2023: Nigerians urged to blamed blindfolded followers of G5 Governors over fruitless quest

The G5 Governors: Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu.
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It is no longer news that the so-called G-Governors has made themselves talk of the day in the country more especially as it has to do with the upcoming presidential election.

It is really unfortunate and I do not blame the governors who claim to be G5 but I blame their followers.

In spite of the economic challenges we are all facing today, the G5 governors think that Nigeria is not good enough today for them to hold their meeting, when we have the highest unemployment rate, when we have armies of unemployed graduates roaming the street, and we have a Governor such as Nyesom Wike who does not have any idea about DEMOCRACY, a Governor who is a civilian dictator, who I rather describe as an authoritarian.

Nyesom Wike is using people’s money questionably, let me remind Governor Wike and the entire G5 that it is a “Poetic justice” when you use people’s money to fight them, it is indeed a sad moment for me as a person and I also know that majority of Nigerians share my views with them and it is a sad moment for every well meaning Nigerian.

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I think we should all wake up and remind these people that were elected on WHY THEY WERE ELECTED.

I do not blame the Governors who were elected, I do blame the electorates who are electing these people, who take them for granted, who spend their common patrimony without even thinking twice.

If these people were in Canada where I have lived for 35 years they would have been doing life imprisonment, I hope and pray that we will never have this again in our lives.

This is not democracy, this is demonstration of madness, how can anybody use our money to enslave us. Today I have this quote and it goes this way “IT IS ONLY A SLAVE THAT WILL WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO FREE HIM”, we must therefore free ourselves from this mental enslavement.

Governor Wike is not the owner of Rivers State, the rest Governors are not the owners of their states either. This money is a common patrimony for all Nigeria Citizens, it is a disservice to what they are doing to their state and by extension to Nigeria and I am ashamed of Wike and the entire G5 governors.

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These people presently are worse than the military, I have always thought in my life that “the worst civilian government is better than military rule” but no, I was wrong, these people are dictators, they are corrupt, they will never be remembered for any good for the disservice to our country.

Let’s remember if they have lodged in a hotel in Nigeria the owner (Nigerian) of the hotel will benefit because the G5 governors will certainly pay their bills, and if they feed too the people around there will also benefit but they took our money to London when the exchange rate is almost ₦800 to a dollar!

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Remember they always have one vote. Let us all get our PVC and at least vote for those who are ready and agile to work, it doesn’t matter what political parties they belong to. Look at their manifesto, Look at what they stand for and let us unite together and vote for the right person.

I remain Chief Dr. Patrick Osagie Eholor President One Love Foundation.

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