There is always a defining moment in every nation on the surface of the earth.

There is always a time in this life when new things emerge and there is always a man somewhere in the world to set in motion a mission for a paradigm shift and to upset the status quo.

The politics as we know it is as old as the world. Politics permeates every strata of life; starting from private life to public life.

This is one of the reasons why man is known as a political animal. It is also true that the rise or fall of any nation depends largely on the modus operandi of political stakeholders and nuances of politics in practice.

Nigeria as a nation is a child of politics. It is however appears that politics in Nigeria has done more harm than good to her citizenries.


This is due to the fact that, Nigerian politics often takes dimension of political ostracization and political polarization. It is also true that wrong politics has be a bane to the nation’s progress.

Nigeria is always in search of true politics and nationalism since its creation. One will also submit that Nigeria got so many things wrong about politics because it is often about politics of vendetta instead of politics of development, hence, myriad of retrogressions in our nation.

The entrance of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State into the wide stage of national politics is bending our political history in the right direction and bringing forth a promising trajectory.

Some of the indices that stand him out amongst modern Nigerian politicians is his ability to use the instrumentality of politics to foster unity, inclusiveness, fairness and justice. He has also displayed his passion for a true nationalism in Nigeria.

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One of the toughest tasks Governor Yahaya Bello was confronted with when he assumed office was the need to create political inclusiveness and cohesion amidst the pervasive atmosphere of politics of divisiveness and bitterness in Kogi state.

It was becoming a norm in Kogi State to see a selected few forming themselves into a political oligarchy to perpetuate authoritarianism and ethnic ascendency. What the Governor did was to create a team that douse political tension and considered various ethic interests in governance.

The team constituted by the Governor is unique because societal or political status or background was not a yardstick for anyone to be relevant in his government. Where one comes from or religion affiliation takes a backseat and the people began to see the government for what it is: government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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In Bello’s government you will see those that have never been considered in the scheme of things in the state playing a major role in governance. This cut across different ethnic groups, none indigenes, genders and parties.

One other thing the Governor successfully did was to listen to all grievances in the state, engaged in a sincere conversation with different interest groups and make compromise where necessary for the peace and progress of the State.

He is never opinionated in his dealings but empathic in all form of state matters.

… be continued….

Written by Shadrach Emmanuel, FICMC.

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