How Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem (SEA) secured the support of APC Chairmen Across Ajaokuta Fed. Const.

APC house of representatives Flagbearer for Ajaokuta Federal constituency, Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem
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… Expresses Optimism of an overwhelming victory for APC.

The attention of the Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem Campaign Organization have been drawn to a misleading news item alleging that APC Chairmen In Ajaokuta Steel Territory Root For Hon. Lawal Idrissu.

The headline is not only misleading and deceptive, this is because the APC in Ajaokuta Federal Constituency is intact, one big united family, working collectively to overwhelmingly win the forthcoming February General Election.

The APC in a statement signed by Mall. Mustapha Ajanuba, APC Ajaokuta Steel Territory, Ajaokuta, however wonder why a group of people who are never do well in politics will want to deceive themselves. For us in the APC we consider this as the worst form of deception to deceive oneself. This is because without mincing words, aside the APC, one wonders if there is the presence of NNPP in Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, talk more of winning an election 2023.

We therefore make bold to State that the All Progressives Congress Chairmen across Ajaokuta Steel Township Polling units at no time and have never on record agreed to work for any other party aside the APC.

We are also confidence to state that the APC like it has always done in time past, will win Ajaokuta Township with a landslide, urge the mischief makers to continue to live in fools paradise.

It is important to place on record for emphasis that we in the APC are not unaware of the role of one Anate Sadiq, the mastermind behind the malicious misinformation against the leading House of Representatives Flagbearer for Ajaokuta Federal Constituency and the perceived defection story.

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Recalled that over time the same Anate Sadiq has proven to be a black sheep among the APC fold. His actions led to his been placed on surveillance. Though he had on many occasion when caught by Halimi Bello apologize over his mischief and anti party activities.

That Anate Sadiq has always served as a traitor in Dumez/Benue Estate and has choosing to come out in his true colours in the manner he has done now is therefore not a surprise to us. This is because like a leopard, he cannot change it skin. His anti party activities has led to his been disciplined several times, his recent hard to sale story of rooting for the NNPP only open his real character to the general public, confirming that he is a serial and an unrepentant traitor.

APC house of representatives  Flagbearer for Ajaokuta Federal constituency, Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem
APC house of representatives Flagbearer for Ajaokuta Federal constituency, Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem

The guilty as we all are aware are always afraid as they can never hide there real character and identity, reason why Anate Sadiq became uncomfortable having collected money as help from the APC Flagbearer, now choose to malign the APC with his deceptive defection which to us in all ramification have no political significance, rather good riddance to bad rubbish.

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We are aware that Anate Sadiq has gone round to collect money from candidates, reliably, promised to work for Natasha Akpoti, Atiku Abubakar and Lawal Idrissu, thus making him to play script’s just to justify the money he has collected. This further explains how gullible he is, misleading some low mentality friends of his, like Mr Samuel from Kaduna Estate.

We therefore wish to restate that the APC Chairmen as broken into units in the Steel Township and across the Ajaokuta Federal Constituency are all working in unity with Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem with the utmost assurances that the APC Flagbearer will coast home to an overwhelming victory.

At no time therefore did the Unit Chairmen planned to dump the winning team, particularly that it is always said that you don’t leave the known for an unknown. For everyone in Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem is known everywhere that he will win in the forthcoming February 2023 Election.

Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem is a sure bet who by dint of hardwork, community development, humanitarian services, rose to the pinnacle of his career, retired meritoriously as a Permanent Secretary, is adjudged as the most popular and widely acceptable candidate in Ajaokuta Federal Constituency in the forthcoming February General Election.

Without wanting to therefore sound immodest, without serving as a Lawmaker, Barr. Sanni’s impact in all sphares of life in Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, competes favourably with others who the people can attest to will fail woefully in the February General Election because there performances when juxtaposed with what Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem has done in his individual capacity, puts the APC Flagbearer far ahead of others in terms of community projects, scholarship, empowerment and several others too numerous to mention.

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While the SEA campaign organization has over the last few months campaigned and engaged on issues, without misinformation and deceptive tactics, we ordinarily would not have joined issues with those already afraid of defeat, but for our discerning public and supporters, reason we wish to restate that APC Flagbearer, Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem is on top the game, as nothing would stop his coasting home to victory come February.

Finally, we are aware that the rising popularity and profile of Barr. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem has sent jitters down the camp of his opponents reason why they are trying at all costs to distract him and cause disaffection amongst his ranks, a ploy that has fallen flat in all it intended ramification.

We there use this medium to urge the good people of Ajaokuta Federal Constituency to discountenance the said malicious Publication, it is a fake news from the pit of hell, with the assurances that the APC in Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, with emphasis on Ajaokuta Steel Township is intact and for a SEA victory.

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