Buhari Led Administration; We Are Getting There, “The Untold Story”.

Abdulkadir Bin Abdulmalik Political Analyst Kogi State, Nigeria

Since the inception of his regime, our people have suffered untold loses, Hardship, human toll and economic crisis continued to unfold with dastardly frequency.

Yet, government officials are living in luxury. The regime sees the people as objects, while it rakes the national wealth. While scandals have become commonplace, theft and plunder have become the modus operandi of the government.

Buhari’s regime has brought the people into material desperation. This has further entrenched poverty and mystery for a people whose lot has become drudgery. Their awful conditions have exposed the rottenness of the neo-colonial arrangement and its blood relative of neo-liberal globalization. As squalor and mystery are scattered across the country, so too there is a growing ferment of people’s consciousness. As their children are in rags, out of school, and they live in shanties, as hunger stalks them everywhere, as starvation wreaks havoc, they are not drawing appropriate conclusions while the incessant ASUU strike continue.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Notwithstanding such a despicable situation, has subjected the people to damnation and the most insidious of exploitations and primitive accumulations with sadistic fanaticism, have become ever more rabid in their looting of the national treasury. We have seen attacks on the living standards of the people in the form of the increased in charges on the usage of call credit and internet data, cuts in social wages and the increment in food stuffs.

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The masses are suffering from the pangs of these anti-people policy regime, as virtually everything have been butchered by inflation. Now, it is impossible to maintain a decent living standards in Nigeria, although the vast majority of the people are subjected to low living standards. But the regime doesn’t care.

Faced with this reality, the people are awakening to the fact that there is only one way for survival: the role to social revolution which would resolve the contradictions and usher in a dynamic period. Now it is clear that the question of unrelenting struggle must be placed at the heart of the agenda.


It this realisation that has pushed certain sections of the country into combat mode against the parasitic cabal, as evidenced by groups protesting daily in the country. These class battles expressed the temperature in the country. The rural masses demand a better life and  the people want dignity and justice.

Like all reactionary contraptions, trembling with fear, the regime thinks it can drown the popular process in blood. But it cannot arrest the popular wave by unleashing violence. What history has shown time and time again is that the Nigerian masses have proved capable of the task to decisive deal with challenges thrown up to them. We saw it with Jonatham. It will be no different with Buhari and his vandals.

As the struggle is on, each one would vigilantly use their talent to mobilize the people. Those who can use guitar must use it to compose battle songs for the resistance. Those who are poets must begin writing  poetry. If you are a teacher, you must use your skills to teach people about the exigency of the historical march. If you are members of the vanguard, organize, build, and teach the people while we struggle.

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This is the general attitude we must take towards the crisis. It is that which would prove effective in winning social emancipation.

Abdulkadir Bin Abdulmalik
Political Analyst
Kogi State, Nigeria

Comrades, friends, our old people, students and teachers, progressive vanguard and popular forces, we must all rise to save the fatherland or perish under the jackboot of tyranny. The hour of national redemption has struck. No matter the price the sacrifice is worth it. History has posed before us two options: the fatherland or death- the choice is clear!

Arise O Nigerians.

Abdulkadir Bin Abdulmalik
Political Analyst
Kogi State, Nigeria