Bizarre: Woman Gives Birth To Twins, Snake in Somali

Somalian woman who put to bed a twin comprise human and Snake
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Bizarre: Woman Gives Birth To Twins, Snake in Somali

Report had it that  a Somalian woman reportedly put to birth twins but one was a snake, a development that kept many wondering and invoking God for guidance and protection against all evils.

The woman hails from Mogadishu’s Afgooye district and was astonished after giving birth to the legless reptile because she was expecting two human babies.

Eyewitnesses said the queer reptile was handed over to the midwife attendant who put her to birth for necessary action.

According to the grapevine, the strange reptile behaved rather calmly like a human would after it was delivered. A close relative who confirmed the news told reporters that he has visited the family himself and can confirm his sister-in-law had delivered twin – one human and a snake.

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“Today I went to visit the new mother who just gave birth to twins. A boy and a snake. I saw the boy first. As soon as I came into the house, the mother said that it was hiding. When the snake sees its father and mother he stays with them and sits near the baby. If anyone else comes into the household, it crawls into hiding.”

Both the father and mother feel that the snake child is a miracle, a gift from God.

According to them, this is not the first time a human has been documented giving birth to an animal, adding such incidents began to emerge in the early 17th century. In 1636, for instance, an Italian physician named Paolo Zacchia received a letter from fellow physician Pietro Castelli, claiming two women had given birth to two creatures.

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He stated that one birthed a monster and one a cyclops. Castelli also later claimed that a woman had given birth to a dog-like creature in Sicily, Italy.

But in Somalia, such phenomena are unheard of and considered inhumane and abominable. Some medical experts have attempted to provide a logical interpretation of the strange situation.

The doctors further explained that the ugly situation is likened to “pseudocyesis”—a false pregnancy when a woman’s body mimics that of a pregnant person.

Other sources who narrated said the nursing woman must have believed she was giving birth when a lizard crawled underneath her, got itself covered in various bodily fluids, and emerged the other side.

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