Abubakar Yusuf’s Tribute to Late Rev Father SAM IGBAFE

The revered catholic priest, late Reverend Father Sam Igbafe MSP
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The revered catholic priest, late Reverend Father Sam Igbafe MSP who died on Christmas day, 25th December, 2022 was a known priest over a decade ago even as a Muslim follower, though, with a wife with a christian background and a strong catholic follower.

The Missionary Society of St Paul MSP catholic priest was the co-overseeing priest at St Anselm Catholic church, Gwagwalada in Abuja, also a strong member of the MSP seminary in his life time, and for his exposures and interaction, Late Rev Father SAM IGBAFE had indulged in extra priesthood activities that had endeared him to many Catholics and non Catholics in Gwagwalada and across FCT, including the non Christians, from his singular idea of organising special prayers, programs, picnics , dinners and luncheon for members and non members of the church while he presided as co_ priest in charge of the church between 2011-2017.

Aside all these, the late catholic reverend had Institutionalised charity and charitable donations, contributions to the less privileged and some members of the church and community desiring assistance and their families along with extractions.

The late Rev Father prioritized yearly prayer session to MSP Headquarters in Iperu- Remo in Ogun state , to enable members interface with other catholic priests with more wisdom, knowledge on prayers to resolve and proffer solutions to myriads of human problems.

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The annual retreat became a recurring decimal untill and after his exit from the Abuja diocese in 2018, on missionary assignment back to Iperu-Remo and subsequently to the United States of America.

The Catholic priest who enjoyed large followership of members of the church also introduced officially and unofficially succour to the needy members of the church and their families, and by extension the entire society.

To all members of the Catholic community in Abuja, were his immediate brothers and sisters without discrimination as he took sponsorship of many members children of the church in schools up till the university levels , provided jobs for others who are unemployed without discrimination and recrimination.

He introduced and embarked on house to house prayers by members of the church and visitation by members across the nation’s city to keep the bond unity, brotherliness and brother’s keeper in all ramifications.

The late Rev Father Sam Igbafe introduced other special programs outside prayer session of the church to keep the members afloat with sane societal activities like picnics, seminars, symposiums, workshops, talkshops, dinners and luncheon organised by the church and by extension invitation from other catholic churches across Abuja, the federal capital territory.

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The Catholic reverend during his life time kept the bond of unity across the Catholic community for consecutive six years and after his movement to the headquarters in Iperu-Remo in Ogun state.

The yearly prayers session to the MSP seminary was sustained after his exit from the church in Abuja many years after his movement to Ogun state.

Rev Father Sam Igbafe started the gigantic church edifice belonging to MSP at the St Anselm Catholic church at the seminary in Gwagwalada and laid a solid foundation before the architectural design was adjusted inline with the decision of the church.

He provided steady power supply to the church through his missionary efforts that kept the church and seminary premises 24/7 with independent electricity, at a time when the national grid was operating at a low mega watts with just four hours power supply, against 24 hours daily in Gwagwalada, Abuja.

The late Rev Father who kept tab with church members after many years of his exit through prayers, direction, calls and sponsorships had been a mentor to many catholics and non catholics in Nigeria through is words of advise and admonition and wisdom.

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The bond of brotherliness and bridge of humanity built across all religions without discrimination was sustained even after his exit to far away Iperu-Remo and the U.S.

He was transferred to the United States of America for further missionary assignment and was in Nigeria after the dreaded COVID pandemic in 2020 on holidays, for few weeks when he visited his members in the FCT.

The late Father Sam Igbafe who travelled back to America after his holidays in Nigeria, took ill after one year and was in coma before he passed on yesterday 25th, December, 2022 on the birthday of Jesus Christ, Christmas day.

Igbafe who hail from Warri in Delta state left a legacy of brotherliness, philanthropy, empowerment, charity and passion for prayers and succour for the needy.

The revered catholic priest, late Reverend Father Sam Igbafe MSP
The revered catholic priest, late Reverend Father Sam Igbafe MSP

No doubt an adage that says the good ones does not live longer, as you had your last breath on Christmas day in 2022, may Almighty Lord recieve your good soul with mercies and compassion.

Adieu, Your clergy, Rev Father Sam Igbafe, Rest On.

Written By ABUBAKAR YUSUF and can be reached on yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.

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