Messi Has Made Decision To Leave Barcelona; See Reasons

‘El Partidazo de COPE’ informed of the four reasons why Lionel Messi has made the decision to leave Barcelona. They are that he does not trust the board, that he does not see them as competent to reverse the situation or to create a competitive team and that he has not liked the treatment of some teammates.

The day has come. Messi has made the decision to leave Barcelona. According to ‘El Partidazo de COPE’, there are four reasons for this conclusion. All of them are focussed both on the professional capacity of the board as well as their ways.

The first is that he doesn’t trust them. The Barca top dogs, led by Josep Maria Bartomeu, have been on trial for several months due to both the sporting and institutional situation. This has provoked the captain to no trust them.

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The second is that he doesn’t see them competent of even reversing the situation. The first measures to try it have been hiring Ronald Koeman and the departure of Éric Abidal, who resigned. They have not convinced Leo.

The third is that he doesn’t seem them capable of making a competitive squad either. This season, the side, when it was led by Quique Setién, fell with a crash against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final. Messi doesn’t think that the board is going to form a squad that avoids these situations and returns Barcelona to world glory.

The fourth is that he hasn’t liked the treatment towards some teammates, amongst them Luis Suárez. You have to remember that the new manager called the forward by phone to tell him that he isn’t counting on him. The conversation lasted less than a minute, which annoyed the Uruguayan a lot.

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