Luis Suárez Getting Closer To USA


According to ‘The Independent’, the Uruguayan is in talks with David Beckham’s Inter Miami to play in the MLS.

The earthquake of the possible exit of Leo Messi has left the practically certain exit of Luis Suárez in the background. Ronald Koeman communicated to the Uruguayan in a brief call that he wasn’t going to continue and perhaps this was the trigger for the Argentine’s request to leave.

Either way, the certain thing is that Luis Suárez is going to have to look for a new club. Ajax were soon mentioned, but the Uruguayan’s ex-team don’t have the sufficient economic muscle to sign him.

According to reports in England, namely ‘The Independent’, the Uruguayan forward is reportedly negotiating with David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

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The reason for choosing the MLS is none other than having a salary that is still in line with what he has received at Barcelona in the last few years. However, it will be lower.

Beyond the money, Beckham could be behind this possible move. The Englishman already left Real Madrid when he was still in full swing and now, Inter Miami president, he has reportedly convinced Suárez that living in the USA is an excellent option.

Although his exit from Barcelona was a priority, what happened with Messi has brought this and other capital issues down several places on the club’s importance list.


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