7th Assembly: Amb. Tasiu Suleiman Urge Governor Sule to throw weight behind Speaker Balarabe, describes him as a unifier

Nasarawa State House of Assembly Speaker, Rt. Hon Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi and Nasarawa State Governor, Alhaji (Engineer) Abdullahi Sule
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A Unifier is the person the Nasarawa State House of Assembly needs as Captain of the 7th Assembly as such I urge the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State His Excellency Engr Abdullahi A Sule should support Rt Hon Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi WALIN OPANDA for Speakership 7th Assembly.

Our dear State, Nasarawa, is being choked by divisions of a wide extent and intensity never experienced before as such we need a unifying factor with verse experience to sustain the unity we are enjoying in Nasarawa State between legislatures and the Executive and to me and everyone with good heart will definitely recommend Rt Hon Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi for continuity as the captain of the ship of the forthcoming 7th Assembly because of his capacity, Sportsmanship and verse experience in lawmaking.

This is an incontrovertible fact, affirmed by several of our most respected and respectable leaders; it is not something conjured up by me just to gain favour or for a political gains but for a united Nasarawa State.

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Why is such devastating division happening in our dear state? In what way or ways can it be said that this acts of sentimental tribalism, religion fanaticism is brought upon us? But whatever is the connection with the divisions may be, the ruinous impact on the life of the state is an issue of such critical immediacy as overshadows all other issues.

The elections is already WON and LOST as such we should all shield our swords and work together as one for a united and prosperous Nasarawa State.

The state must first be salvaged from the ruinous consequences of the divisions before we talk about railway lines to transport people to a developed home of solid minerals.

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And a unifier is needed for the salvaging work at the legislatures level who will work hand in hand with the Governor who is also a unifying factor.

What should concern us now is to probe, identify and address the causes that will bring us together irrespective of our differences as we are all one.

Remember no development will come without peaceful coexistence in our midst.

Take it or leave it and without mincing words Rt Hon Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi is a leader per excellence with large heart who accommodates all and sundry because if you can all remember 2015 he met a divided house in the Nasarawa State House of Assembly but with the help of God he unites all the members and embrace all without any rancor or lacuna since his emergence as the number one citizen of Nasarawa State hallow chamber, for his 8 years as the captain of the ship of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly no punches where thrown in the house,no attempts of impeaching the Governor or any ill related matter rather they join hands on seeing that multiple developments comes to stay in our dear Nasarawa State.

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This is a call for UNITY In our diversity as such both the speaker and his deputy should maintain there seats for a formidable, peaceful and united 7th Assembly insha-Allah.

This is my Personal opinion as a Senior Citizen.

Thank you.

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