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Nigerian Doctor, Olufunmilayo Warns Ladies To Stop Putting Toothpaste In Their Vagina, Says It Doesn’t Make It Tighter.



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Nigerian doctor, Olufunmilayo has warned ladies against putting toothpaste in their vagina in a bid to get it tighter.

In a Twitter thread shared on his handle, Olufunmilayo warned against the practice, stating that it is harmful. He went on to enlist some of the dangers that ladies can be exposed to when they engage in such practice.


Read his tweets below


“Toothpaste makes vagina tight” NEVER DO IT PLS!!!! Vagina irritation Smelly vagina Abnormal vagina discharge Vagina/pelvic infections Difficulty getting pregnant. NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN VAGINA NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN VAGINA NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN VAGINA.

The problem with bad advice is that you can never tell how far it travels. And more often than not- it tends to travel a whole lot further than good advice. And when the damage is all done- Only the owner of the vagina and her loved ones will be there to deal with all the mess.

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Toothpaste is caustic, very toxic and really abrasive for a sensitive part of the body like the vagina. You put yourself at the risk of irritation, inflammation, destruction of the normal organisms that protect your vagina from infections and open up yourself to a lot of harm.

Once toothpaste destroys the normal natural organisms that keep your vagina healthy, you become prone to infections- which then causes you to have excessive, foul smelling vagina discharge and infections which can damage your tubes (and chances of getting pregnant) as a woman.

If you get a terrible infection- especially repeatedly- if you don’t learn your lessons quick and desist- The infection can ruin your tubes- You can later in life find it difficult to get pregnant from the blocked tubes- Or if you get pregnant- it may be in an abnormal place.

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So ask yourself again- Is it worth it? To what end? This whole obsession with “tight vagina” is very unhealthy and is driving some people absolutely insane. You need to really slow down and stop being eager to try adventurous nonsense ideas that can potentially ruin your womb.

I have said it repeatedly- The vagina cleans itself, by itself, in its own way, with its own juices and remains sparkling clean – without needing any help from you. The body has an efficient effective system for this- and it does it flawlessly. That’s a real proven medical fact.

Problems most times start when people start doing all sorts with their vagina. Pour soap inside. Wash with vim. Put vagina pearls. Add some spices. Use some okro. Try some toothpaste. These wild woke silly nonsense ideas are some of the things that give a lot of women problems.

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Your vagina is tight enough. Your vagina is good enough. Your vagina is just perfect. You are fine as you are. Don’t let peer pressure and wild online claims of sexual wonder magic ideas or vagina products lead you on a journey of ruin and regret. It’s not worth it. Thank you!”


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Covid-19: Dr. Aisha Buhari Lauds Jack Ma, AliBaba Foundations For Donating Relief Materials



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The commitment of Mr. Jack Ma, through the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation to the global battle against COVID-19 has been commended by the First Lady, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari.

She made the commendation while receiving a consignment of COVID-19 related items such as face masks on Wednesday 18th November, 2020 at the ABF Secretariat, Abuja.

A statement by Aliyu Abdullah,
Special Assistant to the President on Media & Publicity (Office of the First Lady), said Mrs. Buhari noted that the two foundations and their founder Mr. Jack Ma is duly recognized worldwide for their contributions in the areas of women leadership, entrepreneurship, Education and medical intervention.

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These, she said, are areas of core competence of Aisha Buhari Foundation and Future Assured, where great success has been recorded.

“I do therefore express my appreciation to the Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation on behalf of the women and children of Nigeria, and promise that the items will be used judiciously.”

Presenting the items to Mrs. Buhari, Special Assistant to the President on Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) Mr. Mohammed Albishir, said the consignment of assorted face masks, were delivered by the two foundations to OAFLAD for onward distribution to nations currently battling the novel virus across Africa. Nigeria, he said, is one of the deliveries made, saying the items are for distribution in Nigeria, especially to people living in remote areas.

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NASACA Seeks Assembly’s Support For More Funding In The Fight Against The Spread Of HIV/AIDs In The State



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The Nasarawa State Aids Control Agency (NASACA), has advocated for an effective collaboration with the Nasarawa State House of Assembly through increase in budgetary allocation towards achieving effective implementation of the State anti- stigmatization law.

The Executive Director, NASACA Dr. Ruth Bello made the appeal when the agency paid a courtesy visit to the Nasarawa State House of Assembly Standing Committee on Health in Lafia today.

Bello said that increasing budgetary allocation for HIV/AIDs would not only tackle stigmatisation but would also tackle the menace in the state.

Hon. Suleiman Abdulaziz Danladi

Bello disclosed that this year alone, out of the twenty two thousand HIV positive persons (22,000) who are not on drugs, the agency has succeeded in tracing and placing back on drugs over fifteen thousand pesons (15,000).

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She thanked the committee members for being up and doing in supporting the activities of the Agency and appealed for more funding in the fight against the spread of HIV and Aids in the state.

Responding, the Chairman of the committee, Hon. Usman Labaran Shafa thanked the Executive Director, and the entire members of the Agency for the visit and urged them to remain focuse in the fight and control of the spread of HIV in the State.

Labaran Shafa, who was represented by Hon. Suleiman Abdulaziz Danladi noted that the committee will always put in it’s best for the agency to succeed.

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“Ours is to make laws and pass resolutions that will touch our people positively and this law was passed in the state. It is now the responsibility of not just the executive arm of government but all of us to ensure effective implementation of the State anti- stigmatization law,” he said.

He equally called on the agency to redouble it’s efforts on the areas of sensitization and awareness campaign aimed at controlling the spread of the disease in the state.

The chairman also assured the agency of adequate support to succeed.

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Nasarawa To Extends Maternity Leave To Six Months, To Encourage And Improve Exclusive Breastfeeding Of Infant Babies



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In a bid to ensure the babies get needed nutrients for proper upbringing, the Nasarawa State Government through Commissioner for Health, Hon. Pharm. Ahmed Baba Yahaya, has said maternity leave will be extended to Six Months to encourage and improve the exclusive breastfeeding among working class mothers as well as to provide the babies with the needed nutrients for the first 1000 days of their lives.

A press statement issue on Thursday by Musa Abdullah Information officer, Ministry of Health, said the Commissioner made the disclosure while playing host to Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) who paid him an advocacy visit at his office, Lafia, the State capital.

He described the extension of maternity leave for civil servants from four months to six months as an investment in human capital development and will go along way to address the issue of Malnutrition in children in the State.

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According to him, as an emergency Action Plan, the Ministry of Health will write a Leave Bill to the Governor for onward transmitting to the State House of Assembly to make it as a law.

The Bill will provides for six months of maternity leave for women and
government will translate the pronouncement of the approves six months of maternity leave into law to ensure sustainability.

“This will ensure the survival, healthy growth, and development of the child into an intelligent, innovative, and creative adult that will contribute to the development of the state and the nation. He added.

The government, with the support of development partners is equally implementing Community management of Acute Malnutrition, Infant and Young Child Feeding intervention.

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“All these are in a bid to improve the nutrition status of women and children in the state,’’ He said.

Earlier the leader of the deligation and Chairperson of CS-SUNN Nasarawa State Mrs. Mercy Aso said the are advocating for extension of six months Maternity Leave for Civil Servants in the State.

According to her, this step will encourage and improve the six months of exclusive breastfeeding among working mothers to provide the babies with the needed nutrients for the first 1,000 days of their lives.

She also said “This will ensure the survival, healthy growth, and development of the child.

Mrs.Asso maintained that the extension will equally help the full recovery of women after childbirth and support them to breastfeed their children exclusively for six months without any fear of losing their jobs.

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“The maternity leave will further ensure effective access to quality maternal healthcare, thereby contributing to the health and well-being of mothers and their babies.

She commended the Nasarawa State Government for improving on its Malnutrition status especially on the policy strategies which She identified some of these policies, strategies, and plans to include State Policy on Food and Nutrition, State Strategic Plan of Action on Nutrition, and State Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Strategy.

“Others are State Multi-Sectorial Strategic Plan of Action for Food and Nutrition, She also appreciated the effort of the State in ensuring that all lines MDAs that implement nutrition activities have budget while appealing for timely release of funds to enable them to fastrack activities as expected.

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