APC Women Leaders Protests and Matters Arising, — BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

APC Women Leaders Protests and Matters Arising, — BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

The recent protests by 37 APC women leaders across the states and federal capital territory FCT has raised serious concern about the efforts of the present administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu towards women’s welfare.

One year down the line, APC women could only be proud of bags of rice and textile materials, donated to them with no concerted efforts to reward them for supporting the party during the campaigns one year ago.

The E-Rat called John Mayaki and his filthy lamentations, a sign of ignominious defeat for the APC

The most worrisome is the inclusion of the unknown women in the juicy area of the present administration, in terms of appointments, placements among many others, leaving those without haywire connections to wallow in abject poverty.

But , the recent protests was a pointer that all the 37 women leaders across the country are been marginalized, a conviction that the present administration need to reconsider it’s policy framework.


In the era were globally and locally the clamour for gender equality and parity, yet women indulge in series of complaints and protests, does not augur well for the present administration.

The present administration has a lot of opportunities in placing state women leaders and national women leaders who had served the party through thick and tin , but waiting endlessly for appointments at all level.

For instance, the National woman leader during the Oshiomole led party executive, Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa Umar -Eluma has not been appointed to any political office since he left office.

It is on record that during the PDP days for consecutive sixteen years, women leaders always transform to Minister of Women Affairs up till the first term of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The aberration started when President Buhari during his second term refused to appoint the waiting former National Woman Leader, Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa Umar -Eluma as a Minister, a decision President Bola Ahmed Tinubu needed to redress.

With the appointment of a substantive Minister of Women Affairs in the current dispensation, it behoves on the present administration to get a placement to mitigate the anomaly against the awaiting National Woman Leader, Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa Umar -Eluma and the protesting state women leaders.

For Hajiya Salamatu Baiwa Umar -Eluma, protests will not resolve what sane approach will , therefore government as a continuum process need a rethink for urgent consideration of not only women into political appointments, but other quasi government establishments and organisations.

One year down the line, it is enough to give adequate attention and consideration to our women in line with the global practices and procedures as well as expectations.

The global 35% affirmative actions must not be seen as mere declaration, but backed up with actions and reactions through appointments of women to national offices.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Renewed Hope Agenda is all encompassing, and therefore the womenfolk should not be seen to be marginalized in all ramifications.

ABUBAKAR YUSUF Writes from Abuja on yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.

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