Why I won’t join issues with those trying to link me with Fulani vigilante — Governor Sule

Governor Abdullahi A. Sule of Nasarawa State

Why I won’t join issues with those trying to link me with Fulani vigilante — Governor Sule

…Urges assembly members to monitor ongoing NG-CARES projects

Governor Abdullahi Sule has said he deliberately refused to join issues with those who continue to drag his administration into the raging controversy surrounding the Fulani vigilante, stressing that the matter is currently being investigated by security agencies.

Governor Sule made this known while hosting members of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly led by its Speaker, Rt. Hon. Danladi Jatau, who were on a congratulatory visit at the Government House on Monday.

The Governor said the visit by the lawmakers provided him with the opportunity to clear the air over the matter.

According to him, his administration did not recognized any vigilante group from any of the diverse ethnic groups in the state, stressing that by virtue of their positions as lawmakers they should be in the know if any bill was presented before them seeking legal backing for any vigilante group, talk less of a Fulani vigilante.

He decried the situation where some people are seeking to politicize the matter involving the Fulani vigilante, just as he expressed concern over moves by others to give the matter ethnic colouration.

“You will see that so many different statements were made by people who didn’t even know what was going on. And you will notice that I refused to say a word. I decided to keep quiet. Because issues of security are not issues you can politicize.

“Unfortunately, some religious bigots have made it a religious affair. Some ethnic bigots have also made it an ethnic matter,” he stated.Gov Sule denies involvement in setting up Fulani Vigilante Group in Nasarawa.

Governor Sule emphasized that as far as his administration is concerned, the state government did not recognized the Fulani vigilante like any other ethnic group clamoring to set up a vigilante and that the only vigilante recognized are those recognized by the Federal Government.

He however pointed on the need to treat the Fulani with fairness considering that they also gave their support to the present government under President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

The Governor recalled how in December 2022, the Miyetti Allah assembled at the Lafia Square to endorsed the candidature of the current president, with the national leaders of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in attendance.

“These people that we were talking about supported us in the past. We should treat them in that light. However, if anyone of them committed a crime, they should be prosecuted in line with the laws of the land,” he said.

Governor Sule noted that as the number one peacemaker in Nasarawa State, he would be the last person to encourage any form of insecurity no matter the benefits.

He explained that was why unlike in other states, his recent victory at the Supreme Court was not used to mock members of the opposition.

He equally pointed out that the same Fulani being vilified were instrumental to the dislodgement of terrorists hibernating in the Otu forests, when they provided support for security agencies.

“The same Fulani group has been working one way or the other to support the security agencies at their own level. I refused to be part of it. I am sure if our members from Toto in particular would remember, the same people have been part of the dislodgement of terrorists at Otu. Again, it was a matter of security I didn’t get involved,” he added.

Governor Sule washed his hands off any link to the Fulani vigilante as it’s being speculated.

“If anybody should know that the government has recognized any vigilante group, you should know more because that bill must have passed through your hands.

“We are Nasarawa State. We are people who believe in peace and peace is what we are going to have,” he assured.

The Governor then used the opportunity of the visit to urge the members of the assembly, as representatives of the people, to closely monitor projects currently being executed by his administration under the NG-CARES programme.

He said it’s their responsibility as leaders to monitor and ensure the projects are being executed in line with the standards set up by the World Bank.

The Governor thanked the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Danladi Jatau for providing effective leadership that has brought unity and understanding amongst the members of the assembly.

He also appreciated other members of the assembly for their support and understanding which made it possible for the Speaker to perform well.

Earlier, in his opening remarks, Speaker, Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Danladi Jatau said that they were at the Government House to congratulate Governor Sule on his rexent victory at the Supreme Court.

The Speaker assured of the House readiness under his leadership to effectively synergize with the Governor for the overall development of the state.

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