Buhari: The Wrong Interventionist.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari


By Elempe Dele, Edo.

I can’t seem able to get out of the nagging feelings of pains that assail me each time I recall to mind the faces of some of those 43 rice farmers that were killed, necks slit, days ago in Borno State. The gruesome and gory details indicts my conscience and it brings me to heavy emotions.

It would be more than sufficient for me if our collective voice today achieve nothing more than a call on African leaders on the plight of our brothers and sisters trapped in Nigeria under the leadership of General Buhari.

I am optimistic, against all odds, that with a union of minds against this evil, an opening up of channels of interrogation to determine what necessary actions that need to be taken against this modern day evil where a sleeping man, a supposed general, pretends to be awake while his people are slaughtered during the day trying to earn their legitimate livelihood.

It would remain deeply satisfying if we shout, with human impulses, towards this savagery, rather than remain silent, in carving holes into this despicable acts of unjust killings emanating from that country known for pampering acts of terrorism. It would also be sufficient to celebrate that moment when African people would rise against those holding our brothers and sisters in death there in the North East with the aim to demolishing the scriptural doctrine of killings, the scriptures of human marketing, the atrocities that commercialize killings by religious fiats.

Reflections from us must take over this very sad moment in our history as a people as our tears shall certainly dry on their own. We must task our minds that have been disturbed of its peace with this horrifying videos coming from Borno State. We must summon occasions to begin to replace complacency with dedication. The dedication should be to excuse Buhari from power as UNFIT.

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We must provoke our minds to the direction of this recent symbolically reality that exhibit in its entirety, inhumanity. Let this arouse a need for a collective response, over and beyond mere wishes on social media. (Some are already planning protests in high commissions and embassies around the world)

As we speak, some of our sisters are still trapped with the terrorists under inhuman conditions. A project of slavery is thriving in Nigeria, with passive complexities of Mr. president; General Buhari, who mostly sleep at war.

How we humanists and writers react towards the perversion is key to unlocking this sad puzzle. I mean how we react to the Nigerian state, the rogue nation should be the anchor of our debate.

It is shameful that Africa Union, AU, has suddenly become impotent in the face of this reenactment of our colonial history of death and slave trade.

I feel deep pains in the abandonment of our people in the North East, in the hands of notorious gangs and terrorists who could wipe off over 40 people in a day trying to make food available to us all. Is there need for the Africa Union to wait for protocols before it goes to rescue its own people from Nigeria since Nigeria is now so docile? It’s people that are already sold to slavery, abused, violated, killed and certainly dehumanized.

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What exactly is AU doing in the face of this human pandemic here in Nigeria?

I find it unbelievable for actions against this act were not invoked immediately, and still not yet invoked till now. What would it take for an intervention to rescue this humanity by AU and UN from this murderous gangs and terrorists in Nigeria? Do we need mercenaries? Should we declare total war against Boko Haram?

As of today, the Africa Union has not challenged, in physical terms, the pain and shame of the continent, a pathetic inadequacy in providing rescue channels for the thousands of victims in Nigeria since General Buhari cannot do it.

What has been achieved so far is to give cold comfort through the social media to those victims that have been killed or sold as cheap as $400, some who would be used to work in farms in the hot winds with rags of shame on their backs and those girls who are sold into sex slavery.

Where is Leah Shaiubu today? The pain of a missing young girl that keeps nagging in our minds.

How do we feel? Some are being slaughtered, raped, throat slit, bodies mutilated and robbed of the last drop of dignity left in them, naked!

Yet, we shall continue to talk from Benin City to Senegal to Yaoundé to Niger…in impotence and argue from futile positions in sterility because our children are not involved directly – because General Buhari’s children who study in the UK are not involved directly. I appreciate, however, the social media campaigns and indictments by millions of people against these deaths to many, but they can’t replace the honour of physical actions against the killers or against the docile Buhari’s administration.

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African states can commence expelling Nigerian diplomats from their countries to show their collective disgust against this criminal impunity which General Buhari has allowed to prosper for too long. Let them go free their country of the swelling mutilated deaths and victims of slavery. Let these diplomats go to join the army to fight these insurgents.

This is a pain we writers cannot easily forget. Part of the writer’s mission is to testify by laying ambush for dysfunctional minds. We must lay legitimate ambush against the docility of General Buhari and his administration. We that are living today witnessing this human horrors must save something for the yet unborn to ponder about.

We must act securely to make our written words, at least, be used to mobilise our government towards taking responsibilities of protecting our people in their own lands – the disadvantaged. We shall continue to say to the world, those holding controls of directions of Nigeria, General Buhari expecially, that the future will never forget these atrocities nor shall it forgive.