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New Attah Igala: The Need For Deep Thinking



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“It will be unfair to the Igala people if a person who has exhausted his service years is brought to retire into this demanding office”

Once upon a time, the stool of Attah Igala was more of a “privilege to reign” than a “call the serve”. That was when all that was required to occupy the stool was to be entitled to it. It did not matter if the person seeking to occupy the stool had the requisite ability and desire to lead his people in the best of their interest.

That was the era an Attah was a law unto himself with unlimited powers and privileges; but with no obligation.

Gradually, things began to change, Atta was no longer just a lord over his people, but a lord in service of his people. This became ripe with the advent of the colonialists; wherein Atta had to represent, strive, negotiate, permute and even lobby on behalf of his people.

The social status and age of an Atta became important as his responsibilities began to expand. this era coincided with the emergence of Atta Ameh Oboni, the youngest Atta on record. It is safe to conclude that Ameh Oboni passes for the most famous Atta, with several developmental achievements to his credit, including; the Idah aerodrome, construction of long stairs down to Ocheche river, construction of the first mud fence round the palace, etc.

Royal Stool

While people agree that Ameh Oboni is the most famous Atta of all times, little is said about the fact that he is still the youngest person to ever occupy that stool; and this is the essence of this intervention.

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Ameh Oboni’s age at the time he became Attah has been estimated to be between 31 and 33; and I am convinced that this was exactly why he was able to achieve such feat.

For emphasis, In 1946, Atta Ameh Oboni ascended the throne at the young age of 33

In 1956, Attah Aliyu Otulukpe Obaje ascended the throne at the age of 36.

In 2016, At the young age of 15, Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I lost his father on the 5th of January, 2016, to replace King Obi Akaeze Edward Ofulue III, as king of Ubulu-Uku Kingdom in Delta State, following the vacancy of leadership in the Kingdom, the successor to the throne, the young Prince had to take up the position.

However, at the time of this arrangement, Chukwuka was still in a secondary school in the UK and wasn’t set to return to Nigeria till he was 20 or 21 years old. Therefore, his uncle Anthony Ofulue was chosen to act as his Regent until Obi Chukwuka’s return.

King Benjamin Ikenchukwu, KEAGBOREKUZI I, ascended the throne after the unfortunate death of his father in 1979. He was 2 years and four months when his father died. He grew up and studied in Buckingham Palace UK for 27 years before finally returning to his Kingdom in the year 2000.

The record of the AGBOR Monarch as the youngest Monarch was recorded in the Guinness Book of record in 1981.

Considering the jet-age which we are, an Atta should not just be smart, he should be a technocrat who is up and doing; and all these qualities are more likely to be found in a youth. Apart from these, a young Atta is likely to reign longer, what this means is that it will guarantee a focused and lasting administration.

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Now that Igala Kingdom is again confronted with the task of choosing another Attah, those saddled with this responsibility must think deep, they must ensure that the stool is not made a retiring ground for tired and retired people. The stool is not a place to rest, it is a place to sit and serve; and it will be unfair to the Igala people if a person who has exhausted his service years is brought to retire into this demanding office.

In accordance with Kogi State Government Gazette titled : ‘Igala Area Traditional Council (Modification of Native Law and Custom) Order, 2015 Procedure and Regulation for the Selection and Ascension to the Stool of Attah Igala’ signed by Kogi State Governor in 2015, Which places Aju Ameacho Royal clan as the next in line of ascension, the Igala Kingmakers are faced with an herculean task to think deep to select a young and vibrant Atta Igala designate from this clan based on the aforementioned points.

Prince Opaluwa Okoliko is a young crown Prince from Aju Ameacho clan. He is vibrant, an experienced and well gromed for the task.

Born and bread in Igala Land, the young prince grew within locals, culture and tradition of the Igala people. His late father HRH Adebo Opaluwa painstaking nutured him to the climax of Integrity, Charisma and good Character. He schooled in Ugwolawo Ofu Local Government then proceeded to Kogi State University where he obtained a Degree in English and Literary Studies.

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Prince Okoliko after s compulsory National Youth Service in Oyo State took up an Admin job at Kogi State Local Government Service Commission as a Personnel officer on grade level 8 and redeployed to Ibaji LGA. He then took up a Graduate Assistant job at Federal Polytechnic Idah as a Lecturer in General Studies GNS- English. Okoliko joined Afribank Nigeria Plc as an Executive Assistant Banking and Credits and was redeployed to Keffi, Nasarawa state. The young Prince then moved to Diamond Bank Plc as a Relationship Manager, an MSME Development.

Prince Opaluwa became the Managing Director of Olaypoon Nigeria Limited with a wide spectrum of Estate and Maintenance jobs in Abuja.

He holds a Master of Arts in English Language from Nasarawa State University.

Opaluwa was employed in Federal Airports Authority Abuja as Principal Customer Service Officer on grade level 12, a position he held till 2017 when he was appointed as A Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor, a position he used to create employment opportunities for some Igala youths. He has been an advocate of community development, peace and security in Kogi State.

In 2020 he was re appointed as a Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Federal Agencies a position he holds till now.

Opaluwa Okoliko has great love and passion for Igala Nation, he is a good listener, accessable and courageous.

The odds of this tussle favours him. He is a candidate to beat.

Long live Igala Kingdom.

-Okeme Okpanachi, Kogi State.

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Princess Lubabatu Muhammed Writes Niger State Governor To Restructure The System Of Governance For The Interest Of All Nigerlites.



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Dear your Excellency, Sir, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello,

With due respect Sir, you should know under your watch as the Governor of Niger State things are not Moving well.

Poor people are no longer safe, Farmers are running away from their farmlands, Educational system is collapsing with no remedy, increments in Food Stuffs, High cost of commodities and living, Killing and Abduction here and there, Thieves and Armed Robbers everywhere, The Rich keep getting rich while the poor keep getting poorer with a lot of suffering, Politicians are getting more corrupts, APC party loyalist are crying for being marginalized or sideline while the oppositions refuse to smile, Poor road Networks, Poor social Amenities, High rate of prostitution and Thuggery by our teaming youths, the rate of Smokers and drug addicts keep increasing, pensioners have become street beggars, Civil Servants have become Credit and loan Customers, No standard medical Hospitals except private which is more costly, Media Houses are Dead (NSTV and NEWS LINE), Ministry and agency have nothing to show, Slashing of Salaries have become business of the Day, Commissioners are confused, Law makers are more confused, The Masses are much more Confused.

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Those poor masses that voted you with their sweat, Energy, Time and resources are the one suffering more and more.

Your Excellency sir, Remember that every souls shall test Death including me and you, and we shall all account for our Actions before Allah S.W.A. either Good or Bad.

Oh Allah come to our Aids and I pray the Governor should remember nothing last forever including the life it self.

Is not too late for you to restructure the system of your Government for the betterment of all Nigerlites.


“A word is enough for the wise”

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Princess Lubabatu Muhammed

#Hailers tormentor

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Open Letter To Baba Buhari Why He Should Act Fast To Avert Nigeria From Depression



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By Abba Dukawa, Kano.

Officially Nigeria has entered its second recession in five years as official figures published on Saturday show that the economy shrank again in the third quarter of this year. The National Bureau of Statistics, in its Gross Domestic Product report for Q3, said the GDP, the broadest measure of economic prosperity, fell by 3.62 in the three months to September.

Last month, the World Bank revised its 2020 forecast for Nigeria’s economy to 4.1 per cent from its previous projection of -3.2 per cent, saying the country’s near-term outlook was subject to “considerable uncertainty”. The Global bank had said in June that the collapse in crude oil prices, was expected to “plunge the Nigerian economy into a severe recession, the worst since the 1980s coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately within five years Nigeria experience two recessions this resulted due to provocative policies of the previous and present administration over dependence on oil resources as a source of foreign exchange earnings to the detriment of agriculture.

Covid 19 has puts global economics in uncertainty again, Nigeria’s economy is being caught in the cross-hairs. The recession could have been avoided if administration diversifying the economy as government to formulate policey toward developing the country untapped mineral.

Now Nigeria at the second recession, above all, Nigeria must stop borrowing for anything and avoid, borrowing to pay salaries.

Now is not the time to trade blames but to focus on ways to manage the situation and called on Buhari’s government to “swallow its pride, and accept its limitations, so that they can open their minds to ideas, without caring who the messenger is. Let the executive and legislative arms expunged non conventional allowances, estacodes, welfare packages, and new vehicle purchases from the proposed 2021 budget.

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Despite the country is blessed with untapped mineral resources and there is no state in Nigeria with less than two untapped different mineral resources. Absolutely lack of foresight from our leaders for not save as much as possible especially when the crude oil price reached its peak. Had been the administration instilled disciplined and prudent management of our Commonwealth. The recession could have been avoided if administration had cut down on the cost of governance during first recession, listened to nation’s economist and other concerns Nigerians advise.

Kano Kaduna And Abuja Roads Abuja – MD of Julius Berger, Engr Lars Richer revealed that Kaduna -. Zaria will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022, Zaria-Kano first quarter of 2023 while Abuja-Kaduna will be delivered 2025,

Who did we offend? Don’t says our northern peoples in the administration are bewitched? Stop blaming @tundefashola for deliberately sabotaging any project cited in the North but keep concentrating on southern roads. Who appointed him Good North have learn bitter lesson for voting on sectionalism.

Let Baba Buhari consider that Northern votes secured PMB’s administration first and second term, and northerners will raise voices in their demands that the administration, this time, rewards their loyalty in real terms. So now we know. Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano highway reconstruction will not be completed in the next three years.Kidnappers and bandits will also hear this. This is the most important route in the North.If you doubted that our peoples in the government do not care about the North, stop doubting.

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Lack of clear economic policies and weak institutions to blockages mismanagement and Corruption which still subsists as one of the greatest challenges facing Nigeria with .

When President Muhammadu Buhari assume office in May 29, 2015, left no one in doubt as his mission to fight corruption to a standstill. President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday received the final report of the Justice Ayo Salami-led probe panel on alleged infractions by the suspended Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Magu was allegedly accused of corruption, mismanagement, lack of transparency in managing recovered assets by the Commission as well as abuse of office by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami.

Almost 6 years the record presented by global body Transparency International on the country’s perceived corruption outlook. From 2015 till date Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) still gave Nigeria a low ranking oout of 180 countries surveyed. The reports are is a reflection of neither improvement nor retrogression to that of year after year where marginal improvement was recorded. This, therefore, elicits curiosity on what the missing link is between the efforts of the government against the graft and public what the perception is.

At the same time he received the report another heart breaking investigation reports published by online medium Premium Times revealed how Fashola’s ministry illegally paid ₦4.6BN into officials‘ personal accounts. It is clear violation of extant law. Payment of payments of monies into private account is clearly violates chapter 7, section 701 of the financial regulation of the country. Section 713 of the same chapter also says under no condition should personal money be paid into the government’s bank account “nor shall any public money be paid into a private bank account. Even though Ministries and Agencies are compelled by the provision “to operate only three bank accounts as follows: salary account, overhead cost account and revenue account” as “no other bank account shall be allowed without the express approval of the Accountant-General.

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It was under the watchful of our once fearful General Muhammadu Buhari the level of corruption in Nigeria has reached a height whereby it can only be curbed when these agencies rise up to the occasion to prosecute offenders irrespective of their political affiliations. Henceforth fighting corruption proved too difficult for the administration to achieve. Therefore Nigerians are alienated, angry and fed up but in real sense the corruption is fighting back as there is not much pointer supporting the administration efforts in its fight. Unfortunately, the anti-corruption agencies are more like toothless dogs that can only bark but cannot bite

Really the impressions of if Buhari catch of any wrongdoing you will face wright of the law is no longer scare anybody as the business goes as usual.

Dukawa, Kano-based journalist and Public Affairs commentator. Can be reached at



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Why Do Good Women Cheat?



Goldfish Rahmatulai
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By Goldfish Rahmatulai.

A time comes in every marriage and relationship known as ” crazy times”. During this time, a woman’s ability to think with her head stops and she starts to think with her emotions. It may interest you to know that when women think with their emotions, every tom, dick and harry becomes a good looking, virile, 6 feet 2inches male and as little as ” hello beautiful ” to your wife will land her on her back with him as the victor. It takes about two to six years of torture ( physical and emotional) to reach “crazy times”.

Another interesting thing about” crazy times” is that it is as a result of continuous bashing and neglect from a never do well husband (honestly only insane women allow men drag them to the crazy time period).

See the categories of men whose good wives will probably cheat at least once and chances are, she will not be caught. These are the situations that result in pregnancies that are passed on to husbands but belonging to the other man not often the case but yes, it happens.

Goldfish Rahmatulai

Men who live away from home and abandon a wife in another country for 2 plus years and is often nasty to her when he manages to call or denies her money. These men believe in the power of their Ds they share with wives four times every 2 years ( ever heard the word” breadcrumbing”)? They are the men who believe that a good woman stays put, has no desire, no emotions, no need for sex and tenderness as long as she prays and fasts. So, he strings her along while he goes on with his life with others while Unfortunately, his wife stays because of societal stigma and the happy hormone called dopamine which makes her excited whenever the man is good enough to text or call and because she still loves him and is hooked on this, walking away becomes difficult so, yes she reaches the decision to satisfy her urges in secrets and be the innocent wife during the day as she waits. These women fast and pray and have a small circle of friends; they are classy, educated and pretty and the side guy is usually your brother( yes!), the Plumber, the drycleaner and your neighbour. It is convenient, she is lonely and these men are also good looking and neat.

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The other category are the men who are with wives in same house. They nag over everything, disrespect their wives in public, starve her of sex and tenderness, are narcissists, won’t let their wives work and even when they do, they make sure she is not able to save as they abdicate their duties as men.

Most narcissists are violent men so they beat their wives and eventually wives lose self confidence and begins to seek validation from other man just validation and one day, a nice man pays her a harmless compliment and a wife falls. And if he is great in the sack( most times after 2 to 3 meetings) husband is abandoned completely this is the stage women begin to ignore bad husbands, starts looking good and getting out of his way. Her confidence is back, another gave it to her and in extreme gratitude, she might reward him with sex.

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It is at this point good women start to slip away from their men and it is also when their men start to pay them attention. She might respond or move out but 50% of the time, a good woman will cheat on a very bad and absent ( in time and emotions) husband and 90% of good married women, will desire the body and mind of another man whether you treat them right or wrong is the determinant to sleep or not to sleep with their object of desire.

Religion and morals are not friends even the holy books understand this much and this is why words like adultery and fornication are contained therein; the holy books know it happens but warned against the devastating effect ( horrible and terrible stories abound).

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What we owe one another while dating and in marriage is to treat each other right. Just do your best and go separate ways if it isn’t working than to bring pain to a home. When hearts are broken only the big hearts walk away often times, disaster happens.

Goldfish Rahmatulai

Good women don’t just cheat, it takes years of pain, torture and betrayal caused by the men they love but cannot walk away from.

PS: This post is not the business of good men who give amazing love even from a distance. You rock, your women won’t let you down.

Goldfish Rahmatulai is an Indigene of Owan East LGA, Edo North.

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