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Insecurity: The Gun Control Debate In Nigeria.



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By Elempe Dele

Today, in Nigeria, there are some elements that do not subscribe to the entity; they are laws onto themselves. They have a boundariless Quasi State within this country and their activities are basically illegal. These individuals and groups fall into different categories: terrorists, bandits, armed robbers, kidnappers…their activities have been busy trying to make Nigeria one of the most dangerous place in the world to live. I will not want to go into the known fact of how the tribilistic tendencies of General Buhari helped fuel this anomie, nor his broken-egg approach towards security without any single evidence of hope for the past 5 years.

“I am internalizing the issue of insecurity concerning the huge debate to whether gun possession and acquisition should be made legal (though with rigorous profiling to help control it’s proliferation) I think now is the time to push for the idea of citizens having the rights and opportunities to acquire guns because of the level of insecurity that has become a pall around the country. Of course there are debates as to whether these guns won’t be proliferated or get into wrong hands. Yes, this concern cannot be discounted totally, however, the need for citizens to own guns now outweighs the fear of the aftermath of this ownership.”

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The average Nigerian citizen who is law abiding and that cannot afford personal police protection is at the mercies of bandits, armed robbers, kidnappers and terrorists. Our highways are now chessboards for kidnappers and roadmaps to untimely deaths. The citizens look helplessly and defenceless as these opportunists hold their lives hostage. It is now a miracle in Nigeria to travel and get to destination…some even go as far as celebrating journey mercies with church thanksgiving.

My argument for gun possession is that if we are mostly in possession of legal guns, we won’t be totally rendered defenceless during these spades of attacks that has characterized the Nigerian state. Imagine in a bus while traveling, 3-7 citizens in the vehicle have their guns with them, in your neighborhood, virtually everyone has, in villages where these terrorists and bandits operate, the villagers have the kinds of guns the assiliants have, or famers have enough modern guns to wade of these Fulani killers, kidnappers and rapists…I think the security situation will be a story with different dimension. It is unthinkable that those criminals who possess these illegal guns use them against the law abiding citizens without any form of resistance. In the West were possession of gun is legal, you can’t just go to compromise someone’s house in a bid to rob him without getting shot. So this has helped in checking robbery incidents to a large extent.

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In some instances where we use vigilante groups to complement the police, they are issued mostly Dane guns as against AK47 that these criminals have. It’s like fighting a man with a gun using a cudgel.

Until we take a serious relationship look at the issuance of sophisticated guns for the personal protection of the citizens, the issue of insecurity in Nigeria will be part of our sorry story for a long while.

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Boko-Haram: Zulum Baffled Over Army’s Failure To Secure 20 Kilometers, Says It Was A Total Disservice To Nigerians



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Borno Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum on Monday visited Jakana, one of the major towns along Maiduguri-Damaturu highway, during which he expressed serious anger what has become routine attacks on travelers and villagers by Boko Haram, part of which was Friday’s abduction of over 30 travelers.

Zulum said it was disappointing that majority of the attacks within the last two years, took place between Auno and Jakana, a distance of about 20 kilometers.

“I have had occasions to defend the Nigerian military in order to boost the morale of commanders and their troops at the front lines because I know the true picture of things, however, I am really disappointed that despite all support from both the federal government and from us in Borno state, our military is failing to secure an area of 20 kilometers, which is the distance between Auno and Jakana.

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And incidentally, majority of Boko Haram’s attacks along t Maiduguri-Damaturu-Kano road, keeps happening between Auno and Jakana. So, if the military cannot secure 20 kilometers, how can they keep us with the hope they will defeat the Boko Haram?” Zulum said.

The governor also berated the army and his own state government established rapid response squad which combines well equipped policemen, vigilantes and local hunters, for lack of visibility along the Maiduguri-Damaturu road, which he thought, makes it feasible for Boko Haram to keep running their show in the same axis and on multiple occasions.

Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, Governor of Borno State

“With all you (journalists) we drove from Maiduguri to here, Jakana. We did not see soldiers on the road, we did not see even our own rapid response squad on this road and they were trained, employed, kitted and paid to protect all Nigerians within their areas of operation and these Nigerians include travelers plying this busy and important road” the governor noted.

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He recalled that this year alone, the insurgents carried out many attacks along Maiduguri-Damaturu-Kano road, including the one in February, in which over 30 persons including nursing mother and an infant were burnt to death as travelers.

Zulum however assured residents along the road that he was going to immediately hold a security meeting and hopefully come up with more measures to secure the highway.

The governor urged citizens to continually support the military by sharing information that would generate credible intelligence on the activities of insurgents.

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3 Decomposing Bodies Recovers In Kaduna Suspected To Have Been Killed By Gunmen



Spread the love reports that the Kaduna State Government said on Monday, that it has recovered three decomposing bodies suspected to have been killed by gunmen.

In a statement on Monday, Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs. Mr. Samuel Aruwan said, “the latest operational feedback from the military to the Kaduna State Government, three more corpses have been recovered during clearance operations at Ungwan Jatau Boto and Ungwan Gimba general areas of Zangon Kataf local government area.

“The decomposing bodies – estimated to have been dead for three or more days – are of citizens from the sides involved in the recent spate of violence, attacks and reprisal killings.

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“Security agencies have been informed for appropriate action. The government will disclose the identities of the decomposing bodies once they are identified.

“Furthermore, the Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency, Abubakar Hassan, alongside officials of the agency, visited displaced citizens at Zonkwa and Ungwan Idi in Zangon Kataf and Kauru local government areas.

Map of Kaduna State

“The visit was for the purpose of assessment, and to provide some relief materials to displaced citizens, in compliance with Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s directives.” The statement said

“The State Emergency Management Agency has also drawn the government’s attention to the swelling number of displaced citizens following the killing and counter-killing in the two local government areas. To this end, the issue is receiving attention for immediate intervention,” he added

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Hon. Abdullahi Sa’ad Expresses Shock Over The Killing Of Babakeke Umaisha By Bandits



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Yahaya Idris, Toto.


Hon. Ibrahim Abdullahi Sa’ad, A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Toto Local Government Area has expressed deep shocked over the killing of Mallam Adamu Ibrahim Babakeke who was killed while returning to his station after visiting his home town, Umaisha Development area.

According to Sa’ad: Innalillahi Wain’nailaihi Rajiun. It is with a heavy heart that I received the news of the death of our beloved brother and son Mallam Adamu Ibrahim Bakeke.”

“I am shocked, sad and extremely pained at the passing of this true son of the soil, who was one of the shining lights of our community and a great achiever. He is simply irreplaceable.”


“I remember with fondness the spiritual charge he gave me during my contest to be the chairman of our great local government Toto. He gave me all the moral support needed from a brother.”

Indeed, we are blessed by the opportunity to have known and associated with him.

Babakeke, left remarkable legacies with his work in the vineyard of our Land and would continue to serve as an example to many striving to be hardworking, patient and most importantly to know Allah more intimately.

“I condole with his immediate family, Maijigida foundation and the leadership of our community. Am praying that Allahu SWT, would grant us the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.”

Hon. Ibrahim Abdullahi Sa’ad

The deteriorating security in Toto LG is a source of worried as people could no longer sleep with their two eyes close, no one go to farm for fear of unknown. The youths in the area has written the state government on several occasions seeking for urgent help in order to put to rest the wanton destruction of properties and killings of innocent souls.

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The Banditry activities in Toto LG is getting out of hand therefore making the area a killing zone.

Hon. Ibrahim Abdullahi Sa’ad was a former Assembly aspirant due for Umaisha/Ugya constituency and one time Chairmanship Candidate in Toto LG.

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