2024: Ighodalo’s Steady Rise is Product Of Proud Parenting

2024: Ighodalo’s Steady Rise is Product Of Proud Parenting

By Precious Adaeze Julius

The steady rise of Asue Ighodalo in the political arena mirrors a narrative deeply rooted in the principles of proud parenting and the significance of upbringing in African culture. As a candidate for the governorship position in Edo State under the PDP banner, Ighodalo’s trajectory of achievements speaks volumes about the impact of parental guidance and nurturing on an individual’s success.

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From his distinguished career spanning leadership roles in Sterling Bank Plc, Dangote Flour Mills Plc, and The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), to his active involvement in esteemed legal associations such as the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and international bodies like the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN), Ighodalo exemplifies the fruits of a well-rounded upbringing. His tenure as chairman of Nigerian Breweries, marked by his resignation to pursue public service, further underscores his commitment to societal progress and leadership.

In the African context, the role of parents in shaping the character and values of their children is paramount. Ighodalo’s journey from a foundation of strong parental roots to his current standing as a formidable gubernatorial candidate is a testament to the enduring influence of family upbringing.


His dedication to integrity, transparency, and transformation, as evidenced by his track record, resonates deeply with the core values instilled through nurturing parenting.

As Edo State approaches a crucial election, the candidacy of Asue Ighodalo presents an opportunity to entrust leadership to a candidate whose upbringing reflects the ideals of responsible citizenship and service to the community.

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Electing Ighodalo as governor promises a continuation of his legacy of excellence and a commitment to advancing the collective welfare and prosperity of all citizens. In him, Edo State can find a leader whose steady rise is not just a reflection of personal merit, but also a testament to the enduring impact of proud parenting on the African journey to success.

Precious Adaeze Julius contributes from Benin City.