clan of writers and intellectuals. Let Kanu stop all these his incitements and come down to Nigeria to face the Nigerian army instead of giving orders for people to go to commit suicide.

Never in the history of any arms struggle has any revolutionist been so Lilly liver to be fighting from abroad like Kanu… revolutionists are always with guns and camouflages inside jungles, not in ties and suits attending Trump rallies. Che Guavera, Ojukwu, Paul Kigami, Nelson Mandela, Santos…all were physically imbedded in the struggle.

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I have a nagging feeling Kanu has a developing psychosis which I have not been able to disabuse my mind from. And the Nigerian Government must deal with the United Kingdom to bring some charges against him through the finesse of diplomacy.

Elempe Dele write from Benin, Edo State.