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Yahaya Bello And Edward Onoja; The Uncommon Bond- Part 2



L-R: Kogi State Deputy Governor, Chief David Edward Onoja and Governor Yahaya Bello
Yahaya Bello And Edward Onoja; The Uncommon Bond- Part 2
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Yahaya Bello And Edward Onoja; The Uncommon Bond- Part 2

By Matthew James Avabee ( Mr Spreading)

Dr CEDO is foresighted, resourceful, energetic, passionate and loyal to his Boss to the core, he’s invariably humble and purpose driven with the Love of Kogites and by implication, Nigeria at heart., he has over the years, gone ahead to build a huge network of friends, allies and contemporaries in politics and business across the three senatorial district of the state and the country at large.

These networks cuts across all shades, tribes and religions.

It is relatively very difficult to find a political figure at his age and time as unwholesomely encompassing as he is.

In the history of Kogi State and to a reasonable extent Nigeria at large, The GYB/CEDO administration has been about the most accessible State government in no small way.

Words on the streets and all over presents the Duo as evidently *Street Credible* as they interact with their own at every means possible especially on Social Media.

Dr CEDO is said to belong to quite a number WhatsApp groups of Kogi origin where he actively interacts with his people at all levels.

This could be the reason why they are well informed on the happenings and needs of the people all and around.

Dr CEDO has also had his fair share of negative publicity targeted at his personality or wellbeing.

Notably among them is in April, 2018, when he was falsely reported to have been involved in a ghastly motor accident with his family.

This spread like wildfire on various media outlets and left people close to him wondering how far detractors would go to dent his image.

Chief Dr Edward David Onoja is highly religious and spiritually inclined and belongs to the Priestly, Kingly and Holy Order of the Melchizedek Brotherhood whose highest believe is Love and upholds the Word as the their weapon and their defense is – Jesus.

The Order is a group of Universal Intelligences, under the Directives of The Divine Creator, Who administer the “Gifts of Shekinah,” (the gifts of God which sanctify the molecular form of the inner universe by the Holy Spirit), affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of existence.

Their doctrine simply exemplifies living life in all its aspects, of happiness and sadness, trials and tribulations, disease and good health, with no judgments and no criticisms.

Members uphold Truth, Integrity and Unconditional Love for humanity, the planet Earth and the Universe as the supporting foundations from which they believe the structure and development of lives here on Earth is built.

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While still in the banking sector, Dr CEDO put his managerial and entrepreneurial skills to work by  setting up a Barber’s shop which he grew over the years from just one outlet to quite a number of outlets.

This establishment also employed and groomed quite a number of youths from then till now.

L-R: Kogi State Deputy Governor, Chief David Edward Onoja and Governor Yahaya Bello

L-R: Kogi State Deputy Governor, Chief David Edward Onoja and Governor Yahaya Bello

He has in more ways than usual encouraged youths to embrace entrepreneurship as an alternative to the non-existing collar jobs and by implication create jobs for the upcoming younger ones.

Dr CEDO has achieved a lot within his professional and political career and is always ready to lend a helping hand where ever necessary.

Countless testimonies of goodwill attributed to his large heart abounds within and outside the state.

In July 2020, Dr CEDO went ahead to reward the academicProwess of an Okun/Kogi born First Class graduate of the Igbinedion University, Okada.

He helped offset his accrued fees which hindered him from being awarded his certificate since graduating in 2018.

Mr  Babatunde Samuel Aina was also awarded a scholarship up to Masters Level.

Dr CEDO facilitated the increase of the monetary value of the scholarship awards to first class graduates of Kogi East extraction from #70,000 to a whooping #500,000.

He insists this is a way to build a better Kogi State as this will help encourage others to strive towards higher grounds.

This increased grant has benefitted Tens of first class graduates of Igala extraction.

In February, 2021, the GYB/CEDO EBIGO foundation rolled out arrangements to train and set up about thirty Kogi Youths from the three senatorial districts with N1m start up grant.

By the following month, a whooping sum of 10 million naira was disbursed to the first set of recipients.

Earlier this year, he announced his intentions to reward diligent and hardworking Kogites contributing to the progress of the state in one way or the other with car gifts by April, 2021. A promise he kept in record time. Since the inception of their administration, over two hundred car gifts have been given out by the GYB CEDO team to well deserving citizens of the State to help encourage hard work and dedication and the progress of the State.

Chief Dr Edward Onoja, Through GYB/CEDO Ebigo Foundation has commissioned Several Potable water for communities in Ogugu District in Olamaboro Local Government Area and other Parts of Kogi East over the years.

On religious infrastructure intervention, the Deputy Governor also galvanized the strength of his network to see to the completion of the Okpo Central Mosque in Olamaboro Local Government Area. The United Evangelical Church Odo Eto also recieved the same gesture and Donate Pastoral house to UEC in ogugu just last year.

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At Anyigba, Dr CEDO galvanized friends, associates, political colleagues, legislators and well meaning Kogites, in addition, His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello who contributed immensely to the rebuilding, remodeling and expansion of the 1000 capacity Igala Unity House, with topping of 11 Room Guests Lodge.

In the same mien, the Ogugu Town Hall building foundation has been laid.

He has also completed all necessary plans to drive the support and funding for the construction of two ultra modern Guest Houses for the Attah of Igala, HRM, Dr. Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II, at Ankpa and Anyigba respectively.

The aged and vulnerable are not left out, within the time of their Administration, five Houses have been built for senior citizens who had no roofs over their heads.

These he has done with the support of his boss for his people comfortably in Kogi East.

His stories of kind gestures and kindheartedness are almost endless and hasn’t gone unnoticed as this has earned him numerous awards and recognition.

In March, 2017, Dr CEDO was awarded the Best Male Political Office Holder by the Nigerian Christian Youths Political Platform (NICHYPP).

By October, 2017, he was honoured by the University of Jos Alumni Association (UJAA) in the category of Worthy Ambassador an award he received alongside other notable personalities like the then Vice Chancellor of Federal University, Lokoja, Professor Angela Freeman Miri , the then Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Senators, Governors, , Deputy Governors etc

The National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOYO) in Kogi East conferred an award of excellence on Dr CEDO and his Boss, Governor Yahaya Bello in April, 2019 for their humanitarian Services.

In September, 2019, the Igala Cultural  and Development Association (ICDA), a social-cultural group conferred a Merit Award of Commander of Igala Kingdom (CIK) on him as a result of  his meritorious service to humanity and Igalaland and Kogi State as a whole.

In October, 2019, he was coronated Olimene Atah Igala, by the then Attah of Igalaland, HRM Michael Ameh Oboni as a recognition of his selfless service to humanity that should be emulated by politicians who desire to be loved, respected and remembered by their people.

In December, 2019, he was awarded “Kogi Hero” at the prestigious Kogi Social Media Award, the award was in recognition of his immense contributions and his proper usage of the media sphere to impact positively on the lives of Kogi citizens.

In February, 2021, he was honored with Award for Doctor of International Affairs (DIA) an award which accorded him the title “Doctor”.

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The Kogi State Governor, Governor Yahaya Bello was also conferred with an award of Distinguished Administrative Diplomat (DAD).

The Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Prince Mathew Kolawole was also a recipient of the honorary degree amongst other recipients.

The awards/honours were conferred at the One Decade Convocation, Awards and Honours Conference of the African Theological Education Network, Nigeria, affiliated to the Vision International University, U.S.A and Bircham Int’l University, Spain.

In March, 2021 at the National Merit Awards at the Merit house at the 2021 People’s Security Monitor Annual Conference and Recognition Awards which was a cross-section of A-list crème-de-la-creme of the society and a collection of high profile public servants, Dr CEDO bagged the Most Outstanding and Loyal Deputy Governor of the a year for Good Governance award while Governor Yahaya Bello was awarded the Best Governor of the Year.

Chief Dr Edward David Onoja is a creative thinker and a great lover of constructive politics with a passion for children and traveling which has accorded him the privilege of traveling in and out of five continents of the world.
He is an unrepentant lover of reading.

His library is a rich blend of motivational, leadership, inspirational and spiritual books which happens to be one of his most treasured assets.

He has timelessly made efforts to encourage reading habits in everyone around him by gifting them books which he intends to add value to them.

His love for education is definitely unalloyed as he disclosed he had enrolled for a master’s degree at the Federal University, Lokoja.

He also disclosed this via his social media handles, that he had already started classes as at March, 2020.

He stressed his decision to go back to school was informed by the world’s need for “experts to keep up with the multifaceted conflicts”.
He is enrolled for a Masters Degree in Conflict and Peace Studies (MCPS), for the 2020 set and expressed hopes to bag a doctor of philosophy (PhD) by 2023.

Dr CEDO is a great believer in the possibility of a New Nigeria unified beyond sentiments and flowing with milk and honey and has expressed this realization of this dream as a brain child of the Youths resolve to take the helm of affairs and build the Nigeria of our dreams.

He is a key promoter of The Governor Yahaya Bello Presidential drive.

He is the convener of the CEDO 4 GYB2PYB, a campaign structure which comprises of purpose political youngsters across the country with the grand foresight of making 2023 a year of youthful political revelations and a successful presidential outing for Governor Yahaya Bello.

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Can Poverty Reduced In The Midst Of Skyrocketing Price achieve?



Abba Dukawa, a public commentator and writer from Kano State
Can Poverty Reduced In The Midst Of Skyrocketing Price achieve?
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Can Poverty Reduced In The Midst Of Skyrocketing Price achieve?

During Democracy Day National Address to the Nation by President Buhari claimed his administration has lifted 10m out of poverty in the two last years. Barely days after president’s claimed, World Bank reports stated rising prices in the country have pushed an estimated 7 million Nigerians below the poverty line in 2020 alone.

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

About 100 million Nigerians, or half the population, live on less than $1(N500) per day, unemployment rate has rising to 32.5 and also Nigeria had overtaken India as the country with the largest number of people living in extreme poverty.

Everyday Nigerians lamented rising cost of living as food prices soar at 12.56%. With all sense of highest esteem to Mr President, the level of poverty in the country is unspeakable talk less of lifted –farmers, Small-scale Traders, artisans, market women and other people out of poverty.

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According to the reports released by National Statistic Bureau the rise in the food index was broad based, caused by increases in prices of bread, egg, beans, rice, yam, Fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Nigerians never expects such kind hardship as country’s inflation rate rose further in June 2020 to 12.56% (Year-on-Year), 0.16% points higher than the rate recorded in May 2020 (12.4%) as country’s inflation rate rose further each passing day. In reality Food inflation across the federation is worse than official Bureau figures show.

Enough of Polarization of the Local Security Outfits – Abba Dukawa

Nigerians are languishing in extreme poverty battling with daily survival became uphill challenge due to unprecedented hardships peoples going through in the country reaching highest since in the late 80s.

For the administration to reduce the level of poverty in the country federal government should focus on three Policy Priorities which include: “Reduce Inflation by Implementing Policies That Support Macroeconomic Stability, Inclusive Growth, And Job Creation; Protect poor households from the impacts of inflation; Facilitate access to financing for small and medium enterprises in key sectors to mitigate the effects of inflation and accelerate the recovery. World Bank advice

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It will be highest injustice for anybody not to acknowledge many PMB’s programs to alleviate economic hardship to Nigerians but targets citizens are not much benefits. Reviving Nation’s Economy which is the one of the three cardinal promises PMB made before the electorates remain Herculean tasks.

Nigerians are worrying each passing day over the increasing debt burden reached unprecedented level as it increased by N191 billion in the first quarter of this year, representing a 0.58 percent increase from N32.916 trillion as of December 31, 2020.

Lack of clear economic policies scare Foreign Investment coupling with weak Naira while the country slum into recession twice while financial and economic policies of the administration do not favor the masses that spent hours under the sun to vote the administration

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To be honest adminstration Poverty Reduction efforts will only remain inclusive due to the level of soar Inflation, unemployment rate, high rate of money landing and other factors.

Abba Dukawa, a public commentator and writer from Kano State

Abba Dukawa, a public commentator and writer from Kano State

Those entrusts with public offices may not necessarily remain honest to tells truth to the leaders on the true situation on the ground. One may go to market stalls to listen peoples conversation even without listening them one may see the anger in their faces.

For sake of history and the country to judge the administration fairly, let captain of the ship regain his past hard earning status of being a strong and No Non Sense General, Let him do any things to prevent the worst happening in remaining two years of the administration.

Dukawa Write In From Kano And Can Be Reached At abbahydukawa@gmail com

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021 | What We Must Do



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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021 | What We Must Do

Old age is a blessing that our faith recognizes and extols. Sadly, for many people, old age is a dread due to certain socio-cultural and economic reasons. According to the United Nations, elder abuse is a global human rights issue which affects the health of millions of older persons around the world.

Hajia Ramatu Tijani Aliyu’s Appreciation Message
The incidence of abuse towards older people, according to the UN, is predicted to increase as many countries are experiencing rapidly ageing populations. Even though Nigeria’s population is increasingly youthful, an estimated 1.2 billion (by 2025) global population of persons aged 60 years and older, compels us to brace up for a moral showdown in my view.


At Onyejeocha Foundation, care for the widows and the elderly is a key component of our activities.

Having older people around us is a blessing that cannot be quantified. The fact is that our elders make huge contributions to our world. They ought to be given due recognition and care.

It is therefore pertinent for all of us to work together to improve the living conditions of older persons while we yet have them with us.


The UN General Assembly proclaimed this Day in its 2012 resolution A/RES/66/127.

Hon (Barr) Nkeiruka Onyejeocha
Deputy Chief Whip
House of Representatives

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As a socio-political movement, Afenifere For Collective Transformation led by the Director General, Prince Tolu Ajayi has been following the ongoing Public Hearing on Constitution Review across the Country so far with our focus on the southwest.

No submission has caught our attention like the submission from the Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu whom was represented by his Deputy, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa among other brilliant submissions, calling for the scraping of the senate which has been the call by many groups in the Country as well.

The senate in recent time has become the retirement home for many Governors who believed that the Nigeria state must continue to take care of their well-being and that of their families for the rest of their lives despite the the huge pension packages many of them allocates to themselves with the collaboration of their State Assemblies.

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Today, many senators in the senate are collecting huge pension on monthly basis and still collecting salaries and allowances as senators, yet common Nigerians that voted them into power go to bed each day on empty stomach especially in this economic hardship caused as a result of Covid 19 pandemic, banditry which has caused many farmers to abandoned their homes and farms and lots of unfavourable economic policies.

According to the Governor, “the membership of the Assembly should be part time. No member should earn allowances not known to the Revenue Mobilisation and Allocation Committee and the people they claim to serve”

“Legislators should earn under a uniform salary structure. Allowance peculiarities must not be about obscenity. The Senate should be scrapped”

“The House of Representatives too should not be unwieldy. A maximum of four representatives should come from each Zone,”

“Ministries, departments and agencies must be pruned to reflect the socio-economic realities of the moment”

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“The government at the centre must divest itself of this self-inflicted heavy burden, for effective and impactful performance”

He later called for State police, resource control, judicial reforms, especially with zones having their court of appeals.

Akeredolu concluded by a return to the 1963 Republican Constitution, saying, “We would have resolved many fundamental issues of nationhood with the adoption”

For us, the above submission by Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu shows clearly that he’s not in anyway eyeing the senate upon completion of his tenure.

He has demonstrated a rare breed of leadership quality that an average Nigerian is unknown for.

He has demonstrated true patriotism against power hunger which has become the second nature of many of our leaders and politicians.

In view of this, Afenifere For Collective Transformation ACT, salute the courage, patriotism and kind-hearted nature of the Governor which is rare among his contemporaries.

We hereby declare our support for the submission and position of the governor regarding the constitution review and wish Nigeria could be blessed with many leaders of his kind.

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Finally, we throw our weight behind the Governor and call on our Senators to display the same level of patriotism exhibited by Governor Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu by adopting the submissions of the Governor even though it would definitely have a negative effect on them as their present offices would be threatened.

We implore them to see this as a necessary sacrifice towards giving Nigerians a Country our generation and generations to come can be proud of.

We believe posterity would be kind to this 9th senate if this could be done.

They should just for once do this as a means of selfless service to the people and the Country at large.



Prince Tolu Ajayi,
DG Afenifere For Collective Transformation ACT.

Comrade Salami Taiwo Ramon,
Chief Press Secretary to the DG.

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