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Man Dies Barely A Week After Buying Customized Coffin



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Reports says that notable Zimbabwean socialite and millionaire, Genius Kadungure affectionately called Ginimbi who died recently in a gory car accident made specific arrangements for his personal casket before passing on.

Sources close to the family explain that the wealthy socialite bought and paid for a customized Versace coffin barely prior to his ghastly accident that claimed his life and that of three others.

The millionaire died after his Rolls-Royce Wraith crashed into three other cars on his way from a birthday party of his good friend.

He was riding with three other persons, who were burnt beyond recognition after the Rolls Royce Wraith caught fire following the impact of the crash.

Zimbabwean socialite and millionaire, Genius Kadungure affectionately called Ginimbi

Some bystanders who witnessed the accident attempted helping the occupants of the car but were only able to pull out Ginimbi before the car blew up into flames.

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Museveni Of Ugandan wins re-election For 6th Term Amid  Malpractices as alleged by Opposition leaders



Uganda’s longtime leader Yoweri Museveni
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The Uganda’s election commission said Museveni won 58.64% of the nearly 10 million ballots cast, while opposition leader Bobi Wine received 34.83% of the vote.

Uganda’s longtime leader Yoweri Museveni has been re-elected for a sixth term amid allegations of fraud and lack of transparency around the vote count.

The results follow months of campaigning that was marred by deadly violence and heavy-handed state security responses to anti-Museveni protests, as well as the arrests of civil society members.

Wine a singer-turned-politician, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi — was put under house arrest Friday and remains holed up under heavy military guard.

Wine accused the electoral commission of vote-rigging, an allegation the agency has dismissed.

Ugandans voted in the poll on Thursday amid angovernment-ordered internet shutdown.

In a speech Tuesday, Museveni confirmed his government had ordered internet providers block Facebook and other social media, accusing the platforms of “arrogance.” By morning of election day, the order was extended.

Wine had campaigned heavily on social media as some traditional outlets refused to include him in their election coverage.

The internet blackout has raised questions around the integrity of the vote count and also meant biometric machines failed to register ballots, forcing many polling stations to use manual voting and checks.

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There were reports of late delivery of voting material and insufficient material at numerous polling locations. Journalists traveling to Wine’s residence for a press conference were turned back by security forces before reaching his home. Many were also forced to leave the national election tally center, despite having accreditation.

Before casting his ballot on Thursday, Wine addressed the media and complained that the majority of his polling agents across the country had been prevented from observing the election by police. Ugandan law guarantees that every candidate is allowed representation at polling locations.

Wine reiterated his calls for the United States and European Union to hold Museveni and his government “accountable to free and fair elections,” accusing the leader of forcing the country to “carry out elections in the dark” with his internet blackout.

US Ambassador to Uganda Natalie E. Brown said in a statement Wednesday that US monitors would not observe the vote as hoped after the election commission denied 75% of the country’s accreditation requests.

The EU’s foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said the commission rejected its offer of monitors, despite having observed three elections between 2006 and 2016.

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“The excessive use of force by law enforcement and security agencies has seriously tarnished this electoral process,” Borrell added.

Dozens of people were killed in the months running up to the vote, including 45 who died in protests in November alone, after Wine was arrested for allegedly breaking Covid-19 restrictions.

Museveni, 76, who has ruled Uganda with an iron fist for 34 years, told CNN on Tuesday that he would “accept the results” if he lost.

“If I lost a fair election, I will accept the results, of course, because Uganda is not my house,” Museveni told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

“If the people of Uganda don’t want me to help them with their issues, I go and deal with my personal issues very happily,”

Wine ‘under siege’

On Friday, Wine told CNN his life was in danger as his home was taken “under siege” by the military.

Wine said his phone was blocked and his internet connection cut for some time as security forces burst into his home the day after polls opened.

Appearing on NTV, Kampala Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said Wine was not under arrest.

“We have just provided security in the area, nothing much,” he said.
Owoyesigire said state security was responding in an effort to secure Wine’s residence and protect the candidate after two individuals were seen trying to gain access to the house by jumping the fence, adding one of the individuals had been arrested.

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But a reporter for CNN near Wine’s residence on Saturday said there was still a large military presence around the compound, as well as military helicopters and drones circling above.

Wine’s lawyer, David Lewis Rubongoya, told CNN that Wine was still under house arrest.

“The military is not allowing people to go in. They are just reading whatever results that they want. This election was just rigged in such a blatant way,” he said.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni

“It is a sign of intimidation of the regime, but also they are very scared of the people. They lost this election in a very bad way. Bobi Wine is such a uniting factor, so they fear that the people might rise up, so that is why they are keeping him under a kind of house arrest. It is illegal and unconstitutional.”

He added Wine’s team were looking at all legal options to challenge the results once they are all released.

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Ghanian Pastor Claim Nigerian Vice President Will Succeeds Incumbent President In 2021



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….. VP Osinbajo Will Become Nigeria’s President In 2021 Says, Ghanaian Pastor. have reports that a founder of Ghana-based Prophetic Hill Chapel Prophet Nigel Gaisie has claimed that Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will be President in 2021.

According to him the preacher who stated this in his new year prophecy during the watch night service on Thursday. Claiming he was led by the Spirit of God to make these declarations/Prophetic utterances.

“Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will become president,” he said.

However, The cleric didn’t go deep into the process that will lead to emergence of Osinbajo as President.

The cleric also predicted trouble in the Ashanti Kingdom.

He said: “I saw darkness around the Ashanti kingdom.”

On the international scene, he said: “The world will enjoy peace, but America will have a terrorist attack.”

Gaisie said a famous preacher will die.

On Ghana Presidency, the preacher said John Mahama will “sit in the office of the President.”

His unedited prophesies as follow:

In case you missed out on my 31st night of Prophecies.

I was led by the Spirit of God to make these declarations/Prophetic utterances.

Joel 2:28

Prophecy is an inspiration from the most High upon His vessel.
If the content is negative,it can be negotiated and averted.
If the content is positive it can be delayed but with further negotiation and the Prophet, it will be emptied in to the world.


1. The world will enjoy peace but let’s pray for America and avert Tourists attack.

2. I saw darkness around the Ashanti Kingdom…In God’s time, I will reach out to them if permitted.

3. Let’s Pray for Tepa traditional area and it’s King.

4. Let’s pray for the Philippines 🇵🇭, I saw them experience the worst Tsunami ever. – I saw the sea raging and destroy parts of America, Mexico, Paris.

5. Let’s Pray for North Africa especially Morocco – I saw a group of gathering like that of a stadium and there was a disaster. – I saw the world experience serious distractions by earthquakes.

6. The lord lifted my spirit and I saw an attack on our security. Ghana should tighten their security.

7. A famous man of God will pass on to the shock of the nation. – An old father of the Christian council will pass on.

8. There will be floods and I repeat there will be floods that will take human lives and properties. Let upper East and West,Ashanti, and Greater Accra region prepare against it.

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9. The Lord lifted my spirit into Nigeria, and i saw the current Vice President His Excellency Yemi Osibajo become President.

10. GJA should sit up in prayer and with the Lord, I saw a fatal attack recorded.

11. I saw popular music artists say bye bye to Ghana -A well loved legend.
-Acircular artist -Gospel Artist. – A young upcoming but well known say bye bye to Ghana. -let’s pray for A female who brought laughter to many by story telling* -Let’s Pray for Despite Group of companies and multi media

12. I saw a creeping creature coming out from the sea of Ghana and Nigeria with its off springs crying and gnashing their teeth and on their heads, I saw “ Hard times”.

– There wil be shortage of basic commodities in GHANA Nigeria, water, food, electricity etc.

Everybody must sit up in the year 2021

13. The Lord took me to the spirit and I saw more companies fold up and the youth spring up with entrepreneurship and business ideas.

14. I saw a minister of trade who I saw the Ghana flag around his neck. He must pray against assassins and Heart attack.

-He is a good man and I will reach out to him as the Lord leads

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15. University Crisis and education.

16. I still See the Presidency as I saw inspired to say by the Spirit

17. Let’s pray for men and women of God all over the world.

18. I see a mass discovery of oil in Ghana again, and this time a bigger one.

19. The Lord lifted my spirit, and I saw Prominent people in the court of law. I saw Prominent people go to jail.

20. The lord lifted my spirit into time, and I saw a Vice President, wear the shoes of his authority but short lived

21. Sirrea Lone, a former vice president will become president again

22. Lets pray for Ivory Coast

23. I saw something happen that will bring the world to a round table again.

24. I saw fatal accidents on our major rods (Tema,Cape Cost, Kumasi and Kintampo road before 8 Jan)

25. In the year 2021, the lord said , if your are believing Him for the fruit of the womb. 2021, He is placing seeds of fertility into such women.
26.I STILL see JM at the presidency
#Hills College Of Prophecy
#Tetebea Studios
#Hill Tv.
#P.H.C….Tema Branch.

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Uganda Police Force Working To Eliminate All Forms Of Impunity, Lawlessness, Political Violence – Authority



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Uganda Police Force has announced that the recent operation which held on 30, December 2020, on the continued acts of impunity and lawlessness, during the political campaign in Kalangala, the joint task team of investigators, comprising of CCTV analysts, cybercrime, intelligence and CID experts thoroughly interviews the suspects on surveillance videos and intelligence leads.

According to the statement, A total of 90 suspects who formed part of the violent mobile teams from Kampala, were on the 30.12.2020, arrested and transferred to the Region at Greater Masaka, where statements were recorded from them, on allegations of incitement to violence, disobedience of lawful orders, inconsiderate use of the roads, and negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious disease.

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Another subsidiary group of 26 suspects from the community in Kalangala, were also questioned and their statements recorded on similar allegations.

The violent group of suspects associated to NUP, have been working falsely as a parallel but illegal government and actively involved in acts of intimidation and lawlessness across different parts of the country.

The operation therefore, was aimed at keeping all Ugandans safe and to help eliminate all continuous acts of impunity, lawlessness and political violence, during the ongoing campaigns and electoral events. A total of 6 motor vehicles, 20 motorcycles were impounded and exhibited.

The case file has been submitted to the RSA for legal guidance and probable sanctioning, while the suspects still remain in custody.

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