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“I Have Learnt Very Important Political Lessons From The US Presidential Election”. – Elempe Dele



Elempe Edo
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Never have ‘fixed idea’ on political issues or take an unbendable position especially when it runs contrary to the positions and ideas of millions of ‘reasonable’ people.

The society of humans is dynamic, one must be careful not to be static on worldviews. If the world and it’s numerous leaders across countries agreed that Donald Trump was no good, no sensation of conspiracy theories and highlufatin propaganda can change that notion.

Rather, take another perspective look at your own opinion and position, which ordinarily ought to be under frequent review.

Ask thematic queens of why, when and how…Political dogmas have never helped in political development in this ever changing world.

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If over 70 million voters had agreed that Trump had to go, the peddling of unsubstantiated rigging cannot bring him back nor can it heal the internal wounds millions of citizens of the free world had been feeling for 4 years.

We must take a retroactive look at the decision of the concerned citizens who seem to be liberated from the 4 years of unexpected shackles.

In Nigeria, as from next year, we shall be busy with electioneering.

We must be keen on how we choose our leaders from the local government ( in 2021) level to the presidency in 2023. We must investigate characters and their contents rather than be sold wholesale to the excitement of lies, deceits, propaganda, misleading information, disinformation and all that sway voters from the realities on ground to the dust of the awkward.

Elempe Dele

We must not be swayed only by associations to tribe, religion and all those attachments, rather, we must berth our support solely on competence. A lot of our political times have been used up, we must make most of what is left.

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Elempe Dele is an astute politician and Write From Benin, Edo State

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Kogi Reps, Halims Speaks on Why he Demanded For Genuine Corporate Social Responsibility for his Constituency.



The federal lawmaker, representing the area, Rt.  Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali Halims
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For over the decades,the people of Ankpa federal Constituency of kogi state was bedevilled with high-handedness both from federal government,state and private investors over their natural mineral resources with coal being a major deposit in many parts of the area.

This neglect spanned through the military administration,civilian regimes without concerted efforts by governments, stakeholders to come to the aid of indigenes, through either government intervention or Corporate Social Responsibility CSR by public and private entity, as well as well placed and influential individuals in the society.

It is on record that the Eastern region,South- East geo-political zone and South- South were developed with the concentrated coal deposits in Ankpa federal Constituency, mainly in Okaba,Odagbo and it’s environs.

The many decades neglects that had turned the Eastern part of the country to home away from home,still left the original inhabitants of the mineral resources with lack of portable water, dearth good and motorable roads,no clinics or hospital,no befitting classrooms from primary, secondary and other special projects ,as well as adequate compensation.

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Aside provision of social services,many of the communities were left overtime with varying degrees of hazards against the people rather the glory and benefits attracted by other mineral producing areas in Nigeria.

Highly placed public officials both at the local ,state and federal government saw nothing good at improving the welfare of the people of this vulnerable areas,or attract  government attention ,even though,efforts may be made without results.

This development  that had left the people of Ankpa federal Constituency pauper for years, resumed over the years without efforts to rehabilitate the victims of all round of neglects,this time around with a wholly private sector divestment under the supervision of the federal government.

With lackadaisical attitudes from people’s representatives at all levels that had graduated to connivance between the companies and top government officials, the federal lawmaker, representing the area, Rt.  Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali has taking the bull by the horn through demands for compensation and all round development  of the areas prone to mineral exploration.

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The major explorers of Ankpa Federal Constituency namely Dangote conglomerate and Zuma that had deliberately abandoned the communities were giving a marching order to initiate major social intervention while appealing to government to also initiate policies and programs that will mitigate the critical conditions of the people were minerals are being extracted.

Halims exclaimed that the volume of damage, social decadence,economic downturn created by the exploration in recent time is unquantifiable and beyond the reach of a federal lawmaker, whose constituency projects is spread across the three local government areas of Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro local government area of Kogi state.

He advocated special funds a the same time special attention to mineral producing areas like Ankpa federal Constituency particularly as the raw materials of coal excavation from the area are being used as finished products to many export commodities.

This decision and campaign embarked upon my Rt Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali is patriotic and statesmanly,coming at a time the world is passing through series of health hazards of Covid-19, economic recession that had eaten up to the crescendo.


The settlers and indigenes are predominantly subsistent farmers and engaged in self sustenance business like small and medium scale businesses,and should be encouraged through government efforts in that regard.

This will reduce poverty , ameliorate hardship and critical living conditions among them and by extension other communities.

The provision of portable water,light, hospital, good roads and other life touching activities cannot be overemphasized,as both public and private organisations are expected to contribute their quota in their own way to give the ruralites a sense of belonging.

Rt. Honourable Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali Halims has taking the lead both in action and awareness,all hands must be on deck to rescue the people of Okaba, Odagbo and it’s environs from environmental hazards and degradation not only through creating social safety nets,but providing outlets of engagements and employments to the populace.


Abubakar Yusuf,Is A Journalist, Writes From Abuja.

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The Orbih Mythology.



PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih
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No doubt, in the pantheon of contemporary Edo State politician, Chief Dan Orbih, the former Edo PDP State Chairman and now South South Vice Chairman of PDP, inhabits untroubled authority.

There is no day that passes in our lore without the troubled governor, Godwin Obaseki, or his overzealous followers, mentioning the name of Chief Dan Orbih. When these people are unable to sleep after their political failures, they mention Dan Orbih, when they fail or win elections, they mention Dan Orbih, when they are unable to impregnate their wives, the name that comes to their mind easily is Dan Orbih, when PDP members protest their maltreatment by the governor, he mentions Dan Orbih, when they refuse an illegal harmonization, the governor goes all out against Dan Orbih orchestrating a laughable suspension by a group of rascals with the mild tag of stakeholders.

With these, Chief Dan Orbih has fortunately taken a larger than life disposition and outlook in Edo State political mythology and folklore. You must, like one Victor Aikaimho, blame Chief Dan Orbih for your misfortunes in politics. Victor felt he could revive his political failure and downward spiral by openly blaming Chief Dan Orbih for his inabilities to win elections there in Iyamho, the formidable political space occupied by Adams Oshiomhole.

Like Obaseki, Akaimho would rather rely on the mythical Dan Orbih than face the realities of his political misfortunes. Unfortunately, he didn’t say what has not been said before from figments of troubled imaginations, he just went a little bit further to make libelous claims.

Those who think they are politically demarketing Chief Dan Orbih, those who have nothing concrete against him and those who openly wish to contest powers with him are further solidifying his formidable political structure as a man who cannot be pushed aside even by a sitting governor.

This notion is being accumulated in the public consciousness. As of today, Chief Dan Orbih is the most popular and most acceptable individual in PDP, far ahead of Obaseki. They have created a fable, with strong adhesive, as a man who wish to stand with his people not to be disposed off, a man with political discipline against all odds and a man who wish to uphold agreements and patriotic to the party’s constitution.

With their intolerance, that have made him a man of the common PDP members who won elections for Obaseki but are being shortchanged in the scheme of things. They have made him take the position of a standout rebel fighting for a just cause who is refusing that the excos of the party be disposed of their only possession having won the election without compensation.

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From Edo South to Edo North, he is the name in every tongue while he maintains absolute silence and decorum. Since the open show of shame, Chief Dan Orbih has not publicly made any uncomplementary statement against the governor nor has he acted, like the governor has been found doing, outside the jurisdiction of ethics.

If necessary, like the quintessential gentleman he is, he goes to court to get any necessary ruling against the dictatorial tendencies of the governor who has been conducting himself poorly.

What Chief Dan Orbih was asking for, like every sane mind, was for the governor to be fair in his appointments and treatment of the party members who gave him ticket to run before asking for a harmonization that is not even known to the PDP constitution. What he is asking for, like every other member of the party, is fairness, equity and justice. Like most of us, he is asking for the rule of ‘give and take,’ for the ethics of he ‘who must come to justice must come with equity,’ nothing else.

And I don’t think if Obaseki is honest, is just, is sincere, is truthful…these demands are not too much. Would Obaseki have won the election without the PDP structure? Perhaps not. Would PDP have won APC without Obaseki? Perhaps not. So if the union had yielded result, it is necessary then for each party to be fair to each other. And that’s what Chief Dan Orbih and others are asking for.

Yes, one will agree that Chief Dan Orbih, with his strong leadership courage, he is doing the unpopular thing in the interest for the common PDP members. It’s necessary because most of them won’t be able to fight for themselves.

This action, which is remarkable, appeal to a section of PDP members who can relate with what it means to be patriotic in an undisciplined society. The driving tools for Chief Dan Orbih’s actions are not for personal gains. Of course he has nothing to gain from the common PDP members he personally sustain, however he does all these for them not to be trampled upon, as Obaseki would wish to do by dangling some few appointments ‘left’ before their eyes if they relinquish their exco positions for his followers ‘who came with him.’


One year down the slope, Governor Godwin Obaseki has not even lived up to the promises and expectations of those he wish them to relinquish their elected positions. He went round the 192 wards that made up the state promising heaven on earth, not one has been accomplished. Rather, he is in Benin ordering them to leave their positions with ‘something’ in return.

Obaseki should know he was lucky to have had leadership in Edo State literally trust on him because the masses were made to believe Oshiomhole was a bad man and he was a good man through the instrumentality of orchestrated propaganda, not on performance. Obaseki was like a food that was forced to feed the electorates in 2020 while his limitations as a man who don’t appreciate good deeds were accommodated to the detriment of the citizens as can now be seen.

His cover as a liberator was a matter of camouflage for his huge deficiencies in human relations. No one actually reasoned then that if he could betray the APC that gave him ticket, especially Oshiomhole, he could betray PDP and its leaders. Today, he blame everything on Chief Dan Orbih, none on himself.

He could not set up his cabinet for a year, it was because of him. Yet his acolytes and media urchins are always on hand to peddle whatever they are given to ‘share’ and ‘forward’ in his defense with rains of excuses and torrential alibis, especially his intolerable undemocratic episodes that has brought shame to the party.

Obaseki has entered the last lame duck phase of his 8 years rule, with the masses making tentative appraisal of what will be his legacy. Few projects are being dusted up and presented as his achievements, we can also blame Chief Dan Orbih for this. I know how difficult it is to showcase what is not so there like the Water Storm Project he inherited and the Ekenwan Road that has been lingering for over 5 years.

The worsening internal security situation in Edo State and the inability for Obaseki to tackle it remain worrisome and embarrassing. He alone remains the South South governor who has refused to sign the Anti-Grazing Bill into law, rather, he went to fractanize with Buhari begging for alms.

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Assessors will tell you he betrayed his counterparts but his acolytes will rather want us to blame it blindly at Chief Dan Orbih, as usual.

The truth is, the public is not lost between what was marketed as the governor’s high points and what is emerging as the reality of his failing leadership style. His post election aura has wanned to the barest minimal and his popularity gone like a vapour.

The public is reasonably overwhelmed by his sheer hypocritical narratives which were derived from Godfatherism, today, he rants that he is the leader of the party and whoseever does not accept him would need to leave the party for him.

Apart from making Chief Dan Orbih their leader, some have gone back to idolizing Oshiomhole they helped Obaseki to defeat. They now look at Obaseki as an apostle of unfulfilled promises. The preacher about frugality and ‘I don’t want to give party leaders money meant to develop Edo State’ has now ended up being unaccountable using consultants from Lagos to deal with the poor state.

Worst still, without the interference of Chief Dan Orbih, is his public reputation in Edo State and at the national level having participated in different illegal party activities that has brought the party to disrepute and capable of divisiveness. As of today, PDP in Edo State under Obaseki is in a miserable condition. We find ourselves bitterly divided. He has sold dubious beliefs and false items into the consciousness of his willing followers that both his political failures and his inabilities to perform are from Chief Dan Orbih. He has weaponised these narratives using the minds of the gullible masses.

Today, sorry to say, Edo State is in a tragic reverse. What we are witnessing is not strong leadership but an authoritarian one which seem wrecked by the burden of lack of performance. It is the tragedy of open show of shame and incompetence that we are mostly mistaken for strength. This has nothing to do with Chief Dan Orbih at all.

Even the most ardent supporters of governor Obaseki before the election and his rationalists among us who stuck their necks out during the gubernatorial election would be searching aimlessly for what can be his legacy when the two years plus left in his tenure is over.

Comrade Engr. Lawrence John O.I.

Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta

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The Dan Osi Orbih That I Know



PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih
Dan Osi Orbih
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By Abu Abdulganiyu,  Edo.

We have recently been inundated with a lot of salacious and lecherous publications of innuendos and outright falsehoods by numerous media hirings who litter our cyberspace against Chief Dan Orbih. What those publications are meant to achieve remains in the realm of conjectures except perhaps, to arouse the sexual desires of their depraved paymasters.

Dan Orbih is many things to different People but one thing is constant, he is a great man, he is loyal to friendship, successful in every sense of the word. Above all, he is a voluminous epitome of sagacity, humility and above all a believer in building bridges of sustainable friendships.

His quiet mien is easily mistaken to be weakness. His simplicity contrast sharply with his capacity to deploy guerilla warfare in the political arena. Often Underrated at the enemy’s peril.

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For the avoidance of doubt and for the records, i have not spoken with him since i left the PDP because he would never rationalise my reason for leaving. I knew he was unhappy with me but my mind was made up.

When Obaseki started his naked dance in APC i knew his final destination will be PDP and those of us who were close to Orbih and the inner caucus of the Ogbeide-Ihama campaign Council knew we stood no chance if Obaseki eventually decided to seek refuge in the PDP.

I left because i couldn’t see myself working for such a treacherous man who humiliated everyone who labored for his first term victory. My decision was made for me. Some of us simply saw tomorrow.

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“The Dan Orbih that i know either failed to see tomorrow or was railroaded into making a grave political blunder by accepting this mistake of a man called Obaseki.”

Obaseki could never have secured the PDP Governorship ticket without the express approval of Orbih.

Those who think they can bring Orbih down in PDP must be prepared for the shock of their lives. Dan Orbih is the life wire of PDP, he is the body and soul of the party in Edo State. He has paid his dues and not new to piggy fights. He may not necessarily join you in the gutters but trust me, his strategies are effective.

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My advice to Obaseki is that for the sake of posterity, he should immediately call his dogs off the streets and call a truce. His disgrace in PDP will be worse than what he suffered in APC.

This fight is unwinnable. Either way, Obaseki loses.

Love him or hate him, Chief Dan Osi Orbih represent the immovable rock and the alter ego of PDP in Edo State.

PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih

PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih

A man has a right to make his own history. Which will it be Obaseki, a great man, who came, saw and conquered or a treacherous betrayal who is incapable of loyalty to friendship.


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