Kuje ISWAP Attack: Ugbome Calls for Rejig of National Security, Blast APC.

Hon. Paschal Ugbome, the Edo North PDP Senatorial Candidate
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Hon. Paschal Ugbome, the Edo North PDP Senatorial Candidate in a press statement released on Thursday, said the APC Government has failed totally and has lost its moral mooring to be seeking for elective positions anywhere in the country. He also called for the total overhaul of the security system of the nation. Security being one of the cardinal points in his manifesto, he called for State Police, Local Government Community Policing and the immediate need to adequately remunerate and equip our security agents for effectiveness. The statement read in parts:

“It is sad that terrorists and other non-state actors are becoming embodied and more belligerent daily as they could now easily operate in any area of their choice. It is a national tragedy that these terrorists operated for about 3 hours at the Kuje Correctional Centre, some few kilometers away from Aso Rock, the Seat of Power, freeing about 600 inmates without any counter attack from security agents.

“This came at the heels of a violent attack on the presidential convoy in Kastina. And this has gone to show that the APC Government has failed woefully and has lost all ethical mooring to be seeking elections anywhere in the country, Edo State inclusive. The APC government that is incapable of protecting the lives of its citizens has totally lost the moral justification of being there talk more of asking the same truamatized citizens for votes in coming elections.

“It will amount to unnecessary wound-licking if we continue to debate the unfortunate attack on the Kuje Correctional Centre because it calls for many unanswered questions. In Nigeria of today, how many wives have been raped by these terrorists in the presence of their husbands and children? How many daughters have been raped in the presence of their parents and brothers? How many innocent citizens have been killed? What actions are the authorities charged with the protection of lives and properties taking in averting these unholy despicable happenstance? Must the nation be brought to its kneels? With all the reported resources allocated to relevant security agencies; intelligent gathering mechanism, military arsenal and tact, is it that the government cannot provide any convincing justification on why the security situation in the country continues to deteriorate to the level where Abuja has become unsafe too?

Why are attacks experienced all over the country continuing unabated without any deterrence? Although it must be commended that the security operatives have exhibited capacity, resilience, determination and dexterity, however, budgetary allocation must be expanded to meet their total needs in terms of equipment and remuneration as to encourage them.

“On this basis, I call for the total rejig of our security apparatus. There is urgent need to revamp the nation’s security architecture and effectively look inward for appropriate ways to averting and mitigating the recurring misnomer in the nation.

Security issues must not be politicized, as the APC led government has been doing since 2015. The security agents should be proactive and firm on matters relating to security. If the terrorists had the effrontery to attack the Kuje Correctional Centre and freed inmates, the government should not shy away from pursuing them to their hideouts.

“This is the time for the creation of State Police and Local Government Community Policing as it is obvious that the conventional Police Force has been overstretched beyond their capacity to defend the helpless citizens.

The government must take the war to the criminal’s hideouts and wipe them off as the citizens are becoming hopeless daily. The government should not be waiting until its citizens are attacked, lives and properties are lost and then be issuing empty condolences.

The enclaves of these terrorists and their collaborators should not be spared. It is regrettable that after almost 48 Hours not one single escaping terrorist has been recaptured. This is certainly enough for heads to roll in other climes where government exist for the citizens.

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