Edo Flooding: Obaseki inspects damages at INEC headquarters, to liaise with FG on solution

Edo Flooding: Obaseki inspects damages at INEC headquarters, to liaise with FG on solution

Officials of the Edo State Government and the Federal Ministry of Works are scheduled to meet on Monday over the impact of the flooding of May 24, 2024, at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) State Head Office, in Aduwawa, Ikpoba-Hill, Benin City.

Addressing journalists at the INEC office after inspecting the damages caused by last Friday’s flooding, the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, said the destruction was unfortunate as it occurred just before the commencement of the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) exercise in the State.

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Governor Obaseki said the impact of the flooding was even more devastating for the staff of INEC and people who are expected to have a flawless CVR exercise in the State.

He said, “I am here with my team to look at what has happened and what we can do immediately. We are strategizing on a longer-term solution to this problem since it has become a perennial issue. The Federal High Court and the Federal Court of Appeal have been vacated. In fact, we have to relocate them but because of the size and operations of INEC, we have not been able to do so.”

Obaseki noted, “I will set up a team to have a meeting early Monday morning with officials of the Ministry of Works because it’s a Federal Road. They are responsible for this road. The drainage design is with them and we need to understand what they did. As for palliative measures, we would look for alternative drainage routes where the low points are so that we can channel the water into those areas.”


The governor added, “We need to work with INEC to re-secure their premises so that their facilities can be safe. We also need to begin to think of a longer-term and a more permanent solution. If they need to be evacuated and get the whole area rebuilt, we would consider that. That is something we can’t achieve in five months’ time. We would work with them and ensure they are put in operational readiness to undertake the next gubernatorial election.”

The Edo State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Anugbum Inuoha, expressed appreciation to the governor for the visit, noting, “The exercise will commence as usual as we have gone to neighboring States to get machines for the purpose of the CVR exercise. We can’t afford to disappoint the people as the exercise will commence by 9am. We urge the people to come out to register as the emphasis is that there shouldn’t be double registration.

“One of our problems during the election is double registration which is illegal. If that is the case, such a person will not be allowed to vote. The CVR exercise is for those who turned 18 years of age and those that have not registered at all.”

On the impact of the flood, he said: “Last Friday’s flood affected our office here in Aduwawa and we are happy that the Edo Governor and his team are here physically to inspect the damage to our property.

“We are not talking about politics as governance is all about protecting the lives of the people and their property. I am glad to see you here as we are sure of the response. Other people should not see this as politics as governance is to protect the people.

“The governor is here to inspect the damage himself. We have shown him the major drainage and the fenced area that was affected. Some of our materials have been affected and I have reported that to the national headquarters in Abuja. This place is supposed to be a centre for the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) exercise which will commence on Monday, but it has been relocated to Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area.”