New Year: Founder/CEO Of WOHA, Dr Desziree Richardson Writes Men

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Women of Hearth Foundation, WOHA, Dr. Desziree Richardson
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Dear men of the world

My message for you is that you have that; you have power.

“You are one powerful human being who can create the change our world solely desires—the best way to do this and how it can be done only through the heart—leading with love.”

“You are the foundation of humanity and the guidance of a likelihood of the possible.”

“Your energy and thought patterns are golden; protect your family, parents, homes and social environment by allowing what enters—the same thing as your mindset. Control what you allow to enter each second.”

Continue to protect your women and children from the world’s misfortunes and turn their sorrow and pain into the energy of love. Protect our smiles and our emotions and maintain your ability in integrity.

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We are now moving on to an era of a new civilisation of a new generation. I urge you to use the power of positivity to figure out where the world is going and try to get there first by leading the world in dignity, diversity, equality, inclusivity and morality.

The beauty of living in the new world is finding the peace within and protecting your energy from being contaminated with fear and loss of hope. Instead, channel it with love by looking at the bright side of life with determination.

There are other men out there who have lost their way. Please assist them and lead them toward righteousness by showing brotherly love. You are a force to reckon with and a dynamic masterpiece of strength and determination so let unity be your salvation.


With good intentions, you will help to build a world of hope for every young boy to become a virtuous man: the greatest in your heart, the greater you become.

Let your choices be the purity of wanting the best for everyone. See the value in yourself to see the worthiness of others. Most importantly, keep the smiles on your face, joy in your heart and hope and great pride in your eyes like it’s going to be ok. Together, we can do this.

The Founder/ Chief Executive Officer, and CEO of the Face of Women of Hearts Award, WOHA, Dr Desziree Richardson wrote from London.

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Dr Richardson, who has been empowering women with her project globally, said women are the backbone of a nation, adding that it is an admitted reality that no society can survive without women.

I wish you the very best in 2023.

I am sending you all my love

Dr Desziree Richardson.


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