Edo PDP Crisis: Urhoghide’s Half-Hearted Bleeding Lamentation on Amicable Resolution

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki and South-South PDP National Vice Chairman, Chief Dan Orbih
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Edo PDP Crisis: Urhoghide’s Half-Hearted Bleeding Lamentation on Amicable Resolution

By Alfred Imokeme

I read with trepidation Senator Mathew Urhoghide’s lamentations concerning the imagined face-off between Governor Obaseki and Chief Dan Orbih, and how his heart bleeds over the irreconcilable differences between the two. He also called on stakeholders to proffer amicable resolutions to the problem that seem never-ending

My first thought was to tongue-lash the senator for being part of this problem, but on second thought, I feel I should refrain from doing so because as it seems, the senator has seen that it’s never going to be a smooth sail defeating Chief Dan Orbih as it was expected.

However, I wish to address the issues from his interview one after the other. First, on the claim that some leaders are fueling the iimbroglio, I beg to disagree except he is talking about the leader who had sided with Obaseki against the Party. The likes of Tom Ikimi, Senator Clifford Ordia, Senator Isa Briamoh, and a host of others. The old Party members are the ones suffering marginalization, so they have a right to question the governor on the issues of his appointments and public rants that are becoming disgusting to listen to.


Secondly, if the governor is the childhood friend of Senator Mathew Urhoghide, as he claimed, why can’t he sit his childhood friend down to tell him iit’snot nice to give appointments only to the new PDP without consideration for members of the old PDP? Or is Senator Mathew Urhoghide not aware? Why can’t he tell his friend that he does not have the legal powers whatsoever, even in the feat of maniacal anger, to suspend Chief Dan Orbih, Rt.? Hon. Ogbiede-Ihama and others from the party? Why can’t he tell his friend it is wrong to have had issues with APC that led to his disassociation from the party and then in less than a year will be having the same attitude issues with members of PDP? Why can’t the senator tell his friend it is unbecoming of him to be ranting emptily like a failed warrior in public?

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And again, the senator should know there is no ‘seeming misunderstanding’ between the governor and Chief Dan Orbih, as it were. They both don’t need to be friends, what Chief is asking is that the government respects the constitution of the party and members he met on the ground, nothing more. Chief Dan Orbih doesn’t have to beta toe in toe with the governor as many of them do, he is a leader in his own right.

Talking about sitting down to discuss is laughable. What exactly are they going to be sitting down to discuss when the cards are off the table? In diplomatic contravene there must be bargaining chips on the table to discuss where each party will sort to profit from. All the appointments in the state have been shared since to members of the new PDP, so what exactly is Chief Dan Orbih going to be negotiating for the old PDP members when the peace meeting is called? Or do you expect him to be negotiating how the excos will be dissolved or to discuss the illegal harmonization and how it can be activated? Anyone can say what they like; whether Chief Dan Orbih respects the governor or not is immaterial. Whether the senator describes it as a misconception is immaterial, it does not have any bearing on the issues at hand.

And as the Senator has proposed, if Chief Dan Orbih has to sit with the governor, must it be at the dictate of the governor? What have all the meetings that have been called by other governors yielded? The governor has a ‘fixed idea’ on what he wants to achieve, that is, subject the old PDP members under himself so that he would use the existing excos to run elections for members of the new PDP since the protracted harmonization didn’t work. And Chief Dan Orbih is vehemently opposed to this. He stands with his old PDP members where he is the leader and with the constitution of the party is upheld by the governor. For the issues of abuses, it is the governor that is fanning embers of discord by calling out the name of Chief Dan Orbih at any given time he assembles his store-bought followers

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It will be too economical for Senator Mathew Urhoghide to be talking about the governor being zealous about putting enduring legacies in place in terms of infrastructural development as well as the development of the party when the reverse is the case. The senator can not reverse the truth or history. 192 wards were visited during the electioneering campaigns, I am not sure any of these have seen the promises made, and he has 2 and half years left to go. Health, agriculture, and, education sectors are in shambles. And for the development of the Party, I challenge the senator to tell the public how many members has the governor brought into the party since 2020. The APC in Edo North Senatorial District has been harvesting members of the party because of the lack of performance of the governor and the unending infighting. The e-registration the senator mentioned does not translate to voters and electorates. What the party needs are physical new converts with INEC voters cards, not registered members.

That the governor is precious to us in PDP as claimed by the senator is far from the truth. Yes, he might be precious to the members of the new PDP, but not to the entire people of Edo State who voted for him but failed to carry them along because of divisiveness. If he was precious to us, he would have carried along with all members of the party without the lopsided appointments he is giving to the new PDP members.

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The state chairman of the party is in an unfortunate position for obvious reasons. It would have paid him better if he had stood by the party rather pitch tent with those who wish to supplant the Party’s Constitution. Last year, he was advertised accepting a list of illegal harmonized excos from some ill-informed new PDP members led by one Joe Okojie even when he knows this was illegal.

I will advise the Senator to toe the path of truth. I prefer political incorrectness. If he fears that we lose these governorship elections come 2024, let him blame the governor who is not a true party member, not Chief Dan Orbih or any other leader who wishes the Party’s Constitution to e respected. Is the senator saying because we need to win the gubernatorial election, by all means, we should allow the governor to continue with his illegal activities and marginalization of the old PDP members? Should we be silent on the matter because we foresee winning in 2024? Should we dissolve our excos for him so we can win 2the 024 elections?

There can’t be any reconciliation between Obaseki and Chief Dan Orbih without truth, Fairplay justice, and equity. Let the governor continue in his rapture and feat of anger, Chief Dan Orbih is unperturbed, and the members of PDP in Edo State know who is their original leader without going to town hall meetings to announce it with shameful rants.

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