Buhari”s Odious Regime.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari


Elempe Dele, Edo.

Elempe Dele

This regime forget how to respect life; they constantly live lives of false presence. Even when we see the down-turn of the economy in depression and recession from our daily experiences, they continue to give us nervous World Bank false projections.

The political big fishes always threaten to frighten down the small fishes anytime they say the truth. The Endsars protest exposed their vulnerabilities. They were beaten.

Buhari, even in his abject incompetence, would do everything to sustain himself, carrying gun and knives and cudgel to axphixaite us. But woe to these political oppressors, they are rather eating their own tomorrow. Some have had darkness covered their lives and the chains of captivity stuck around their necks. Guiltiness, like cursed stones, their failures, their lies and incompetence, is ever resting on their conscience…the Garba Shehus, Amaechis, Akpabios, Anochie…they see black continually but call it white. These are politicians with poor commissions. We are living in concrete jungles here in Nigeria; life is worth nothing… a generation almost half living on nothing, nobody cares. The country represent corruption or corruption represents the country and violence, bringing the worst out of us all.

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President Muhammadu Buhari

We are mostly trying to live our lives out, sacrificing our existence on the alter of silence and learn only how to feed our kids. For those who are better off, when they laugh, to us, it’s like they are clowns.

There are many things the politicians have forgotten: how to respect life.

“I am talking to all those who are daily caught up in the struggle; even ladies who use prostitution to hustle. The struggle continues…
If you are reading this, remember the politicians got there through your votes. We must learn these things from the beginning, not to be given to tribal affiliations through sentiments. Are these politicians not bad enough? Is it not known to us never bite the hands that feeds you? What are they doing? They empower themselves through our common misery. But all of you shall witness when they shall all fall, one day. The struggle is not over until the battle is over.”

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Tell me why we can’t be free? Can’t we be what we want to be? We want to be free from these liars who have nothing pressed on their seared consciences. Are they roadblocks hampering our way forward? They would do somethings but we shall do everything. We can’t be stopped, we must vote them out and forge ahead, taking along those who are willing. We have no love for them for they are resistors to our common good.

This is a rebel song, are we ready for the revolution?