Nigerians and Rest of the world should Beware Of Jokoforex Trade: They Are Scammers. – Investor Alert Security Agencies

Jokoforex trade and CAC registered
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One of the investor and victim of Jokoforex which now defrauding Nigerians of their hard earned money.

Read full scrip on how it’s all happened:

I write this to enlighten the people of this forex trading platform known as they are a set of scammers scamming people of their hard earned money with a promise to pay 30% return on investment weekly. So many persons have lost their money to these guys. They created the first website and scammed people of their money. After some time, they came out with the excuse of losing trade and malfunctioning of the site. They went ahead to open a new site with a promise to refund old investment to their customers. The exact date for the refund according to them were to be the 13th of may 2022.

Charming is one of the admin of Jokoforex trade
Charming is one of the admin of Jokoforex trade

On the said date, no refund was made to any customer. Nevertheless, many people had started to invest on the new site However, on the 14th of May 2022, they came up with the update that they are having issues with their bank accounts hence, they stopped the payment of the new investment.

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After weeks had passed alert started showing up in their WhatsApp group though scantily. Not until yesterday 20th may that they realized that they have been posting fake alert to the WhatsApp group. After this exposure, they rushed to lock the group.

Many persons have lost millions of naira to these scammers. So guys pls beware
This is their CAC registered number And the guy behind it.

A big face behind the fraud in the Jokoforex trade
A big face behind the fraud in the Jokoforex trade

On 1st of July, 2022 this fraudulent platform asked their victims to sent in their details for a refund process starting from 10,000 and up til this very moment the genuine investors are yet to receive their money.

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Unknowingly to them, there are reporters, DSS, police, bloggers and journalists and EFCC officials in the platform taken record of their day to day activities.

Anyone who dares question their failed leadership get he/her selves removed as part of efforts not to expose their fake deal.

Global Times Nigeria learnt that they usually flooded their various platform with fake bank alerts using their agents to deceived unsuspecting victims. After discovering their antics they now come up with another way of refunding.

Jokoforex CAC registration and address
Jokoforex CAC registration and address

Their numbers are

+234 812 748 1618
+234 808 354 2064
+234 902 304 6874

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