Dekina/Bassa; Bar and Bench honour Austin Okai as Icon of Democracy in Nigeria

A frontline socio-political activist, social crusader, and PDP House of Representatives candidate for Dekina/Bassa federal constituency, Comrade Usman Austin Okai and The chairman of the legal house and Agenyi Attah gala, Chief Ogwu Onoja, SAN, during presentation of the award in Abuja.
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The Bar and Bench House, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja has honoured a pro-democracy activist, social crusader, and PDP House of Representatives candidate for Dekina/Bassa federal constituency, Comrade Usman Austin Okai with an award of “Icon of democracy” in Nigeria.

According to the legal house, the passion of comrade Okai for human rights, injustice, cheating, and good governance both in Kogi State and Nigeria earned his recognition.

The chairman of the legal house and Agenyi Attah gala, Chief Ogwu Onoja SAN made the revelation on Wednesday at Wuye area in Abuja during a ceremony to honour the social crusader, Comrade Usman Austin Okai stating that the award was devoid of political undertone, but purely on merit.

Chief Onoja stated that the sacrifices made by the human rights activist, both to Kogi State and Nigeria at large, needed recognition to encourage well-meaning Nigerians to toe the line of Justice, equity, and fairness to check the excesses of those entrusted with leadership in Nigeria.

He observed that the Bar and Bench House had followed keenly his struggles to ensure accountable and transparent leadership across the board without resistance, fear of molestation, and persecution, saying such dogged people desire to be encouraged in all ramifications.

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He commended the activist for championing the course of not only sane and egalitarian society, political developments, but economic emancipation, social justice, equal rights, and disequilibrium that guarantees good leadership and followership, particularly in Kogi State and Nigeria at large.

The chairman of the legal outfit, says such selfless and rare human disposition does not only deserve endorsements, encouragements, and rewards but will encourage the proliferation of people of rare gems like Comrade Usman Austin Okai.

“According to him, it got to a time, the people’s comrade turned politician was abandoned by everybody, not that because of his frequency of crime commission and other vices, but his crusade for leadership with a human face across the board, saying the time to reap the fruit of his labor has come.”

“The social crusader turned politician needs our support and encouragement in his newly found career and political association, not because we want to affiliate with his political platform, PDP, but as an encouragement to continue to do more when he excelled in the forthcoming election.”

“We have an obligation to also promote democracy and good governance, therefore, I have confidence that Comrade Usman Austin Okai had the innate potential to drive the political future at all levels including his current strides to represent Dekina/Bassa people in the federal house of representatives.”

” The Bar and Benchares, therefore, promising from today to support not only the political aspirations of the people’s comrade, Usman Austin Okai but to continue to nurture his newly found career in all areas, to promote the culture of people-oriented leadership.”

He appealed to the people of Dekina/ Bassa to rally around Comrade Okai who had good intentions to improve the lots of the people of his area, through quality representation and genuine commitment to Kogi State in particular and Nigeria at large.


” I congratulate Comrade Usman Austin Okai for attaining this rare feat in a turf environment, stating that posterity will continue to guide and shield him, and place him appropriately as we move towards achieving a democratic government in the next dispensation.”

Responding, Comrade Okai expressed deep gratitude for the honor, promising to do more when given the opportunity both in the next political dispensation and in other areas.

Okay maintained that he has refused to be perturbed by the antics of those charged with leadership positions, stating that his resistance was more or less an awareness to right the wrongs by our political leaders at all levels.

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“I was not budged by my frequent and series of persecution by governments at all levels, particularly in Kogi State, but importantly they succumbed to taking some right decisions through my struggles.”

He assured the people of Dekina/ Bassa to vote for him and PDP in all elections in 2023, stating the obvious that he is always there for them, both as the likely winner of the next election or not.

” I have been consistently there for the denied, the state, local government workers, pensioners whose entitlements were being emasculated by the government, so it will be more actions when voted into the political position.”

“I will do more to ensure the welfare of the citizenry across the board, as governments need to do the needful for the betterment of the society.” Okay uttered.

Highlights of the occasion included the presentation of the Icon of democracy award to the people’s Comrade.

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