Another Jonathan moment beckons: Atiku Tinubu, Kwankwaso, Sowore and others should stand up for Nigeria

Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP)
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…..Urges them to call and Congratulate Obi.

The eyes of the world is focused on Nigeria full blast. The international observer teams of UN, EU, AU, Common Wealth ECOWAS, USAID, and representatives of nation are on ground: one just needs to get to Transcorp or any of the five star hotels to see things for themselves. They are in Abuja, capital of Nigeria very well prepared. The world media and diplomatic community are focused on Nigeria, the Presidential candidates, political party leaders and all of us.

I wonder what each one of us intend to pass to them especially those that aspire to be president of this country that have lost relevance in the world stage, the poverty capital of the world and all the myriads of negatives and hopelessness.

About this time in 2015, for the first time in the country’s history, President Goodluck Jonathan lifted his phone and called his opponent, now President Buhari to say congratulations even before the last votes were tabulated. For that singular act Jonathan gave a new face to our democracy and opened windows of opportunities for the incoming government. Although APC did not leverage on that gesture but it was a resounding experience for the country and Africa. It takes courage. But no one seeks to be president that lacks in courage.

What has happened in the FCT/Abuja and in Lagos and in fact across the country leaves no one in doubt that Nigerians want Obi to succeed Buhari as president for another four after. Obi and Labour party won all the polling boths inside the Villa, and won the election with over 70‰ of the votes. Despite everything happening in Lagos the headquarters of Ahmed Bola Tinubu the presidential candidate of the ruling party APC where supporters of Mr Peter Obi of Labour Party were openly and shamelessly denied opportunities of voting, a clear indication that Tinubu and his APC were 100% convinced that even in Lagos, Mr Peter Obi of the LP is the preferred candidate of the overwhelming majority of Nigerians who live in this city state that was the first capital of Nigeria and still the Epicenter of the nation commerce, entertainment and name it.

Agreed there will be rerun elections in a few centres and states. As men of honor and tremendous goodwill, I call on Tinubu, Atiku, Sowore, Adebayo and all the Candidates to call and Congratulate Mr Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed of Labour Party. For the country and the Youths and our future, that the right thing to do. We need solidarity to unite our country and begin the new Nigeria project.

Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP)
Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP)

“I have no doubt that the international community, who came here in good faith as observers, friends and possible investors by now know who the winner is and are keenly watching the situations.”

As for me, I Congratulate the Nigerian Youths and patriotic citizens. For many years some of us have been at work to create the third-way, the Third Force to create a transformational trajectory for our country, our people and our future. It was beginning to look impossible. I am so excited that the end SARs heroes and heroines and the Nigerian Youths, citizens and Labour has helped to birth the Third-force. To God the glory.

Ralphs Okey Nwosu
National Chairman ADC.

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