Edo Gov’ship: Why Asue is the Answer

Edo Gov’ship: Why Asue is the Answer

Ahead of September governorship election in Edo State, the People have been urged not to forget to acknowledge the Umbrella that have protected them from the evil party called the All Progressive Congress, APC, which I detest so much.

I made this statement because of how Buhari and the APC has taken this country to the dark ages.

In Edo, APC collapses structure for Asue Ighodalo, rejects Okpebholo as Kinsmen decamp to PDP

Dr Asue Ighodalo represents orderliness, Ability, Verve, Leadership, beautiful experience, and Quality progress in his resume, an Astounding A1 in his Career, Academic qualifications are top notch. You can see how he talks about how to put Edo State in a good light.

I won’t tow the path of mediocre who have resolved to reduce themselves and value to grains of sand, simply because they want to impress their slave masters, by throwing verbal punches and hurling of insults at Ighodalo. It is clearly unfortunate that they have no substance to campaign with.

We don’t need APC in Edo State because of the following reasons.

1. We want Ighodalo to continue with Good Legacy of Godwin Obaseki,

2. We want someone who is abreast with The Edo State Master plan and the absolute implementation,

3. We don’t need substandard and a never-do-well as Edo State governor. How will he communicate when he is in a comity of governors or when he is invited outside the shores of Nigeria to comment on cultural heritage or climate change or any of such thematic topics? He will disgrace the Edo people. We have seen him struggle while reading from prepared papers at plenary.

4. We don’t want the immediate return of Lions and Tigers back to the streets of Edo State, with the sole aim of unleashing mayhem on the state,

5. We need someone who will sustain the tempo in the reforms of the civil service. The APC may likely reduce the Minimum wage to 30K, just to be at the level with the Federal Government,

6. We need someone who will ameliorate the pitiable plights of the Esan people and others in the hinterlands,

7. We need someone who will offer empowerment to the youths and women, and not to the children and their cronies of the Lions and Tigers, and the associates of the godfathers,

8. We need someone who will rebrand and restructure Ambrose Alli University, and other institutions that the APC once destroyed,

9. We need someone who doesn’t have criminal cases with any anti graft agency,

The APC candidate might be a good man to his followers, but he doesn’t have the leadership acumen and dexterity to Govern Edo State. It has been recorded that they are busy sharing money in Esan and other constituencies just to buy the conscience of our people. The campaign has started and he’s yet to reel out his manifesto and intention for the Edo people.

Dear Edo people, please open your eyes, and make your decision with your senses intact. Do not allow their money twist your mind and make the wrong choice.

You can see how the APC president is punishing Nigerians with his double taxation policies, fuel hike, inflation, hunger, insecurity, unemployment, instability of our currency as against foreign currency, depletion of our national and foreign reserves, misappropriation of funds from foreign bodies and returned loots, no blueprints of the Nigerian dream, diaspora disconnection, lack of infrastructure, dwindling economy, poor educational standard, and many more. The APC reeks of failure, disaster, and sheer wickedness.


We don’t want the return of The godfathers who will unleash terror on Edo people…


Written by Oshoriah Omijie from Benin City.