Meet The Amazon Of Birland, Prime Minister, Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad.

Prime Minister, Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad
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Meet The Amazon Of Birland, Prime Minister, Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad.

The Ageless International Personality, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad hails from the Philippines.

“It surprises many royal kings and international organizational heads how she developed in the governmental and monarchical spheres, the mastery in relevant tasks and the power of conviction which few people have and is already a triumph in itself.

She has recorded her achievements from her persevering actions as a humanitarian , peace person and from the heart and God entrusted her with these tasks that she carries out with perfection.” This is how His Royal Majesty Professor, Dr. King Carlos Santos Saavedra, PhD, the Head of the The Royal Empire of the Americas and the King of Sacro Trono de los Amerindios Y Afrodescendientes in Venezuela described her in one of their speeches.

With several royal titles bestowed upon her from 2020, recently a new royal title is being  conferred and bestowed upon her by the King of Ohanaeze Kingdom and PRA EWUSI kingdom in Central Ghana & the Ugbawka Kingdom in Nigeria His Imperial Majesty King Dennis Ozor Okafor the Okeosisi II. King Dennis Okafor is also the Vice Chairperson of United Global Kingdoms the institution that accredits royal kings, whether from the Royal family, aboriginal, traditional ancient Kingdoms and Chiefdoms that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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His Royal Majesty, King Dennis Ozor Okafor bestowed upon her in early 2021 the title Royal Princess of Ohanaeze and after a few months he gave her the title “Global Queen  of Peace of Ohanaeze Kingdom.” On the 2nd of September 2022, His Royal Majesty. King Dennis Ozor Okafor decided to conferred to Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad the new royal title QUEEN OF OHANAEZE WORLDWIDE from the palace of King Dennis  Ozor Okafor Ezeigbo Central a True Satisfied by the court in Central Region Ghana by notary notifications.

Birland Appoints South African King, Two African Union Youth Assembly Leaders As Country Representatives.

H.I.M. King Dennis Ozor Okafor also confirmed that this title he bestowed, installed, initiated and conferred upon Her Imperial Majesty Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad is a crown title not honorary or self-declared queen title. Likewise, in 2021, King Dennis Ozor Okafor conferred the title DUKE to the husband of the Queen Eden Soriano
Trinidad, H.E. Duke Samuel C. Trinidad.

H.I.M. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad said that she never begged or pleaded for any title and “no one solicited for me either”, she humbly shared.

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The Queen of Ohanaeze worldwide expressed that she is quite speechless yet thankful for this big royal honor from the Ohanaeze King in Central Region Ghana. ” And all these are humbling. It is not a joke to be given these royal titles, not from one King nor from one Kingdom but several Kingdoms. Life is full of surprises, I believe it is orchestrated by God like when the Maharaja of Kutai Mulawarman in Kerajaan East Kalimantan approached me several years ago, called and told me these words, M.S.P.A lansyah Rechza F.W. called her, Putri “I am not the who wants to make you a royal Princess but,it is your God who told me to make you one. From now on you will be my royal daughter.” I was lost in words,I could only say thank you to my royal king father.

Prime Minister, Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad
Prime Minister, Queen Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad


Again on 24th of December 2021, she was again surprised when the M.S.P.A told her that she is giving her the royal title Queen Naladuta of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom in the Philippines.

Likewise happened  with King H.I.& R.M. Dr. King Letsitsa III Moloi bestowed upon her the Royal Princess of the Monarchy of Bakholokoe Nation in Harrismith South Africa in early 2021, and Queen of Embo in Africa and the Diaspora bestowed upon her by the King of Embo Kingdom and the Founder and President of United Global Kingdoms (UNGK) and United Kingdoms of Afrika (UKA), H.I.M.Prof. Dr. King Bungane III. PhD in Johannesburg South Africa who also conferred this Queen title and appointed her as the Secretary-General of the United Global Kingdoms and the Chairman of the Vetting Council of the United Kingdoms of Afrika (UKA). The Ancestral Royal King H.R.H. Engr. Dr. King Onyeche Promise Obinna,PhD., the Eze Ikimba 1 of Ulakwo Agwuruisi Ancient Kingdom in River State Nigeria conferred to Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad the Ancestral Royal Princess title last August 24, 2022.

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And in 2020 the Founder, King, Ruler and President of the newly emerging country in the African continent H.R.M. Dr. King Emir A. Haiyawi appointed her as the International General Representative and the Prime Minister and Queen of the State of Birland, a constitutional monarchy.

Her Royal Majesty, Dr Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad remain an iconic figure whose humane disposition has touched many lives across the globe.

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