NECO sets for promotional exams amidst rising insecurity


NECO sets for promotional exams amidst rising insecurity

The National Examination Council, NECO, has directed all staff eligible for promotion to head to Minna, Niger State, for their 2024 promotional exams despite rising security concerns.

The memo, dated 9 January and signed by the Director of Human Resources, indicated that eligible staff members are to cover their transport, feeding and accommodation expenses throughout the period of the exercise.

The exercise, which is scheduled for three days in February, would have people travel down from every part of the country to participate.

“Staff would be expected to bear the cost of their transportation and accommodation,” the memo read in parts. Previously, the exercise was conducted in different zones around the country, which afforded them ease during the process.

However, some citizens have shown concerns over the new development, citing insecurity as a major concern and urging the examination body to reconsider the decision to move the exam centre to Minna. One @UkomahM on X said, “With the raging insecurity, NECO has asked all its staff to come down to Minna, Niger State, to write promotional exams from 36 states and the FCT.

“All the staff will foot their allowance, transportation, medication, accommodation, and any expenses that will be incurred with no support from NECO for three days or more.

In 2020/2021, the exams was zonal thereby affording ease for people. Why bring thousands of people to one state considering the difficulty of travelling from Rivers, Borno, Taraba, Lagos to Niger State?” he inquired.Farmer Protesters storms Berlin over Gov’t’s plans to end subsidy cuts, Tax rises

He said the possibility of becoming a victim of an accident or kidnappers is very high. “The possibility of being victims of kidnapping, accidents and unfriendly conditions is outrageously high.

In recent exams of these kinds, staff have been unfortunate victims of accidents, and many have died,” he said. Technology is far reaching, and exams like this could be conducted online.

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