Bashir Gegu, Unusual Game Changer.

Kogi State Commissioner for Solid Minerals and Natural Resources, Engineer Muhammed Abubakar Bashir Gegu

Bashir Gegu, Unusual Game Changer.

By Abu Michael.

We live in a clime where people do the usual, particularly in politics and governance.

It is usually the stereotype, as people would either continue with established standards particularly in service to humanity when people are appointed or elected.

Kogi State, particularly Kogi LGA has had a preponderance of political actors who have made there marks but recent events in the area is showing that there is one man who seems to be playing politics in the unusual way.

It is most times not the quantity of money giving to alleviate sufferings or support to communities that matters, in the case of Engr. Mohammed Abubakar Bashir Gegu, the Commissioner For Solid Minerals and Natural Resources, he has played politics in an unusual way, touching lives and bringing succour to Communities.

Very unassuming, Engr. Bashir likes playing and impacting lives at the background without the usual noise making. Without mincing words, the Sarkin Talakawa’s as he is also called, has ia a man with philanthropic gestures to humanity and contributions to communities in various ways, speaks volumes.

To the credit of Engr. Bashir Gegu, he remains one political actor from Kogi LGA who not minding your political perception about him, cannot be ignored as he has become a light that shines the hidden places of the lives of most the downtrodden, have nots and the less privileged in the society.

Not minding your tribe, religion and political leanings, Engr Bashir Gegu seems to have stamped his authority of impact on the lives of many, individually and to communities, reason why he has a strong defense of people around him towing his political ideology, making him working with others, is able to deliver Kogi LGA to the APC at all times.

The need to bring to the fore the good works of a man popularly called Sarkin Yaki, Engr Bashir, not minding whether his faced is handsome, remains a politician who has sacrificed his comfort like no other politician to make lives handsome and for beautiful living.

Engr. Bashir is not flamboyant with houses, cars, the clothes he wears or the classes of foods he eats, neither places you can find his likes. He is a down to earth upwardly mobile Politician with the people his major priority, he will fight the elites for the poor to breath.

Just recently to buttress his unusual service of impact to people not related to him, a feat that stands him out amongst the run of men like him, now and in the past.

Engr Bashir Gegu accepted to foot the N1.5m Medical bills of one Mallan Hassan Mai Jina rijiya who had an accident.

Following the accident, the leg of Mall Hassan Mai Jina rijiya became cancerous and needed to be amputated. Mallam Hassan hails from Sokoto State but resides in Gegu Egba in Kogi LGA.

The case of Mallam Hassan is one out of hundreds that Engr Bashir has made interventions. Just walking through streets and listening to cries, Engr Bashiru is always moved with compassion, has become a messiah to many.

Just like Mall Hassan in a show of appreciation following indication that he was on the verge of death before help came his way, said he is going to be eternally grateful to Gov. Yahaya Bello for given Engr. Bashir Gegu the opportunity to serve his people, added that he is making them proud, described him as an Angel in human form.

Without mincing words, Kogi LGA in the last eight years of Gov. Yahaya Bello has become a cynosure of all eyes for infrastructure development all because of the intervention by Engr Bashiru to use his closeness to the powers that be.

He will go out of his way to attract projects for communities. It is on record that communities in Kogi LGA seems to have enjoyed Electrification and provisions of water to communities more than any in the State.

Engineer Muhammed Abubakar Bashir Gegu, the Kogi State Commissioner for Solid Minerals and Natural Resources
Engineer Muhammed Abubakar Bashir Gegu, the Kogi State Commissioner for Solid Minerals and Natural Resources

The traditional institutions in Kogi LGA argues to be the greatest beneficiary of Engr. Bashir Gegu’s commitment to doing things with the unusual mindset. In the area of building health care centers, with the magnificent Hospital in Gegu Beki as a signature. The education sector, with school buildings built or renovated that has made so much in road in Kogi LGA, separate him from the usual political actors who would have fested their financial empires.

For a very unassuming personality, Engr Bashir would not take the glory, aside returning it to Almighty God, through Gov. Bello who he said made him, he attributes it to the collective working together with leaders of the area to ensure that the Local Government Area has it fair share.

Thus far, the few who many hate Engr Bashir Gegu do so because he is always doing good and providing services to the people, rather than creating the impression that when in government, pretend that nothing is happening, a style he refuses he adopt.

There is therefore no gainsaying the fact that, Engr. Bashir Gegu’s politics, juxtaposed with past and present political actors from the area, on record, has become an unusual game changer, going by people who feel his impact of service while in position.

Abu Michael, Editor/Publisher, Writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

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