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Usman Okai Austin: His Ordeals, Trials and Triumph Gallantly.



Comr. Usman Austin Okai
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The Kogi State-born political activist and member of the PDP, Austin Usman Okai is a man among men imbued with positive attitude and dedication to shape democracy in Kogi State, Nigeria and across the globe. He is an indispensable advocate of good governance. He is a no-nonsense soldier of democracy.

Comrade Okai Austin Usman has become the strongest voice of opposition today in Kogi State and a national People’s Democratic Party (PDP) youth frontier. The usual fashion and style of life Austin lives makes it clear: sitting idle is not an option particularly when democracy is indeed under threat – but we also have momentum. He opened our eyes to gory divisions, insensitivity on on the part of those at the helm of affairs, in a way many people had never seen before.

As a passionate democracy advocates, Austin resolves to use pen and paper, online blogs, (social) media to give voice to the voiceless, making heard those who cannot speak. This singular painstaking efforts forces everyone including Kogi State Government to act sometimes unknowingly, unwillingly.

The first thing Austin achieved is a credible and free flow of information between governments, and the public characterized by incessant incarcerations. First, he published a fact-based verifiable report on media which sparked circumspect argument / debate on policy options of Alhaji Yaya Bello APC led administration, secondly on the public trust in politics that democracy relies on. Kogi government at a certain point had no option but to be accountable to the electorate. Because the syndicate system mounted by Austin to have first-hand information and make it public before the appropriate authority could fathom it is a mystery yet to be unravelled.

From round table talk to town hall meetings and village square, Comrade Austin initiated regular, open and often times empathetic communications with the public to win their solidarity for what were fairly severe anti-people policy. His advocacy against man’s inhumanity to man, gory demonstration of insensitivity on the part of the government continue to inspire kogites in diaspora and at the home front democracy to serve as a strong reminder that every citizen can stand up against bad governance, ridiculous mass retrenchment under the guise of Staff Verification Exercise or screening and diversion of public fund to finance projects incapable of addressing direct primary needs of the masses.

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There comes a time in Kogi State that it became the trade mark of Alhaji Yaya Bello APC led government to clamp down on dissenting voices.

“ I wonder how many times we will have to organise protests to free people who have been arrested for speaking against this government” :

Austin Okai was first arrested in 2017 by security operatives believed to be from the Special Anti-robbery Squad, SARS. Mr. Okai was seized by the police in a Hitler Gestapo-style raid in Abuja, handed him over to the Kogi State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Afterwards, In February 2017, he was arraigned before Kogi High Court and Magistrate Court for allegedly inciting workers against the state government.

On 11 April 2017, Austin was arraigned at a Magistrate Court in Lokoja on charges of falsely accusing the government of buying cars worth $12m, bla, bla bla. His arrest was condemned by many and they took to social media to call for his release with the hashtags #FreeAustinOkai and #IStandWithAustinOkai.

The blogger was no doubt, embroiled in fierce battles with his aides, some of whom have issued open threats to him. In the words of Usman Okai Austin ” arrest me and thousands of my kinds Will spring up”. Okai is one keg out of a very big jug containing many of his likes.

On 12 April 1917, Ocho Baba Ripples Nigeria succinctly puts ;

“Usman Okai Austin is … a man with an indomitable courage, an opposition figure in the struggle for good governance and citizenship engagement not minding his modus operandi.”

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“Unfortunately, the State by their actions and inaction’s has succeeded in binding him with a cause all well-meaning Kogites are yearning for. He is now a necessary evil.”

“Love him or hate him, his mode of advocacy has been notorious on the social media with a blow by blow detail and account of every action undertaken by the leadership of Kogi State Government since inauguration in January 2016.”

On the 20 April 2017, Usman Ogbo, once wrote “… with sincere but unsolicited advice… intimidation and continuous detention of Usman Okai Austin is rather misdirected and unwarranted. This is because If a man hit his toe and fell, he should not look at where he fell, but the spot he hit his toe to know the actual object that caused the accident.”

“ Practically speaking, government should free Austin and search within … . Austin is certainly not the issue but good governance. He is paying the price on behalf of those within and outside the government who are genuinely aggrieved and not satisfied with the performance of the government so far but are afraid to speak out at least for now.

The government needs him like other critics to objectively point at errors for corrections.”

Austin was also arrested by officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) on Friday February 22nd 2019, in Lokoja, Kogi State. He was detained and held without charge.

“We want to state clearly that nothing must happen to our brother Comrade Usman. He has not committed any offence against Kogi State, against the Governor or against the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We also want to remind Governor Bello that criticising the government is not an offence against the law. He must equally remember that the actors of today can become the victims of tomorrow”, said Atoye Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution (CDNDC) and many other Civil Rights Group

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It is a big potential threat for politicians, who have military ambitions inside-out to win an election into any political office. Such a leader will not hesitate to clampdown on the likes of Okai’s outspokenness and revelation on the alleged activities of, and political shenanigans of the leader. It is also a big danger for a man or woman from military background to have political ambitions. The merging of civilian skills with military virtues does not help the likelihood of future democratic consolidation. This birthed leaders born with “murutus” impetus whose political set goal is anti-people. In fact , it ushers in inhumane leaders, turning dynamic security reforms against the masses it is expected to protect. This indeed is totally a direct assault on our democratic order. It is as a result this kind of draconian leaders hard-won democratic rights are being swept aside through threatening statements, power of incumbency, policies initiated and implemented without opposition input, elections becomes selections and incarcerations here and there. Essential freedoms are eroded talkless of an attempt to voice out 30%, 20% or non-payment of workers salaries, areas and pensioners entitlement. Nevertheless, Austin Usman Okai has come, he has seen and has conquered.

No seed ever planted in the right path with a large heart can grow in vain. On every failure , there is a seed of success. Austin is more than a conqueror because God is his defender. Austin’s recent appointment as a global citizen comes as a rude shock to his traducers. Comrade Usman Austin Okai is honoured with an appointment letter into the UN Economic and Social Council in Africa, ECOSOC. Comrade Okai was carefully selected to represent Nigeria, Africa at the frontiers of the UN council to pursue further seamless humanitarian services, that is related to economic, social, environmental issues. What a rare feat!

Comr. Usman Austin Okai

Usman Austin Okai, Kogi born Activist

Written by Attai Stephen.

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Bauchi Governor Is A Servant Leader With Foresight Who Is Always Talking About Nigeria’s Progress, Unity – Amb. Tasiu Suleiman



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Distinguish Senator Dr Bala Muhammad (Kauran Bauchi) the indefatigable Executive Governor of Bauchi State.

I bring you fundamental greetings on behalf of the entire Fulani Pastoralists Nation.

My Name is Amb Comrade Suleiman Muhammed Tasiu CNY AKA NIGERIAN CONCERNED CITIZEN.

I read with dismay the Political miscalculations and wickedness orchestrated by the Governor of Benue State especially on pointing his dagger to the FULANI Pastoralists Brothers and Sisters in his domain.

Sometimes, I wonder why the Northern Governors are not doing the needful to challenge the Governor of Benue State over his negative actions against FULANI Pastoralists?, are his Northern counterparts afraid of him or what is happening and what is the reason for their silenced?.

I have been fervently praying and wish he meet someone who will use his God given power and positions to rights his wrong.

Alhamdulillah, The Governor of Benue State have met with a true leader who truly mean well for Nigerians, who strongly Advocates, stands and believes in ONE NIGERIA.

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“I know with the recent punches he received from his Bauchi State counterpart he will be cautious anytime he want to touch us, Your Excellency Sir,with this you have successfully call him to order and reply his ill hated words to not just the Fulanis but the entire Muslim World.”

with the reality on ground Almighty Allah have answered our long time prayers and the must high have send us a GODSEND Angel from above to wipe our tears,for that we collectively say Thank you,Thank you May Almighty Allah continue to bless you with abundance rewards now,always and forever.

The Accidental Governor of Benue State has met with his Waterloo.

With the recent happenings I was compel to cross check and made some research about your humble self KAURAN BAUCHI and in my research I have come to realize that you’re not just a Political Bulldozer but an IROKO whose capacity is incomparable to any Political leader in our dear Country Nigeria.

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I have reasons which are below.

KAURAN BAUCHI is a servant leader who Focus On Getting The Job Done.

He is that person with Anticipatory Thinking capacity who Consider All Consequences Of his Behaviors Before he Act.

He is a true leader who
inspired others to raise their own bar.

He is someone who Really Care About his People.

Historically he has never lost in any battle, be it Politically and otherwise.

Despite the fact that he contested from a opposition party and with an incumbent Governor then but with the help of Almighty God he defeated his opponent one hand.

He is positively empowering people to accomplish their goals, irrespective of where somebody comes from.

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Kauran Bauchi have in differents capacity translated his vision into reality.

“I was in Bauchi State recently I have seen different road projects, some where already commission while others are under construction, I have seen thousands of housing estates projects ongoing and many more.”

Others are busy strategizing how to scale through for their 2nd term but His Excellency Governor of Bauchi State is busy reshaping and modernizing his State.


He is that leader who makes his peoples problem his number one priority.

He have the believes that Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.


Sincerely Yours.
Amb Comrade Suleiman Muhammed Tasiu CNY.

National Publicity Secretary.

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Fulani Sociocultural Association of Nigeria.

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2023: Gov Bello, Master Key To A Padlocked Nation



Gov Yahaya Bello
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By A. M Danjumah, Kogi

Competence, they say, should be the criteria for choosing a leader. It is the very right thing to do if truly the human nations, especially the black race of Africa, particularly Nigeria, truly want to record its deserving progress in the area of growth and development that matches the age it has recorded since independence.

Nigeria, our country, needs to be delivered of the pregnancy of tribalism, religiosity, bitter politicking, corruption, nepotism and unemployment that the country was impregnated with by the unruly approach to leadership of some of our past heroes who are supposed to lead us aright but were so focused on pursing selfish interest and diverted meaningful attention to superiority contest.

The present government of Muhammadu Buhari resumed with the intention of being a crusader of positive change to make the country an attractive home for its citizens to stay and also attract foreign investors to come-in and invest, thereby boosting the economy of the country, but despite all the beautiful ideas, only few were worked on to reality. Many were dead on arrival.

If Buhari was to be of a younger age compared to his age of the present, he would have been the best leader that ever emerged in Nigeria but those who are “worm” in disguise parading themselves as saints in the country are unfortunately the cabals around the president and, are taking advantage of his old age to upturn all the good efforts and policies of the president which is the very reason the country is still in mess today.

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For the love of wealth and dirty political calculations, those who are suppose to be the management of our securities turns out to be the flame inducers of insecurity in the country hiding under cover and still join the public to condemn what they know conciously they are the sponsors.

It’s not a lie that rumor is defined as “half truth, half-lie told”. In most cases, some indictments if truly investigated have elements of truth. No insurgence or bandit can survive in any country without betrayal, support of some insiders in same government for what ever reason best known to them. If you ask me, I will say that information and finance are the strongest weapon of the bandits not the arms they are carrying in itself.

If no one is feeding them with secrete plans of the government, information about their target villages and same time supporting them with cash, they would not have been able to carry out any successful operation talk more of buying more and latest weapons.

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Sentiments put aside, what Nigeria as a country need now is aggressive approach to curb all existing social problems and boost the economy to attract speedy progress. And, who Nigeria need now to have the rights put in place is a young, agile, dogged, intelligent and a problem solver as Yahaya Bello of Kogi State who has been tested and trusted via his leadership antecedents as majorly practicalized in his State (Kogi), convincingly showcased in various national assignment he was privileged to be appointed to handle and the decision he has made and the proactive measures put in place during time of national and world wide crises that even the world powers could not intelligently contain as Yahaya Bello did proactively in his state to prevent recording any casualty.

Yes, various interest groups and international organization are calling on him to save the country out of the crises that all the institutions are faced with currently, be it educational institution, security institution, economic institution, political institution, health institution, even marriage institution is not an exception considering the high rate of divorce that has become the order of the day. According to the structural functionalists, which is very true, in as much as what affects one institution touches the other, all the institutions need to be adequately attended to by any government whose aim is to achieve for his country, an all-round success. The good people of Kogi state can boldly attest that in the time of this present government of Yahaya Bello, all the aforementioned institutions have gotten a commendable attention that has so far put the state at speedy pace of all-round development.

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I want to join the progressives to appeal to Yahaya Bello to please listen to the yearning of the masses. There are several others but the country in pain has a collective resolve to have the young, able and capable as the next president and you stand out twice as tall in the assessment scale which makes you the fittest to be objectively invited to take the bold decision of accepting to contest as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. Just say yes and leave the rest for Almighty Allah and the Nigerians who have invited you into the contest.

Gov Yahaya Bello

Gov Yahaya Bello

In conclusion, In as much as votes count and you are well known to be an embracer of free and fair election, the voting strength of the progressives amongst the masses will surely see you to victory. In you, Yahaya Bello, is the master key to to unlock our country Nigeria that has been padlocked of its due progress.

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My Encounter With Ohi Otenyete of Ebiraland, Alh. Isa Ozi Salami



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“The world could have been great if only good people are made more useful”. I must say that Ohi-Otenyete of Ebiraland, Alh. Isa Ozi Salami is an open-minded person, and a legend with the Capital letter “L”.

Personally, I have had many encounters with powerful, experienced, and knowledgeable people in my journey of life, but I have chosen to write about my first encounter with the Ohi-Otenyete of Ebiraland because I consider it as a rare privilege to have words with such an experienced, knowledgeable, Influential, and concerned father like him.

It will interest you to know that, Alh. Isa Ozi Salami is one of the prominent Ebira Sons who have made personal sacrifices for the growth of Ebira Land, Kogi State, and Nigeria at large.

Alh. Isa Ozi has traveled far and wide and his major concern is the progress of his land, and he’s a vibrant man who so much believes he is indebted to his hometown (Adavi), and as such, that impression should be what will guide his actions, always.

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From my encounter with Alh. Isa Ozi Salami, I have learned that;

– When someone says to you that you are doing great, he’s cautioning you to maintain your standard and don’t relent your efforts,

– To leave a good legacy in whichever position you occupy.

– Good name can take you to many positions and breakthroughs.

– If one is destined for a particular course, it will definitely come to pass because no one can change it.

– Tolerance and patience are the keys to effective leadership. Leaders must learn to tolerate and be patient with their followers for societal growth and development.

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– Make life comfortable for the people you represent, because the happiness of mankind is the happiness of God

– Be accessible especially when you become a political office holder/public servant.

Indeed!, alot was learned and if I will talk about all that was learnt, I will have to write a storybook, Yes!, I will have to write a book about my first encounter with Ohi-Otenyiete of Ebiraland.

To my surprise, the prominent leader acknowledged my passion and professionalism in updating the public about governance and administration. He said and I quote; “Chairman, your Media Aide is doing an excellent job. Please, Habeeb, I know you are wondering how I got to know you, don’t be surprised, you are loved, cherished, and known than your imagination, whoever appreciates good work will always appreciate you because you are too good at what you do. You give reports to those of us outside the four walls of governance the way we should understand it, at the end of every of your report, it seems to me as if I was present at the event. Please, don’t stop, keep doing it politely, I can confidently assure you that your passion will take you to places”. I almost shed tears when I realize that, the legend I fan and look up to, also fan me.

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From his experience and words of wisdom, I have concluded that, Alh. Isa Ozi Salami has made lots of impact on humanity, standing on the path of truth and highly principled with the interest of the masses at heart.

May God Almighty continue to protect, bless, and grant Alh. Isa Ozi Salami good health, Ameen.

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