Easter: Nasarawa Catholic Priest Urges Nigerians To Reunite For Christ Resurrection Sake

Easter: Nasarawa Catholic Priest Urges Nigerians To Reunite For Christ Resurrection Sake
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Rev Fr. Gabriel Egah of the St, Peter’s Catholic Parish, Keffi under Lafia Diocese in Nasarawa State has said,that the celebration of Easter was rooted in the resurrection and victory gain over dead by Jesus Christ in order to bringĀ  salvation to the world.

Fr. Egah who made this known the Easter Holly Mass celebration at St, Patrick Catholic Church, Gauta in Keffi on Easter day, called on Nigerians irrespective of whatever difference to come together and join hands in order to be one and united, owing to the fact that all people worship one God.

“Today,we recount on the resurrection of Christ from the dead and rise to live again and to assure us of hope of another live if we die again. So, Easter is one of the greatest season in the church and we as Christians ought to key into it and believe in the Easter celebration because this is when our assurance of life after dead is been given to us by virtue of Christ resurrection.

“And my advice to the society in general is that we should put our heads together and look for what will join us in peacefully coexistence. We worship one God irrespective of our differences and today we are not just celebrating Easter as Catholic Christians, but we are celebrating it as human beings and because we belongs to one large family called human race that God created” the Catholic priest stated.

He urged Nigerians to learn how to always live in peace with one another in order to share the love of sacrifice, adding that our society has been lacking behind today due to some negativity been perpetuated by some ungodly People.

According to him,” So,we should learn to sacrifice not just our lives, but our time,our talents, our energy to better our society and each other so that we grow together and in the end this resurrection that we are partaking we too would become partakers in the life to come”

In his remarks to multitude of children who received their first Holly communion ushering into uncharacteristic family of catholic church he said,”In the Catholic Church Holly Uncharacteristic is the source and summit of our lives as Christians and for this children you can see the joy on their faces of been partakers of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

“It is not for everybody, but they are privileged just like we are. So,I would call on their parents to ensure that these children keep on to the catholic doctrines and follow the way so that when they grow they would not depart from it, rather they would transmit it because this is a tradition and it goes from one generation to another. So,am happy for them and I Congratulates them as well”.

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