2023: Onolememen’s PDP Secretariat Visitation: The Imperatives

Dr Mike Onolememen CON
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By Elempe Dele, Edo.

To me, it was a highly calculated political hat trick if not more for Dr Mike Onolememen CON, the Adolor of Uromi, the foremost Senatorial candidate of the Edo Central Senatorial District, popularly known as Esanland, on his visit to the PDP Secretariat in Edo State yesterday where he was heartily received by the state chairman, Dr Anthony Aziegbemi, among others.

The visitation was not only timely, it was also a mission statement to other fringe contenders for the same seat that their prospects of even coming distance away from him during the primaries is very remote. These other candidates have been sent strong messages from the visitation that their aspirations must either be abandoned or put on hold to avoid the fragments of defeat and humiliation during the primaries that has shown its obvious result before hand. The visitation represents a radical stance by leaders of the party on where the delegates must focus their attention on. Leaders spoke passionately, lovingly and graciously about the political stewardship of Dr Mike Onolememen CON which the public was never aware of. They told the public how in times of need, he had come to the aid of the Party in Edo State. And they wish his going to the Senate, depending on his known capacity, will help to sustain and broaden his core commitment towards the party and Esanland. It was as if he was being bid farewell already in an inauguration to go and act in the red chambers.

According to Dr. Aziegbemi, “When I was mandated to chair that committee, I looked up, looked down and looked ahead, he(Onolememen) was the obvious choice. And when I told him and he told me don’t worry, I will handle all the finances. And this was major financing. So somebody who could do that then, what do you think he would do when he gets to the National Assembly?” This rhetorical question does not beg for answer, the answer is embedded in it.

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The kind of love and validation shown Dr Mike Onolememen CON is an eye-opener for those who want to learn in politics. When you have the opportunity to help, do so, it will come back to you. Dr Mike Onolememen has the kind of love that builds communities of people. He is an uncommon philanthropist that makes no drumming noise. He provides services and those who are witnesses testify to it. His instinctive good deeds are the vehicles for his mission to the Senate. His idea is that people should be able to see human reflections in whatever one does. He feels commitment should lie at the heart of who we are and what we are about.

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According to Bishop  Okosun, the Edo Central Senatorial Vice Chairman, Onolememen has paid his dues for the PDP, urging party members to rally round him ahead of the 2023 election.

“We have seen a beautiful bride, beautiful bride in the sense that I was a state treasure of this party when he was minister and I know what he did. Mr. Chairman, when he was a minister, when we had no governor and he was in this party…You know we worked for some people currently in the National Assembly, today they don’t know the secretariat office of the Party.

“We know Chief Dr  Arch  Mike Onolememen very well  he is a party man,” Okosun stated.

“Mr. chairman, we are aware of the man seated here. When he was minister, Benin-Ore road became a different thing, Benin-Okene road was awarded. Iruah, Uromi up to Abraka road was awarded. The project is ongoing but we have people who are currently docile who don’t see the need to have the projects completed.

“Sir, I am sure with the man sitted here, all we want you to do is to give us go ahead and start the campaign and get him elected,” he added

The encomium poured on Dr Mike Onolememen CON during the visitation comes with enormous responsibilities. He will be required to reach out to his people regardless their political persuasions because he is generally loved. He must accommodate everyone going forward regardless their relationship with him or their position within the social, economic and political spectrum. He must make conscious efforts towards expansiveness and politics of inclusiveness because he is a man of the people without any visible rival.

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