Tinubu means to fight corruption not political Rhetoric

President Ahmed Tinubu

Tinubu means to fight corruption not political Rhetoric


By Abba Dukawa


In general, fighting corruption is an ideal that is difficult to achieve in its totality. Over four decades fighting corruption in nigeria remain mare political rhetoric which only targets perceive enemies of the administration in power.

To achieve objective fight it’s require eveready and well-intentioned leader that bring his ideas, experiences and preferences to the policy making table.

Administration after administration claimed it will not condone any act of breach of public trust but both failed to put a desirable commitment in a just and total fighting against corruption.

The selective approach in fighting the cancer stop government’s efforts in wooing Direct Foreign Investor confidence it’s has sought for long.

One person that have been pontificate himself to fight corruption was the former president Buhari but the corruption thrives to unimaginable thinking of Nigerians. Throughout of his heartless and inhumane eight years in power Nigerians are irritated with slow pace of progress and the selective nature of the fighting corruption.


It’s was during Buhari regime, a court of competent jurisdiction fined a South African Nigeria base Telecommunication giant MTN to pay Billion of dollars to the government, but some invisible cabal did what they felt was best for themselves leaving Nigerians in the lurch.

There was a scandal of $25billion contract involve NNPC without acting president input professor Yomi. Then Buhari was in a sick bed in faraway London but when the issues leaked to press, he categorically claimed was aware of the issues while at that time was in critical condition.

There was contract awarded running several hundred million of naira to suspected companies linked to former SGF who was accused of corruptly benefited from contracts. also Grass Cutting Scandal and diversion of several trucks of food for IDPs in the ravaged North-East.

Baba Buhari jumped out and made himself the unofficial lawyer for then Secretary to the Government of Federation and even cleared him of any wrongdoing.

There was demoralizing and shameful scandal which rocked National Intelligent Agency’s safekeeping money apartment; where EFCC discovered more than $43 million in cash in the said NIA safekeeping home.

In respects of political affiliation, Nigerians welcome the Tinubu’s administration stand to dealt with any issues bordering corruption.

Against all the odd the administration starts on good note and the poor Nigerians don’t want to re-witnesses sort of selective approach to the prosecution and persecution of former officials that have embezzled public funds such selective herbicide would amount to being clever by half, and condoning corruption.

No one is going to believe the government, if only two officials of the previous government Emefile and Sadiya Faruk are being investigated while other powerful officials and cabal are going scot free.

Prosecuting Emefile is a good move in getting to the bottom of the sleaze that went on in the last administration. Inviting Sadiya for questioning over the alleged 37 billion naira is good for the fight against corruption. She can explain herself and defend whatever allegations are brought against her.

The poor citizens will not forgive the present administration if it’s not brought the perpetrators of the most heinous looting of public funds ever happens in the history of Nigeria under the watchful eyes of saint PMB’s administration.

Seven months into Tinubu’s administration, like any other previous administration in Nigeria. There are allegations of massive corruption levelled against some of the President’s appointees but Tinubu’s administration proved committed to fight corruption and endocrine good governance.

Within the week President Bola Tinubu has sacked Director-General, Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE). CEO, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), CEO Social Investment Programme, Haj. Halima Shehu and and suspended Dr. Betta Edu a poster Humanitarian minster.

The removal of Dr. Edu send a strong signal to other ministers in cabinet that their principal would not tolerate corruption. Mr President acted decisively to dealt with issues of corruption from his appointees.

With recent act of commitment from the administration no individuals or an appointing of the administration that will be allow milking the meagre resources of a battered economy will go free scot and they must be brought to book


President Tinubu making right decision for not condoning any allegations of corruption and breach of trust this can send a proper message that those that were fingered to be corrupt would be punished according to the dictates of nation’s laws. In respects of party affiliation Mr president stand on corruption has put much needed citizens’ confidence.

The president needs to look deep and flush out those involved in mismanaging the funds meant for humanitarian assistance or any other projects which has the direct bearing to the citizens. Don’t think what the minister did was an isolated case. I don’t think she acted alone.

Mr president should be commended this is something Nigerians should commend. What President Tinubu has done is very timely and a welcome development. It will allow the relevant agencies to conduct a proper investigation.

This prove that he is a leader who is in charge, and acted swiftly not as some ruler in the same position as Tinubu would not have acted.

I am hopeful that the president will continue take more decisive actions in the future.

As such decision would restore Nigerians’ confidence in his government and they would begin to take his administration seriously. First of it kind the president displays high degree of commitment in fighting yesterday’s corruption, and to put a stop to today’s thievery.

Let not forget;

Mr president should not stop there. There is an emerging political cartel within the corridors of power. The president must act swiftly and dismantle the cartel. To avoid letting this cartel to grow a wings like those of cabal in Buhari regime as they did what they felt was best for themselves leaving Nigerians in the lurch. If Mr president not curtailed, the emerging cabal they could destabilise his administration.

Dukawa wrote from Kano can be reach at abbahydukawa@gmail.com text only 0807-570-4500

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