Edo 2024: Understanding Arewa Women’s Endorsement and Its Implications for Ighodalo

Edo 2024: Understanding Arewa Women’s Endorsement and Its Implications for Ighodalo

By Precious Adaeze Julius

In a significant turn of events for the upcoming governorship elections in Edo State, Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, received a notable endorsement from the Arewa Women Group, Led by Hajia Sadiatu and Khadija Abubakar, the group expressed their unwavering support for Ighodalo during a meeting in Benin City.

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This endorsement carries several implications and sheds light on the dynamics of political support in the region.

1. The Endorsement:
The Arewa Women Group’s endorsement represents critical support for Dr. Asue Ighodalo’s candidature. It demonstrates his capacity to gain support among varied populations in the state, showcasing his popularity across traditional party borders.

2. Meaning of the Endorsement:
This endorsement means more to Ighodalo than simply expressing solidarity. It marks a vote of confidence from an important constituency in Edo State. It demonstrates his dedication to diversity and acknowledges the significance of women’s voices in influencing the political environment.

3. Implications:
The endorsement from the Arewa Women Group could have far-reaching implications for the outcome of the elections. It signals Ighodalo’s ability to build broad-based coalitions, essential for securing victory in a competitive electoral environment. Moreover, it may sway undecided voters and consolidate support within the Arewa community, potentially tipping the scales in his favor on Election Day.

4. What It Takes to Get Such Endorsement:
Securing the endorsement of a group like the Arewa Women requires more than just political rhetoric. It demands a candidate’s genuine engagement with the concerns and aspirations of the community. Ighodalo’s willingness to listen, empathize, and articulate a vision that resonates with the Arewa Women underscores his leadership qualities and his capacity to bridge divides.

In conclusion, the endorsement of Dr. Asue Ighodalo by the Arewa Women Group represents a significant development in the Edo 2024 gubernatorial race.


It underscores the importance of building inclusive political platforms and highlights Ighodalo’s ability to unite diverse constituencies behind his candidacy. As the campaign progresses, the impact of this endorsement on the electoral landscape is likely to become more pronounced, shaping the dynamics of the race in the months to come.

Precious Adaeze Julius writes in from Benin City.