Senator Matthew Uroghide

Ayu’s Visit: Senator Mathew Urhoghide; The Face of a Betrayer and A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Ayu’s Visit: Senator Mathew Urhoghide; The Face of a Betrayer and A wolf in sheep’s clothing

By Isaac Imade Benin.

‘Before now the PDP Ticket given to us was as useless as a Zimbabwean Dollar but now that Gov. Obaseki has come, the PDP Ticket is like U.S. Dollars. – Unfortunate Statement by a 2 term senator under PDP, Sen. Mathew Urhoghide, appealing for 3rd term in Edo South Senatorial District.

Senator Matthew Uroghide
Sen Matthew Uroghide

Sycophancy and betrayal are no longer in the political realm of Nigeria. But when a sycophant refuses to allege his limit and boundaries, the end is a downfall, which will soon be the case of Senator Matthew Uroghide. Senator Mathew is digging his own political grave and it is 5 feet deep already.

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Hitherto, Sen. Matthew Uroghide has beenomadlitical nomad who never rose to any meaningful position in then ANPP later had to AC and ACN where he amounted to nothing and a nobody.

It was the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) that had mercy on him and gave him a chance to run for senate in 2015 which he won against Hon. Samson Osagie of APC later in 2019 against Patrick Obhiagbon of APC.

In all these elections, Egor LGA stood solidly behind him without looking back. The PDP in Egor and Edo South, in general, stood solidly with and behind him all through his election ing campaign of which he gained victory at the polls. It is shameful to the PDP family to see Sen. Matthew Uroga hide pitching tent with the Government state Governor against the party all for his selfish 3rd term senatorial ambition.

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Sen Matthew Uroghide sees Gov Obaseki as a demigod. He mustn’t forget where he is coming, he mustn’t be blinded by the rhetorics of the governor who rants daily.

He must therefore retrace his steps, order,r his thoughts, and chose the side of the people at this critical period.

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